Caught a Bug (video)?

I saw the current funtabulous challenge over at The Alley Way Stamps and just had to join in.  I was inspired by the colours and of course the polka dots (who isn’t…)  I thought I would film as I went along.

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

Caught a Bug - Detail
Caught a Bug – Detail
Caught a Bug
Caught a Bug

Totally the easiest card eva!  Thanks for stopping by, hope life is treating you well, Hugs


Other Supplies:  Carl Circle punch (CP-1). Hole Punch.  Foam Squares.

11 thoughts on “Caught a Bug (video)?

  1. So cute and graphic!! Love your graphic lady bug! On a side note, my new craft room was home to a lady bug infestation. I kind of don’t like them as much now as I used to but, I guess if you’ve got to have an outbreak of bugs bugs they would be the best kind to have.

  2. What a sweet bug! Such a great idea! Really adorable 🙂
    Thanks for playing with us in the BIC!

  3. Love your lady bug – even though she is giant! Sweet idea…I find it hard to include only part of the image, but you do it so well.

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