Polychromos pencils on Kraft cardstock.

Today I decided it was time to practice with my Polychromos pencils and I thought why not add them to kraft!  They are very similar to the Prismacolor pencils but different lol. and I had lots of fun and know that the more that I play with them the more comfortable I will become.

Lostinpaper - Penny Black - Love Art - Happy Snippets (1)

This poppy image is so pretty and with just a little masking I could add a second flower and make the stem longer.  I thought I would be a little daredevilish today and decided to only stamp 2 flowers….   I know, I know, an even number!

Lostinpaper - Penny Black - Love Art - Happy Snippets (1)

I used some Penny Black products today and they will of course be linked below.  I’ll be back on Thursday with another video, look forward to seeing you then!

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Other Supplies:  Polychromos pencils – White / Black / Sanguine / Walnut Brown / Van-Dyck- Brown / Middle Cadmium Red / Pale Geranium Lake / Permanent Carmine.  Brown fun foam

37 thoughts on “Polychromos pencils on Kraft cardstock.

  1. SO beautiful Therese, I love the gorgeous reds against the kraft paper and you really made those poppies look so realistic with your shading/colouring, amazing!

    1. Hi Jackie,
      They really are very similar but I am used to using the Prismacolors so at the moment am finding them easier to use, I just get frustrated that they break so easily and at $3 this can become quite expensive. It may have something to do with the fact that they have traveled a long way to Australia, I’m sure that wouldn’t help. I’m still playing with the Polychromos pencils at the moment so will keep you posted about faves. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, have a great and hopefully crafty day, Hugs Therese

  2. Love this card – such beautiful colouring, Therese! I have just purchased a set of Polychromos Coloured Pencils, but I haven’t had time to play with them yet. You’ve inspired me to make time to create something beautiful with them.

  3. Stunning, absolutely stunning. Love the depth and highlights. I have procrastinated about getting these pencils and now I am just waiting for a good deal on them. Also love how you did the die cut sentiment, this is a framable.

  4. The even numbers don’t really matter on this card because your die cut stack became the third item. With its weight and colour, it balanced the other poppies. A lovely card and I love how the colouring looks against the kraft cardstock. 🙂

  5. I have totally fell in love with this design, I’m in awe of your colouring with those polychromos….wow !! I love this finished card so much as it’s perfectly CAS and stunning. You Rock!! Hugs x

  6. This is such a gorgeous card Therese ! It is hard to believe that it is possible to make such a wonder with pencils ! I have those pencils at home since a long time already but I never made such a beautiful result ! Have to try them again. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Shock of all shocks, an even number of flowers! Ha! They group with the sentiment in a nice triangle so you’re covered. My, but can you color!! Those poppies are gorgeous!

    1. Hi Sharron,
      I love my Prismacolor pencils and find that they are probably easier to use (but that may be because I have used them so much more and am comfortable with the amount of colour and mixing that I can achieve). What I do love about the Polychromos is the fact that they are much ‘sturdier’ I haven’t had any problems with them breaking like the Prismas can… and I know that once I use them more that I will get used to ‘how’ they colour. But really they are very similar overall, I will continue to practice and let you know along the way how I go. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting, Hugs Therese

  8. Absolutely STUNNING card, Therese! I really love how you colored the flowers…you added such beautiful highlights and dimension with your pencils, and your sentiment is just perfect!

  9. These are beautiful Therese… they just pop off the card with all that shading you’ve given them. I’m thinking you’re pretty comfy already with these pencils 😉
    Jenny x

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