Live life in the fast lane!

Popping in today with this fab girl on  a scooter from Penny Black, I decided to colour her with a ‘pencil’ look to give it a retro feel.  I was just thinking about how happy the dog looks on the back of the Scooter and I remember that once when I asked my hubby if I could use the car because I had to take the cat to the vet, he very seriously turned around and said to me ‘she’ll be fine on the back of your scooter’…   but of course that didn’t happen, I do wonder what the vet would’ve said and I know what the cat would’ve said lol.

Live life in the fast lane - Detail
Live life in the fast lane – Detail
Live life in the fast lane
Live life in the fast lane

You can find all these wonderful products at Penny Black (or I have linked them below).  Have a great day!


Other Supplies:  Prismacolor Pencils – White, Black, Colorless, Dark Green, Chartreuse, Limepeel, Light Aqua, Cloud Blue, Jade Green, Yellowed Orange, Orange, Poppy Red, Goldenrod, Cream, Light Peach, Light Umber, Ginger Root, Warm Grey 20, 70%, Cool Grey 70%.

22 thoughts on “Live life in the fast lane!

  1. Therese, this is adorable!! Gorgeous coloring and that little pooch is so cute! We have lots of animals turning up on scooters at the vet here. There even a guy who made a helmet and goggles for how pit bull! LOL!

  2. My one cat, Sugar, would probably have loved the ride on a scooter! She was rather adventurous! This card is superb! LOVE your way with coloring, and the stripes echoing on the card base is brilliant. Amazing card! LOVE it!

  3. I can HEAR what the cat would’ve said, lol! Just the car gets all of mine drooling & barfing 🙂 LOVE this cute card, the leaves are perfect!

  4. So cool this card! I am sure Nutella would love a ride like that, it’s a pitty that I don’t have a scooter! We would look as fabulous as the couple on your card!!

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