Video : Masking an Embossed Sentiment – By Request!

It seems like I’ve started a new series called ‘By Request‘, it’s quite happened by accident but it’s been fun and given me a little focus, so let me know if there is anything you want me to show or try, as most of the cards I make are created while videoing sometimes with lots of pre-thought sometimes with very little and lots of ‘winging it’ along the way (so a little direction may be good).

This card was a re-creation of this card HERE, and I know it may look very different but it’s really just the same technique with different colours and images.

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

Oh Yeah Baby! - Detail
Oh Yeah Baby! – Detail
Oh Yeah Baby!
Oh Yeah Baby!

See you again real soon!


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19 thoughts on “Video : Masking an Embossed Sentiment – By Request!

  1. Wonderful video……you make everything look so easy. Best of all, I believe you and keep on trying. Thank you.

  2. I love how you created the diagonal stripes behind the bird and the sentiment is so fun! Awesome card and fab tutorial…Thanks, Therese!

  3. Theresa, You are absolutely brilliant.. I’ve been Stamping for 40 years and you always give me!! ideas now that’s saying a lot.. Like extending the legs of the bird of course we should do that why haven’t I thought of that genius thank you so much for your videos you’re so inspiring your super amazing!!yours in ink Anne

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  4. Another brilliant video and I adore the card. Love the extra touch of the stripes on the stripes!

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