Join Me for My Updated Craft Room Tour 2022 + Video!

Would you like to see what changes I have made in my crafty space? Well, grab a cuppa and join me!

It’s been 4 years since I did my last video and on the surface, I think that things look kinda similar. This tells me one thing, that the overall layout of the room is working. I am lucky to have a large space to use but actually didn’t want to ‘fill it up’. So, what I did instead created a ‘U’ shaped work area that I can ‘wheel’ around in the get everything I need.

I keep like with like and my most used items are within arms reach.

It’s best for me to be able to see what I have. If it’s behind closed doors I tend to forget about it and then forget to use it.

And I am now using this nail polish holder for my Nuvo Drops, and it looks so pretty.

And my ink refills for my Copics look amazing in this fridge bin.

My view as I create!

And one of my fave storage items are these Cross divider cubes, they fit alcohol markers perfectly!

I bought this storage unit to use for my adhesives and really like how it works.

My Stamp Storage is still the same, I really like plastic pockets (linked below). I can see the stamps and I can add the original packaging with the stamp set. I do not want to re-label everything, I don’t have the energy for that lol.

I like having inserts in my drawers so I can carry items across to my workspace.

Command Hooks are your friend for easy storage ideas.

The inside of this ‘Cricut’ cupboard is…. what can I say, but I haven’t worked it out yet lol.

And who doesn’t love a Raskog!

You can see my video here or Watch it on YouTube.

Obviously, Craft Rooms are ever evolving and I can’t wait to see how things change in my next Craft Room Tour!

I hope you found some ideas that you can use in your own crafty space. But I do want something from you, actually, we ALL do, let me know in the comments below what is your favourite storage hack? We want to know!

I’ve linked what I can find below. but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Hope you have the most fabulous and crafty day. Hugs


If you do want to do some shopping and would like to support my crafty channel, at no extra cost to you, I have affiliate links for you to use.

Here are some of my favourite places to shop, I know you will like them just as much as I do!

Altenew –

Ellen Hutson –

Simon Says Stamp –

Auzz Trinklets N Krafts (Australia) –

Spellbinders –


I have linked the supplies I can find so that you can see which brands etc they are, as some are from Australia.

Crafty Critta Ink Storage Units (Use my CODE to SAVE 5% & Foils too – lostinpaper05) they post overseas-

Fiskars Procision Trimmer (it also folds in half) – AUZ  / USA

Altenew Cutting Mat (black desk mat) –

12 X 12 Paper Storage –

MONT MARTE – Pen / Brush Storage –

Scrapbook.Com – 360 Craft Tower –

ESSELTE Pencil Cups –

ESSELTE Shelf Modular Cube 6” X 6” – Copic storage (? Retiring) –

DEFLECTO Desk Cube – Cross Dividers – Copic Storage –

KMART 6 section felt tray (on clearance) –

KMART Fridge storage (I use these for stamp blocks / adhesives foam dots) –

(I have no affiliates with Amazon – so you could link through one of your other favourite crafters who does)

Recently I bought these to use as stamp pockets, and they are very good, though not quite as sturdy as the Marbig, but I haven’t had any split. I have also seen other cheaper brands of similar items on Amazon that may be good.

ESSELTE A5 Card Holders (Stamp Pockets) –

MARBIG A5 Card Holders (stamp pockets) I have used these for years very sturdy but now getting expensive… but they last forever –

COMMAND Hooks (I use a variety of sizes) –

OXO Lazy Susan – 11” –

Nailpolish Organiser –

Teflon Sheets –

NEEWER Lighting Kit –

NEATFI Desk Lamp –

RODE Microphone –

Microphone Boom Arm (could be better) –

PRESONUS Audio Interface –

Gaming Extended Mouse Pad –



Shangri-La Molokai Wooden Kitchen Trolley (for Cricut and Scan n Cut Machines) –

AMART Furniture (Australia)

Multi sized Shelving Unit – No longer available


ALEX Drawer Unit 67cm X 66cm –

ALEX Drawer Unit 36 X 70cm –

BESTA Storage Unit –

SKADIS Pegboard 76 X 56cm –

SKADIS Connector –

BILLY Bookcase 80 X 28 X 106cm

ELLOVEN Computer monitor Stand –

RASKOG cart (dark grey) –

RASKOG containers hanging on side are from IKEA but I couldn’t find them online.

DESK Shelf (small) is from IKEA but I think it is now discontinued.

32 thoughts on “Join Me for My Updated Craft Room Tour 2022 + Video!

  1. Thank you for the TOUR – wonderful space to create!!!!
    Although you did not show one, my favorite crafting tool is my magnetic glass board….soooooo helpful when creating!

  2. Hello Therese: Thank you for sharing your wonderful space with us, it’s fabulously organized and absolutely beautiful, the perfect environment to be creative!!
    I love the idea of the nail polish storage to keep the Nuvo drops in, it’s just perfect to hold these little bottles.
    My stamps are stored pretty much like yours but the racks are in what used to be a closet in my craft room, I just took off the sliding doors.
    I love the cross divider cubes, I don’t have alcohol markers but my SU markers and even Prismacolor pencils fit there beautifully.
    Thank you for sharing your stamping space with us, Therese.
    Stay healthy and safe.
    Maria Rodriguez.

    1. Removing the closet doors sounds like a great idea, then you can see and get everything easily! Thanks so much for visiting me and taking the time to watch my tour and comment, you are so sweet Maria. Crafty hugs Tx

  3. Really enjoyed the updated craft room tour. The craft room item that has really helped me is the Tonic Studios Table Tidy —Double Pocket which attaches to the end of a craft table. I also added two smaller ones which clip on to the larger one for extra storage. The Deflecto cubes that you have sure look like they would work for my Artist Markers and the Pro Sketch Markers I will be adding ( I just ordered another 8 from Ellen Hutson). Great craft room Therese.

  4. I’m jealous of how organized you are! I think I may have to get a peg board to get things off my desk top. I start out with a decent amount of space, but as I create, my work area ends up being postage stamp sized!
    Do you purge your stamps every now and then? My craft room is bursting at the seams!
    Thank you for the inspiration to get organized! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, June! And yes the Peg board is fun and pretty too. But don’t worry I still end up with a postage or actually camera lens-sized area to work in some days lol.I do purge stamps but not as often as I should, if I have too much stuff it feels like it can cramp my creativity… I hope that makes sense, I’ve been awake for over 24 hours (I worked night duty) so I’d better head for a few hours sleep now. Hugs Tx

      1. oh, I remember over night shifts! somehow, they seem to go quicker than day shifts…maybe because there was no one around to share the work! I liked having fewer distractions around me, but then morning came and people started arriving and the magic was gone. I hope you don’t have too many night duty shifts…you have to feed the cats (and your husband) 🙂 BE SAFE!
        (BTW- I “was” a pharmacist…I retired this past January 31st)

      2. Yes, it’s a weird place to be when the ‘building’ as shut down but the work is still going on lol. Congrats on your retirement June, sounds like you are enjoying time for your creativity! I went part time in Jan this year (after 36 years of full time shift work) and every week feels like I’m on holiday, but I am sooo busy doing what I want to do there are still not enough hours in the day hahaha. Hugs to you my friend Tx

  5. I have a small lazy susan – tall items in containers which I can reach easily. It uses a corner space perfectly.

  6. Always so neat and tidy! My room is last on the list to tidy! I love evernote for storing all my stamps/dies electronically does that count as a tip? and I am starting to store my stencils and embossing folders too. That way a) I don’t buy a second one and b) I can find that image or sentiment when I need – I simply search “dog” for example and all my “dog” stamps/dies pop up and then I goto the manufacturers tub. Read the comment above about a magnetic board I just puchased a black one at a craft show last weekend. Haven’t used it yet but I like the idea of it.

    1. I’ve heard of people using Evernote, what a great idea… though I would have to spend a week catching up to do it lol. I’ve been thinking about a glass board to work on, but am concerned about the reflection when I’m filming, I’ll check out the magnetic board too, I hope you like yours! Hugs Tx ps we didn’t even have a papercraft show here this year (insert sad face here)

      1. oh no! it was our first for a couple of years. Must admit I’m enjoying “seeing” and “feeling” at the shows I’ve been too (went to the quilt one too!) but the crowds are lower than I remember.

  7. Hey Therese,
    Thank you for sharing ideas. Your craft room looks awesome and so practical.
    I have been looking for trays for my Alex drawers and loved the ones you have your altenew inks in. Is it possible to share where you have got these trays from. Thank you

    1. Hi Meetu, I’ve had a couple of versions of these trays over the years and these are my fave because they have the moveable dividers in them (but they work just as well without). They just come from the cheap shops like Reject and I just took some measurements of the drawer and some inkpads with me. I hope you can find something similar in NZ. Hugs Tx

  8. Throughly enjoyed watching your craft room tour, it’s a wonderful craft space and it’s so tidy and organised. I just love the layout of your room it’s so user friendly I can imagine. Thanks for sharing xx

  9. I’m not surprised by your work space. You seem so very organized. It’s fun to see your crafting world. I have no blog and little space so it works well enough for me to keep my supplies in containers on 2 wheeled metal carts and I move them out of a closet when I need them. It works. You mentioned shift work. What do you do? Thanks so much for sharing your world with us.

    1. Hi Laurie, when I started making cards I kept everything in a box and it was a drag to find things each time. The carts sound like a great idea, as they are mobile, the shelves are perfect to access supplies and you can hang stuff on the side too! Thanks so much for your lovely visit here today, Crafty hugs Tx ps I am a nurse that is why I work shift work.

  10. I wondered if maybe you are in nursing. I am a retired nurse. Maybe that’s one of the reasons i feel a kinship with you. That and our love of card making. Blessings for a great Christmas

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