Okay, so you want to know a little more about me, how I got here or why I am here?  Well, it’s quite simple really, I like to craft, colour, create and design.  And, one day after yet another long visit to a card shop trying to find ‘just the right’ card, I thought, ‘I could make this myself’.  So I bought some cardstock and pretty papers, measured up an envelope and cut the A4 card to fit (yes, it took me a while to work out that it was simply A4 card cut into two and folded in half to make a card) but that was quite a few years ago now.

I’ve been blogging here since 2010 and started my Youtube channel in 2012.  It took me a while and some encouragement to actually start but once I did it has shown me how supportive and wonderful this community is.

So what is it that you get from me?  I make cards, but rarely you may see some other papercrafty objects, though mostly it’s cards.  I post on my blog as often as I can and that’s usually two times per week.  On my Youtube channel I try to publish at least one video weekly and on a good week you may even see more.

I like to try out new techniques and my fave things are stamping and colouring.  I like all mediums and will share all of these with you along the way.  I am very lucky to be on some fantastic design teams who support and encourage me.  I have also been published with the Australian Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft magazine.

You can follow me on my card adventure here,

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If you would like to contact me with any questions or ideas please email me at

Thanks for visiting and for all your lovely comments, they truly make my day!
Crafty hugs

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All content in this blog is my own unless stated otherwise. It is fantastic if I have inspired you and I am happy if you want to use my designs for personal use but please link your design back to the original post from which you were inspired. Please do not use my ideas as your own or for profit.
As part of my commitment to design teams I do receive product and sometimes payment which I use to support my blog. I would only recommend products that I enjoy using myself.
Supplies may contain affiliate links and purchases through these links may result in a small commission to me at no extra cost to you.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Happy Papercrafting!

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  1. just a quick note to say I love your work and have found it so inspirational.
    I am new to card making but have done a lot of scrapping so am still a little lost with smaller scale.Please keep up the great work.

  2. I’ve been sitting here scrolling through your blog. And just wanted to tell how VERY talented you are. Your cards are so pretty, and so clever. You have such an eye for design!
    Thanks for sharing your art!

  3. Ooops. I’m sorry, it looks like I left a letter out of my own name, when I put my blog address in the comment form. Duh! I’ll correct that this time.
    Thanks so much for emailing me! I LOVE your cards!

  4. I have just discovered you wonderful blog. I just spent the last hour or so checking out all your great cards. Love you style and have found so much inspiration here.

  5. Hi Therese! Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all the inspiration you give me! I love your style and I often look here when I need a little boost. I also wanted to let you know that I totally CASE’d one of your cards to send to a friend (THANK YOU!!!!). I blogged a photo of my card, and linked back to your blog and the specific post. Here is my post: http://cindyscrappyv.blogspot.com/2011/09/wall-of-inspiration-etc.html

    Thanks again! Cindy ScrappyV

  6. Hi, Just wanted to thank you for your support and kind words on my Photograpy. It means a lot that you visit my blog. I enjoy your work and your blog.

  7. I WISH I WAS YOU : ) : ) I love love love your work. You are so talented and a wonderful inspiration to me. I just found you on “Mother’s Day” weekend in 2012 here in America. Can’t thank you enough for taking your time to share with us.

  8. Hi Therese. Just wanted to let you know I added a link to your site from my blog (http://adashofflash.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/a-scrapbook-boutique-blog-challenge.html) after seeing all of the cards you had published in ACS&P this month. I got it in the mail today and just love all of your cards. You are just so talented! I love your work… and I’m starting to sound like a sycophantic fan/stalker. Congratulations on such lovely work. 🙂

  9. Hi Therese, so glad I came across your blog. I love your creations and your workspace, O-M-G. I love your header, I love owls too. I will definitely come back.

  10. Watched your Freckles video and was fascinated by your book for your colors. Did you create the pages or purchase them for download? Your coloring skills are fantastic and I wish I had your ability to color plan.

  11. Sitting here in Gardners, PA – USA scrolling thru your blog. I LOVE your cards. So creative! Just signed up to follow you by email. Must check out your videos. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards/talent with me. Hugs!

  12. Hi Therese,
    I’ve recently found your blog and really enjoy your work. I wanted to take a minute to email you to invite you to be a Featured Designer on Paper Crafter’s Library. I would love to be able to introduce you and your work to our audience of 20,000+ avid paper and mixed media crafters.

    I would like to email you some information about our website and how our Featured Artist/Designer Spotlight works. You are also welcome to visit our site at http://www.papercrafterslibrary.com

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.


    Andrea Walford

  13. Hi Therese,
    I’ve just starting following you and love your work. I see you have used Gamsol from Simon Says in a few projects. Did you actually order it online and have it posted?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi Lindy,
      I originally bought my Gamsol from ‘Scrapbook Boutique’ in Australia and from what I can tell stores will not post it overseas. Another similar product is called ‘Odourless Solvent’ which is a white mineral spirit and this can be found at either art or craft stores. Also ‘Zest It’ works very well.
      Hopefully these options help you.
      Thanks for your lovely comment

  14. Hi there. Im a big fan of using YouTube for inspiration and today i found your channel and became your newest subbie. I wondered if i could ask your advice if you don’t mind. My parents are coming to perth in October for the month to visit various relatives and id love for them to bring me back some stamps from aussie companies that i can’t get here in the uk but im not sure who to look at or where to look. If you have the time could you give me any pointers. My email address is cardmarvels@gmail.com
    Hazel xx

    1. Hi Hazel,
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Here is a list of some Australian Stamp Companies.
      1. AnnaBelle Stamps – love these stamps (I have been on this design team for years but sadly it’s winding down – but that means you can save heaps, everything is reduced and they do sell overseas too).
      2. Darkroom Door – especially great stamps for scrappers and the most fab Australian animal sets too.
      3.Kaisercraft – these guys are very affordable and have a great range of stamps, paper and everything.
      4. Stamp-It sell their own brand of stamp as well as other companies – heaps to choose from and great quality.
      5. Kaszazz – I’ve not used these but they have some amazing products too
      There are online craft stores that sell some of these products and others you have to buy direct, so have a look around and see what you can find.
      Hope this is helpful. Have a great weekend! Therese

  15. Help! Which Prismacolor pencil set do you use? Premier, watercolor, soft core, sketch? I want to get the set you use because I love the look with the gamsol. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I use the Prismacolor Premier 72 set (sometimes they use the word soft core in the advertising). It is a black tin with a bright coloured lady holding a bunch of grapes.
      Hope this is helpful. Hugs

  16. Happy New Year, Therese! I wanted to say thank you again for the inspiration you’ve provided! I posted a card today on my blog that was totally inspired by your work and made sure to link back to your site. Thanks again! I really look forward to every post. Keep ’em coming, girl!

  17. Your coloring is very inspirational, i love your coloring with distress inks, i would like to know if there is any similar product that is budget frendly.
    I already bought Inktense pencils they work thesame, but they have chalky colors the effect is not that bright.

    1. Hi Urska,
      Thanks so much for your comment. If you already own Inktense pencils that is wonderful, these are one of the brightest ways to colour with watercolour. But you can actually use any of the inks that you own, even pigment inks can be coloured with a bit of water! A good option now is that you can buy ‘cube’ sizes of the distress inks and these are more affordable (and refillable) and can be used for so many different techniques. If you start with some primary colours you can even mix them to create your own colours.
      Hope this is helpful

  18. Yes, cube size is great i will try it. I forgot to ask, which color medium do you prefer?
    Thank you, have a nice day. Urška

  19. First I want to say I enjoy watching your video’s. Your cards always put a smile on my face. I have two questions, first I noticed your stamp on the backside of your cards which is personalized. Where did you order your personalized stamp from? My next question, the color wheel you used in your latest card when you were deciding on your copic colors where did you order that from? I’m interested in getting both of these items.

  20. First and foremost, thank you so much for making your card videos and sharing them with us; yours are some of my absolute favorites to watch. Secondly, and this is kind of silly to ask, but I adore the watch you wear in your videos and was wondering where you got it from?

    1. Hi Ash, thanks so much for your lovely comment. My watch is made by DKNY and I bought it a couple of years ago at a Myers store when I was on holidays in Cairns (in Australia). Hugs Therese

  21. I like the simplicity and creative art in your cards. But, I also like the music in your videos – can you tell me where I can get it.

    1. Hi Joy, thanks so much for your comment. I have bought music from a few different sites (I prefer to buy royalty free music then I don’t have to remember to acknowledge anyone and i.e. get in trouble lol) I have mostly used jewelbeat and audiojungle. Sometimes it works out much better value to buy the ‘sets’ of music or there may be a few different versions included. Apparently premiumbeat are also good, they seem a little expensive, but I suppose that depends on how much you use it. Hope this is helpful. Have a great day, Therese.

  22. Hi Therese, I’ve been following you for a few years now, and I wanted to say how much I enjoy watching you create. I really enjoy your CAS style.
    I wanted to ask a question about the back of your card bases. I have a personalised stamp for my cards, the usual “handmade by” with some flourish detail, but was asked recently to include contact details. I’ve noticed on your cards they seem to be printed. Do you print on the bases yourself or have it done somewhere? Because I use 110lb Neenah it usually gets inked edges as it goes through my inkjet printer and was wondering if you could give me some advice or tips.
    Thanks, and keep up the fantastic cardmaking.

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks so much for your lovely comment. I use an inkjet printer to print out my A4 cardstock before I cut it down, I have a program called the Greeting Card Factory but any Word doc would be just as good (I use a royalty free image and include only my web address at the moment). When I print I use the ‘back’ tray or feeder to run my cardstock through as it’s too thick to come of from the bottom tray (I’m not sure if you have this as an option but it may help). I’ve been wanting a personalised stamp and have started to look into that but I wasn’t sure what extra information to include? I was wondering what were you planning on including on your card reverse? I don’t tend to sell my cards but have often thought of it as an option. Thanks yet again for taking the time to comment and for your visits to my blog and Youtube, your kind words have made my day. Hope you have a wonderful and crafty weekend, hugs Therese

      1. Thanks for the advice. I was actually thinking of buying a cheap laser printer to resolve my printing issues but also so I could try some foiling (I already have a laminating machine). I’ll check out the back tray feed on my inkjet.
        As for selling my cards, it’s a bit of a long story…We moved from Sydney to a little country town 7 years ago for a tree change and absolutely love it. Since being here, I started making and selling jams, relish and a few other condiments at my local Rotary markets and a few Shows and Fairs when they’re on. Since starting the market stall (almost 4 years ago) I added my cards and then created a facebook page to sell them as well. It was never my intention to turn it into a business, as it’s primarily a hobby, especially considering I still work and have 4 young children, but at least all my sales pay for the stall and craft supplies. When I looked into a personalised stamp I didn’t want to put too many personal details just yet, it was a bit intimidating to commit to putting myself out there. I had a stamp made with “Handmade cards by Melissa” with a pretty flourish, from Jemac Stamps, I think they’re in Strathfield http://www.jemacstamps.com.au and it was very reasonably priced. That was before I had the facebook page. Now I want to include either an email address or preferably the facebook page address rather than a phone number. If it was a “real” business I’d have all my details, but I’m not ready for that yet, already there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything lol.
        I have recently approached a local kids clothing/toy store (the only toy store in town) to sell a bunch of aged kids birthday cards and new baby cards, and one of the medical centre’s nearby (an hour away) has ordered another 30 sympathy cards to send to patient’s family when needed. All from a chance purchase by one of the doctor’s who bought a card when I was at Nimmitabel Show last January.
        Have a good weekend, can’t wait to see your next video.
        (sorry for the essay lol. I either don’t comment at all, or go overboard)

  23. Hi Theres
    I find your tutorials very interesting and love your colouring techniques they are fantastic.

    But I have a problem ….. With my shaker cards. After making the card I am finding my ‘bits eg Stars’ are getting caught between the layers ( not by the glue I’ve used) but between actual layers ….. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Karen in Brisbane

    1. Hi Karen, You could try using a dry adhesive (like a dotted stamp runner) and run it right along where the edge of the well is going to be, then you could attach the foam or tape layer and run a powder tool within the well to get rid of any of the sticky residue that may be within the well (this may help the adhesive run right up to the edge at least on one side of the shaker well. I’m not sure what else to try, I’m going to have to do a little thinking on this one. I’m sure that it happens to me all the time too, but it obviously hasn’t bothered me, but now that you have mentioned it… well maybe it will now lol. Thanks so much for you visit and your lovely comment. You live very close to me, I know that one day we crafty bloggers from Brissie and the Gold Coast will have to try and have a little get together! Have a great week, Hugs Therese

  24. Thanks for your prompt reply. I have now bought some thicker beads ect…. I will see how they go…


  25. Hey Therese,

    I am a subscriber to your YT channel and love watching your tutorials – I’ve learned a lot from you my dear!

    I am an “older” crafter (meaning my age) and have only been card making for about a year. I have been mainly dealing with my craft room so haven’t had a lot of experience making cards, about 10 to date, but I have such a passion for it. I am however physically challenged and it does, unfortunately, slow me down when I am creating but I still love it. In fact, because of health reasons, I was forced to give up my long time job (25 yrs) which I absolutely “loved” and I had a huge amount of respect for my employer. Long story short, it was extremely difficult for me to transition from working to staying at home, which happened back in 2006. Simply said, I was a very unhappy and lost woman, that is until I just happened to come across a card making video one day and I was simply “hooked”.

    My goal is to eventually have my own YT channel (only when I feel that I have enough to offer an audience, which will no doubt be a way down the road). It is important to me that I try to help (even if it is just one person) those who are lost in life as I was, which would include retirees, the physically challenged, troubled teens, etc., because Therese, this craft has truly saved my life! I can assure you it is ‘not’ about making money, and from what I’ve heard through the craft industry is that you would have to have a huge following just to get a bit of a return, so you see, I have no pressure there because that is not what my goal is.

    My question to you is (please forgive my lack of digital knowledge) what equipment would I need to get started? How much time is spent is creating, editing and uploading a tutorial? Do I need a tripod (I think that is a stand)? Is the tripod set over your PC/laptop? etc. etc.

    Therese, I have tried searching for YT videos about this topic, but I haven’t found one that explains it in simple terms or there just isn’t a video that explains the process of creating a YT video.

    Oh, and I just have to say I understand if you don’t have the time to answer my questions and I will absolutely take no offence.

    I love your tutorials Therese! I have to mention as well that it must be amazing living in Australia and honestly, it has always been a dream of mine to go there one day but I don’t think it will happen as it is a 22-24 hr trip for me (I live in Canada) and because of health issues, the trip would be very difficult on me.

    Anyway, thanks so much for your contribution to the paper crafting world and keep making those tutorials Therese!

    Nancy Lynn Kenny (Monahan)


  27. I have recently found your tutorials and I sort you out lol, I just want to say a huge !!!!!! Thank you for your tutorials , your cards are so beautiful and inspiring . I have just started dabbling in the world of tutorials , in a lot of areas like Brother Scan N Cut & Cricut die cutting machines , using vinyl , cards , scrapbooking etc, I’ve only done 4 tutorials. But anyway , I digress 😎, I also love the fact your a fellow Aussie 👍👍👍👍, I live on the Gold Coast. Anyhoo , I just wanted to say thank you.

  28. Hi Therese
    I love the layered circle card ! Where did you find the card ? I live in NZ .
    Congratulations on the super video. I must try asap !!

  29. I really enjoy watching other artists at work. I love the fact that I’m watching someone with a good old ausie accent for a change. Also someone that knows what their talking about, love watching you watercolour projects can’t get enough.

  30. Such an informative video on the framed bird/flower sympathy card. Thank you for making a video that is easy to watch and not waiting to see everything in regular speed!!!! You should teach others how to make them.

  31. Therese: I noticed your personal stamp (that your stamp on the back of your cards. I just got a glimpse, can you show us your design and where you got it?

    1. Hi Myrna,
      The image (a cat holding a balloon) and the writing that I have on the back of my cards is computer generated from a card making program. I buy my cardstock A4 size, I pre-print and then cut them into topfold / landscape etc. cards ready to use. I would love to have my own stamp created and will do this one day when I get the chance, but til then this works well for me.
      Hope you have a great and crafty weekend. Thanks for the visit and comment.
      Hugs Therese

  32. Hi Therese. I’ve been enjoying your videos for Altenew and just found your own YT channel and blog. You are a talented artist and your videos are inspirational. Love your accent.

  33. Just found your latest video on Altenew! Love your designs. I would love to follow you. Did I miss the place to sign up for email updates of your blog?

    1. Hi Beejay, I am so happy that you want to become a follower! You can follow my blog by clicking on the ‘sign me up’ button which is on the right hand side of my blog just below my picture.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comments and taking the time to visit, hope you have a great and crafty day, Therese

  34. Hi Therese, love your giraffe. I’m just up the road from you in the Gold Coast. 🇦🇺 Recent I just received my kaztelcraft stamps, and also got the dogs cats and birds. You’ve just given me some inspiration for a clean and simple card. Thanks heaps. Ali

  35. Hi Therese! I love your work! Can you please do a tutorial for the Altenew Flowers you just posted on your blog (the first card is the tea cups second is the pink flowers (Nov 15th 2016 blog post). This card is absolutely gorgeous!! Please do a VIDEO for this card 🙂

  36. Hello there. How do you store your dies and your stamps? It looks so tidy in your ‘corner’. I have watched a lot of your wee films, great that they are all very short 🙂 Love your ideas, and have a made a few of them allready. Love that you also have a good sence of humour too. 🙂 Hanne in DK.

    1. Hi Hanne,
      I have upgraded my storage system to one that is very similar to Jennifer MaGuires and it is working really well.
      Here is the link to her system http://www.jennifermcguireink.com/2013/06/video-clear-and-cling-stamp-storage-giveaway.html
      I have been using my new (but similar) room setup now for a few months and plan to share some photos and maybe a video of my room early in the new year.
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for taking the time to visit, Happy Papercrafting, Therese

  37. Hi, I’m a fan and I love your cards, but I want to ask an out there question…..I can’t find a retailer in Australia that supplies a decent range of PapertryInk Stamps! I know you sometime use them and I have looked on their site and the cost of postage is ridiculously expensive…..do you know where I can get specific stamps ie Feather Finery?

    1. Hi Jill,
      Papertrey Ink are only supplied by themselves (I kind of compare it Tupperware lol.) and that is why many international people don’t use their stamps, the postage is silly ridiculous in comparison to the cost of the item. I have bought from them in the past (but haven’t now for years because of the postage cost), one way around this is to share the cost with a friend, or if you know someone in the US or if you have one of those postage boxes in the US, then it can be forwarded onto you. (In saying this, I have found one random shop that has a couple of their items here in Australia, it’s called Auzz Trinklets n Krafts…. and I’m not sure if they have any stock there at the moment though, but I’ve never seen it anywhere else). Hope this helps, hope you have a great and crafty day! Hugs Therese

  38. Thank you for the tutorial. Your cards are very creative and different. I am just starting out so I have a lot to learn.

  39. Hi Therese just a quick drop in to let you know you had a win from one of the blog hops over at stamplorations. In the January wins, just in case you havent been contacted. Hugs Aileen

  40. I found your blog a few months ago and I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put in.

    I love your cards, enjoy your sense of humour and listening to your beautiful accent.

    Take care
    Claire (UK)

  41. You make beautiful cards and I love your videos! One question – how do you prime your clear stamps when using Altenew inks? Thanks.

    1. Hi Julie, My ‘usual’ way to prime stamps is just to add ink and stamp them out a few times on some scrap paper (it’s kinda lazy but usually works for me lol). If it’s a bit stubborn or a real solid stamp then I simply run a cheap eraser over the top of the stamp before I add the ink or I ‘prime’ the stamp first with some versamark ink. I’ve also heard of people that run a very fine sanding block over top, like the ones you use for your nails, but I’ve not needed to do this. Basically the more the stamps are used the better they hold the ink. Hope these tips help, let me know if you are still having any problems, thank so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Crafty Hugs, Therese

  42. Congrats on the new Waffle Flower gig!! I am sure you will continue to inspire me using their products (and possibly send me broke… more stamps to fall in love with)!!! Thanks so much for all the work you put into your website and videos. I hang out for new posts/videos! Have a great day!

  43. I just found your site and was delighted to watch you create five cards with the Penny Black critters. What fun!! You are an inspiration, so I’ll be back for more ideas to use in my own cardmaking.

  44. Hi Therese, I bought the Tim Holtz wildflowers #3 alteration collection because I was inspired by a card you made and now it appears you no longer have this card tutorial on your blog or video. Grateful if you could resurrect it. Thanks so much for all your work.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks so much for your lovely comments, but I am sorry to say that I can’t help on this one, I don’t have the Wildflowers collection and haven’t made any cards using this set, maybe it was a card with similar flowers, but I couldn’t be sure. Hope you have a wonderful and hopefully crafty weekend. Therese

  45. I just received the “Peony Dream Flower Die Set and am thrilled to have it. I watched your youtube video and noticed you mentioned using a “Matte medium” for glueing the pieces of the flower together. I just went to Michaels and the only “matte medium” they had was by Mod Podge. Could you please tell me if this is what you use or, if not, what brand of matte medium do you use. Would so appreciate hearing from you about this.

    1. Hi Mary,
      The liquid glue that I use the most is called ‘Multi Medium Matte’ and it’s made by Ranger (you can get it in a small bottle 14ml or a larger jar 113ml – which is what I buy to top up my bottle with) https://www.scrapbookboutique.com.au/products/ranger-inkssentials-multi-medium-matte-mini Another glue that a friend told me about is very similar and it’s also made my Ranger and it’s called ‘Distress Collage Medium’ and as far as I can tell they are pretty much interchangeable https://www.scrapbookboutique.com.au/products/ranger-tim-holtz-distress-collage-medium-matte-1oz-29ml-bottle I can’t comment on other brands of similar products because I haven’t tried them. Although I do like the Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue which is also ‘repositionable’, it’s only downfall is that it dries a little shiny, so if it squishes out or spills you may be able to see it on your project. https://www.scrapbookboutique.com.au/collections/adhesives-tapes-tape-guns-foam-dots/products/tombow-mono-multi-liquid-glue-2 All these glues are great and have a strong hold, I have tried some others but not found them as reliable, especially for those little bits that may come off in the post. Hope this is helpful, have a fabulous and crafty day, Hugs Therese

  46. Love watching you create your cards and you have a great laugh which makes it easy to listen to you. In either this video or another one you mention a new pencil sharpener that you bought for your prismacolor pencils. I have been searching to see what the name is. If you could mention it again, would love that.

    1. Hi Libby, it’s the TGAAL sharpener and is quite inexpensive (compared to some). Here is where I bought it in Australia, https://www.mangaarts.com.au/home/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=249 but I have seen it for sale on Amazon in the US, they just can’t post to Australia. Hope this is helpful, thanks so much for your lovely comments and for taking the time to visit. Have a great weekend, Therese ps I did have some success with the Prismacolor sharpeners for a while but they tended to go blunt very quickly.

  47. Love your creations and your style of video demos. What brand of mini die cutter (w/flower design on white back ground) are you using on the Altenew Tropical flower card? I tried looking for it, but can’t find it.

    1. Hiya, The die cutting machine is called the Mini Blossom and is from Altenew, you can find it here (and just to let you know, this is an affiliate link) http://shrsl.com/obj0 It’s compact and easy to use. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for your visit to my blog today, Crafty hugs, Therese

  48. Hi Therese
    Please can I pm you about a purchase I’ve just made from Altenew in the US?
    I can’t just ask that question without adding that I’m a huge fan of your awesome creations, you are so talented and such an inspiration!
    Many thanks

      1. Hi again Therese
        The question I have relates to a wonderful purchase which arrived today from Altenew. So exciting! BUT… when I was placing the order online I foolishly did not pay attention to the quantities I was ordering, only the total because I had set a $ number limit. Now I discover I double ordered on the Rennie Rose bundle and the Pretty Pomander bundle. I am heartbroken because I could have ordered something else if I had been more vigilant…
        Anyway, what I wanted to ask was whether you knew anyone who might want to purchase these – only at the same price Altenew charged me plus postage (I live in NSW). I would prefer to offer these to someone who loves Altenew from your group/followers rather than just bung it up on eBay which is my next choice.
        I didn’t want to say all this in the first instance because it isn’t, I feel, an appropriate message to put on this comments section but I think you can remove it? I’m not a tech buff on those matters – just a 70-something pensioner! In fact I’m not sure where to go from here but I’m so hoping you’re not offended in any way. My email address is anniecp99@gmail.com.
        Thanks Therese

  49. Hi Therese, I have recently bought my first Altenew stamp set and love it. My collection now includes 4 stamp and die sets and some mini cube sets. I love your style and the way you put together your videos. It’s like I’m there in your craft room watching you and listening to the birds in the background (are they in your garden?) Do you buy direct from Altenew or from Aussie shops?
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Catherine, I get my stamps from Altenew and from shops in Australia as well, it depends what I am wanting… I usually get my stamps from Auzz Trinklets in Australia as well as direct from Altenew, the links are in the side bar of my blog (they are affiliate links so if you do happen to buy something I want to let you know that I do receive a very small portion of the sale at no extra cost to you). Otherwise just google the shop and you can find it easy peasy. But beware, Altenew stamps and inks are addictive lol. I live in the sub tropics and the birds are just the ones passing through my back yard and when it rains it can become very noisy indeed. Thanks so much for your lovely visit, Crafty hugs, Therese

  50. Hi Therese. I am totally mesmerized by your voice, in addition to your card making. As a beginner and older non-artistic card maker your videos are soooooo helpful!! Thank you!
    I am struggling with copic markers and I don’t want to give up because of the monetary investment and, of course, my ego. The darker copic colors give me the most trouble. Is it just practice, practice, practice? Or is there a different technique involved?

    Thank you, Renée

    1. Hi Renee, I agree, there is definitely a learning curve to using Copics and some wonderful classes out there that you can take as well. I just learned by watching others and practice (like you say), but there are definitely some tricks to be aware of. The reds in particular are a pest and love to ‘bleed’ outside the image. I use a lot less colour than I used to, I will do some shading but then if I want to add a darker colour then I often will do this last and only a small amount and not blend it all or only just a little. This is a great way to create a great shadow. Another thing you can do is add pencils after you have finished colouring with Copics, they add some great details and texture, the only thing is you can’t come back in with your Copics after using pencils. Hope these few tricks will help you, but I am sorry to say that it is practice practice and practice. One good trick is to colour the same image over and over to ‘learn’ the image and you will be able to see exactly how much you improve over time.. and if it’s a Christmas image then you already have a start on your Christmas cards (wink). Hope you have fun, Crafty hugs Therese

  51. Hi Therese, I’m just watching the early evening news and am horrified to see that the fires are now affecting every state in Australia. We are all praying that these disastrous events will soon be brought under control. My heart breaks for the destruction of the landscape and wildlife and of course the families of all affected. Please take care of yourself and your family.
    Love to you all ❤️🙏🏻

  52. I have been praying for all of Australia with the fires burning over the last month. The news this week is even more grim. I hope you and yours are safe. Even though you don’t know me (I love your cardmaking videos), just know that many are thinking of your beautiful country and fellow Australians and hoping relief comes soon.

  53. Hi, Therese! My name is Marisela and I am in San Antonio, Texas. One of your Aussies plays for our very loved NBA San Antonio Spurs- Patty Mills. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and to tell you that I have been praying for you and your homeland especially all of your animals that are affected by those nightmarish fires. It’s terrifying just watching on tv. I can’t imagine in person. I am glad to hear that you and your family are safe. My heart breaks for Australia and its people, but especially those scared little animals. I am will continue to pray and trust that the Lord is with you all even the critters. I mean, He created them, too. Be safe and know that others are thinking of you.
    Before I close, you are an amazing crafter. You always blow me away. Our friend Anita in France told me about you and she was right…..you are awesome! Be safe, Therese, and may the Lord show you His presence today and always. much love to you, your friend, Marisela

    1. Hi Marisela, I too am feeling very lucky not to be affected by these fires, they are truly devastating and I agree, it’s the critters that are breaking my heart too, they are so helpless. Things are looking up today which is nice but they are going to be burning for a few more weeks yet and with more bad weather on the way it’s very scary. Thanks so much for your lovely comments and for taking the time to reach out, it truly means the world to me. Crafty hugs, Therese

  54. Hola, Therese. It’s Marisela from San Antonio again. I just wanted to say hello and to ask about the fires in Australia. We have not heard much here any more and I just wanted to know how the situation is going. Have the fires died out? I really hope so. I think about those critters and I get sad. Anyway, I hope that all is well. Thanks for such beautiful cards and such wonderful inspiration. =) tu amiga/your friend, Marisela

    1. Would you believe that we’ve been having floods now but from what I have heard is that all of the fires should be out. .. even the one that has been burning since last October. And yes there is going to be a massive recovery for all. People are working hard to save the animals and start recovery. Thanks for your kind thoughts Tx

  55. Hola, Therese. So glad to hear the fires are out, but not good to hear about the floods. Sometimes I think the world is in chaos right now. So much happening. I have a friend in the Philippines and they had an earthquake, a typhoon, and a volcano eruption within a month or so. Crazy. Not to get so theological, but the Lord said that we would see and hear about these things in the world as signs of His return. May God help us. Thanks for your reply and I hope that things get better. Have a great weekend. love, Marisela

  56. Hello, Therese! I’m Nancy from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
    This may be a silly question but what do you use on your fingernails? Your hands always look so nice.
    Thanks and thank you for your beautiful creations. I always look forward to your videos.
    Take care and stay healthy!

  57. Therese,
    I love flowers but don’t have many floral stamps because there are so many stamp sets I love and feel like I can do more with. However, I see you your beautiful floral cards and want to get better at making them. If you could only have two floral stamps which ones would you pick?
    Thanks for your suggestions!
    PS I just bought Mondo Wild Flowers, Altenew Exotic Garden, and SSS Stronger Together.

    1. Hiya, You already have some beautiful sets and I would say that it looks as if you like to colour by your choices. There are so many fabulous sets that I adore so I will give you a few examples of my faves and you can choose lol. Starting with Altenew – Wallpaper Art / Poppy Garden / Statement Flowers then it’s onto Ellen Hutson – Mondo Sakura / Mondo Hydrangea / Mondo Peony. I’ve highlighted my 2 faves but it was hard to choose. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and find some crafty time, Thanks so much for your lovely visit here, Crafty hugs, Therese

  58. Therese,
    Thanks so much for the speedy response! I will check your faves out!
    PS I am enjoying the class Sandy Allnock put together!

  59. Thanks so much for mixing old and new product in your upcoming Christmas series. Most people’s crafting budgets are limited, so it takes the pressure off to see that we can use what we already have and try the techniques or composition that you’re demonstrating. Also love your very laid back style…

  60. Love the cards!!! Can you tell me where did you get the script “Christmas” from on the large M card??? Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Linda, the ‘Christmas’ is from a Waffle Flower Crafts set called ‘Holiday Thanks’ here is an affiliate link https://bit.ly/2FV5ifb but if you would prefer not to use that you can always search for it. Hope this is helpful. Have the most wonderful weekend. Therese

  61. morning from scotland – just saying love your cards BUt your latest altenew youtube is coming up private and can’t be watched – is this correct ? twinkle and twine I think the heading is – latest blog hop anyway thank you

    1. Hi Debbie, the video should be working now, I think it was just the video hadn’t gone live yet on Youtube at the same time as my post. Thanks so much for letting me know, Crafty hugs Tx

  62. I’ve just subscribed to your blog, Therese. I don’t know what took me so long. Whenever I see your name in a blog hop, I always make sure I click your name. I really like your style, and your voice and manner are so pleasant. I really enjoy your videos.

    I watched several of your 2020 Christmas card videos last night. The plaid one made me chuckle. FYI: I read somewhere (maybe from Debbie Hughes? Or Betsy Veldman?) that the difference between a plaid and a tartan is that tartans are always symmetrical, whereas plaids might not be. I liked your story about your dance costumes. My son-in-law is of Scottish heritage, and my daughter ordered yardage of his clan tartan (Irvine, though his version is Irwin), in a lightweight version, to have her wedding dress made. His boutonniere was a thistle, her bouquet heather. They honeymooned in Scotland, of course!

    1. Oh Sandy, what a lovely story, I can almost imagine the wedding, it sounds glorious! and I have heard many variations on the difference between tartan / plaid but that one is new to me, I should have just asked Debbie lol.

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