Video : Craft Room Tour 2018

So finally, after all the promises I have a ‘Craft Room Tour’ video to share of my crafty space.  This is definitely my Happy Place, I love being here and of course it is ever evolving.

I am lucky to have a large room but decided that I didn’t want to spread things out too much as I know that I would just try and ‘fill it up’.  So what I did was use some old desks and Ikea furniture to create a ‘U’ shaped space and I can literally roll back and grab anything I need.

Main Work Desk

Can you see a few changes that I have made here even since I returned from my holiday, I now have a Gemini Junior so did decide to move a couple of things around to suit that (like I said it’s ever evolving).

Oh, and would you believe that I now am probably in the market for a new computer, mine is at the Doctors.

Wall Storage

My most used stamps, cardstocks and embellies are here.  I bought the top storage unit from Amart years ago

and wish I had of bought two as they no longer make them anymore and the little cubby holes are perfect!

The Cart

I had to have one (an Ikea RasKog Trolley) and I love how easy it is to change what I keep in  my cart according to what I am using most frequently.

On my Right Side

At my finger tips is everything that I use the most.  ATG, blocks, cardstock, mini trimmer…

On my Left Side

My Inks are right by my side, right there with my Fiskars Procision Trimmer and MISTI tool.  Of course my computer has pride of place (and do you like my bigggg screen, I inherited that from my husband after he finished studying this year and it’s brilliant!).

Extra Wall Storage

Still easy to get too and I can access any of this in a minute.

Video Tour
You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at YouTube.

I like to be able to see my stuff, I find that if it’s behind closed doors then I ‘forget’ that I have it and then it’s not used.  Though, I do like drawers as they hold a heap of stuff and I can keep everything similar together and this makes it easier to find.

Stamp Storage – I am too lazy to totally repackage everything so I use card pockets that will fit the original packaging from the stamps (either the Marbig or Altenew pockets will do this).  I only use labels on the dividers between the brands or types of stamps and I type these labels on computer paper, cut them out and tape them down on a piece of very thick cardboard (I am too cheap to pay for a label machine or the refills which are even more expensive).

Thanks so much for visiting today, I hope that I may have helped with some ideas for creating your own fun crafty space.  Have the bestest day!

Therese signature 2


Raskog Trolley
Alex Drawer Unit (large)
Alex Drawer Unit (small)
Alex Cupboard
Billy Bookcase
Besta Storage (similar unit to mine)

Silicone Holster
Deflecto (Copic / Marker Storage)
Universal Crafts – Cardstock Storage

Stamp Storage / Display
Altenew Pockets
Marbig Card Pockets
Avery Elle Pockets (small)
Marbig (Zip Refillable Display Book)
Marbig Refills

LED Desk Lamps

43 thoughts on “Video : Craft Room Tour 2018

  1. Thanks so much for the tour Therese! I love seeing how others make use of their space. I agree with you regarding label maker refills. How can that tape cost half as much as the machine itself?!! I also got a Gemini Jr & so far I’m loving it and like that it doesn’t take up as much space lengthwise & width wise too. My justification was, “Maybe I’ll get arthritis like my grandpa & need it: 🙂

  2. I love craft room tours 🙂 Wish I had a proper craft room! Thank you for showing us around and sharing how you organize your supplies, it is so neat! And as you say, anything locked up tends to be ignored, I too love to keep them in the open 🙂

    1. My craft ‘room’ started as a box of stuff and then a little desk in the corner, it’s been years in the making lol. You don’t need a room to create, I think you are incredibly talented! Thanks so much for visiting, Crafty hugs, Therese

  3. Thanks for the tour. I agree about the drawers not coming all the way out. I’m interested in your lights on the desk. They must be very bright. What sort of white bulb are they? I have trouble taking photos inside even when I put all the room lights and lamp on. I agree about getting stuff when it’s cheap. Australia is expensive for everything.

    1. Hi Christine, I knew I should have put a link to the light doh! I’ve done it now but I got them from Bunnings and they are a nice bright LED Here is the link when it comes to photography I pretty much rely on natural light but am currently changing that set up too at the moment, I will share it with you when i get that one right lol. As for the Ikea Alex drawers I recently googled it and acutually adjusted a couple of my drawers so they come all the way out, but they are not as stable. But what I did work out was that when I unscrewed the drawers and took them out that the runners were ‘stiff’ so they actually improved heaps with just some simple pushing and pulling and then returning the drawer to it’s original place. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comments, Hugs Therese

  4. Your craft room is so you Therese! Clean and simple, well organised, very lovely and so functional! Thank you so much for sharing it with your crafty friends – so much to learn from you, but some storage is the same as I use. I love drawers for storage and organising, and have 9 large drawers myself. The open shelves are so useful too – with the little baskets/tubs used for separation – and it is inspirational to see what you have on display! I didn’t see that you have many dies, or just is it dies that match stamps? I’m not surprised at that, as you are all about stamping/colouring and design, so that makes sense! Enjoy your room and please continue to bring us all your inspiration for our own creative endeavours for a long time.

  5. Thanks so much for the crafty room your and I think your interactions with your mum/production coordinator are so lovely.
    I like how you’ve changed your room to suit your needs.
    Likening the upgrade to your video unit too.
    I’ve had my own room to create now for three years and it takes so long to get it right.
    I’ve enjoyed you sharing your journey with us all.
    I too have an adhesive draw because you never know if there’s a world wide shortage!

  6. Thanks for the tour. Love your storage. Like you I have all white and tubs and most is on display – if its out of site it is out of mind! I have “L” shape built ins hubby insisted I should get when I first got my room plus stand alone shelving added as the room has evolved! I agree the draws should pull out all the way I have a couple in my Besta unit – tricky to get to the back of those too. I was reading something earlier today about “stash exceeding life time” – I fear I fall into that category – yet your rooms seems to have sufficient supply more so when you consider how many cards you make. You must have amazing self control and must part with some of the older things. Love your adhesive stash – I’m trying to contain mine to one tub – I think I live in fear of running out too. A trolley is on my wish list for my big shot, dies and embossing folders to get them off the desk top. I had to google what a gemini jnr is. I am assuming this was an upgrade from the bigshot.

  7. Great video! Thanks for the tour and the tips. And I love your adhesive drawers. No judgement here! 🙂 (Actually you prompted me to go through mine). I also liked how you had your stamp cleaner open in the drawer ready to use. I’m lucky to have a dedicated room too and love pottering around organising things. I spend more time sorting and labelling and re-arranging than I do making cards! But I love it.

    1. I agree with you Toni, I to spend more time sorting and re-arranging than making cards LOL!

  8. WOW!! Therese, you have a wonderful and super organized craft room!!! I’m like you, I NEED TO SEE MY STUFF or else I would certainly forget about it. I just recently reorganized my stamps by theme and those clear bags are just perfect.
    I’m also lucky to have a big bedroom all to myself. This room was set up as an office by the people who lived here before we bought this house, there are fabulous cabinets and lots of counter space, I added a set of shelves like the white ones on your pictures to store my embellishments, ink refills, twine, some smaller stamps and some of my old woodblock stamp sets too, this room is also evolving, I think I have a good stash of stamps from my favorite companies, and I have to use a bit of restraint not to get a whole lot more, sheeesh!!
    I also enjoy lots of natural light from two big windows that overlook my backyard and hole #5 on the golf course. I have pine trees and oaks too, really beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful tour of your craft space, love to see where you work to create all of the amazing cards you share with us on your blog.
    Oh, by the way… the way you started this video, you had me laughing along with you, thank you.
    Sending hugs and love.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  9. Thanks for sharing your craft room with us, Therese. It’s always interesting to see what solutions other crafters have found to make things work for them. I do love my drawers, both the small Alex drawers and two types of A4 drawer cubes. I do need to get better organised (not my strong point), but I trust I will get there in the end. I’m all with you about the spare adhesives. Being on an island (Crete, Greece), I need to order all of my supplies overseas, so I made it a habit to add some basic supplies to my cart whenever I shop.

  10. Thank you for this very interesting video ! I’m at the beginning of the process of reorganization. So of course, all the ideas are more than welcome.

    All my goodies, tools and papers is still everywhere in my flat, a nightmare ! Right now I’m reorganizing the furnitures in my living room to make a crafting corner. My main trouble is the budget, so I will have to make it little by little and stay with my all-over-the-flat organisation for a “let’s hope not too” long time !!!!!

    Thanks again for all your tips and ideas.

  11. Loved seeing your craft room! It’s always nice to see the behind the scenes of crafters you follow as well as their work. My OCD brain likes everything put away, although things that I use constantly are not locked away, lol. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  12. I really loved seeing your tour! So great to have everything at your fingertips with your U-shape layout. Like you, I do not use a label maker – too expensive and time consuming. No judgment on the drawers of adhesive either! I love your VW Van btw!

  13. What a great tour, you gave me some new ideas. The paint brushes in the Tombow marker holder is genius! I will be doing that because I don’t like using it for the markers. I am also going to catalog all my stamps on paper (I already have them on the computer) so I can “see” them as well.

  14. What a fun visit to your craft room. Your neat organization did not come as a surprise. Love the clean white palette. Thanks.

  15. Loved seeing your craft room. You are very organized. I’m in the process of creating a book with the stamped images of the stamp sets I own. I thought it would be easier deciding on what image I want to work with.

    I followed your last holiday blogs. Australia is on my list of places to visit. Almost made it but the tour I was looking into sold out in 3 days.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Really loved seeing your lovely craft room revamp, it looks really fabulous and certainly well thought out too. Great storage solutions ! Enjoyed your super video too. Hugs x

  17. Wha a fantastic craft room, thank you for sharing it with us. Some gems of ideas, so clever!
    So good to have Australian stockists too. Please tell me where the white baskets are from. I’ve been trying out a couple of fridge containers which are fine but the sides of your baskets are higher and that’s so much better.
    Love your work!

    1. Hi Annie, I bought the clear baskets a few years ago and haven’t seen them recently but the white version I would have bought about 6 months ago. They were from the Reject Shop, but I have seen them in all kinds of ‘dollar’ stores. I just took my little plastic sleeve with me and bought the one that fitted the best. I would suggest to buy more than you need though… that was one of my mistakes and I think they were something like $3 each. Hope this is helpful, thanks so much for your lovely visit, Crafty hugs, Therese

      1. That’s great, thanks, Therese. I’ll trawl the stores and let you know if I find any just like yours so you can stock up with a few more. Thanks also for the tip about buying more than I think I need!
        Crafty hugs coming right back to you xx

  18. You have a wonderful craft room, Therese ! Everything has its proper place, it’s all so neat and well organised ! I’m lucky enough to also have a dedicated room for my crafting but I’d love it to be always so tidy! Please tell me that you had everything set tidy for the video! ;-)) It’s so great to see from where all your beautiful creations come from ! A very nice place to get inspired ! Thanks for the visit ! x

    1. Oh Yes, it gets very messy, especially when I am in the middle of making a series of cards. But I do have to admit that having it organised helps me to concentrate lol. And I always ‘clean up’ my desk space before I start my next project, it’s like starting fresh’ Thanks so much for your lovely visit, Crafty hugs, Therese

  19. Love your craft room tour! I love seeing how everyone organizes their stuff and their thought process behind it. I laughed when you said not to judge how much adhesive you have because I have three drawers full. I think I too must be afraid of running out😂. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Fantastic systems, Therese. I have a bit more of a makeship system, with lots of (all different) baskets on a set of bookshelves. It works ok for me. I have all my coloured card in expanding file folders under one desk. My white card is piled on the shelves. I have 2 small desks side by side so I can leave my big shot and bigger guillotine out and have a bit more space to pile stuff while I am creating. I guess we are all in different situations and just go with what we have when we want to create. But it is lovely to dream that one day we might have a great craft room like yours and then your tips may come in handy! Very happy for you, as yours is more than just a hobby, so you need it! 😃❤️

    1. I started with a box on the kitchen table, and it just sort of grew from there lol. I do like the Ikea options though they are so more affordable than ‘kitchen’ cabinets I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money when there are stamps that I need to buy (wink). Thanks so much for your lovely visit, it was so nice to hear how you have your space! Crafty hugs, Therese

  21. Love your craft room Therese. Nice and simple. I wish!!! Also good to see some things we can get here in Australia without paying a fortune for it. You always make me have a chuckle. Thanks for time in sharing. Much appreciated.

  22. That was so much fun, Therese (and your Mum!) … thanks so much for sharing your space with us … it’s all so well organised, beautifully tidy and so light and bright. I aspire to a craft room … for now, though, my craft corner does nicely … everything is within reach … and it’s so easy to keep it all in some kind of order! Hugs, Anita 🙂

  23. LOVED your craftroom tour! I would like to know how you ‘take things with you’ when you craft elsewhere. I was amazed to see all the cards you made during your ‘camping tour’ and kept asking myself how you packed and stored what you took with you! I use large totes (I LOVE totes! 😀 ), and eventho’ they are fairly well organized…I still find myself ‘digging’ for essentials too often. Perhaps another video someday?♥

    1. Hi Clelie, I used a big plastic tub as I knew that we were going to be doing some rough and dusty driving (and that was what I was ‘allowed’ to take lol). I actually made a video showing what I took and you can find it linked in this post here I hope this answers some of your questions. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Crafty hugs, Therese

  24. Dear Therese
    Love your craft tour. You are so neat and organised. I hv a room but since i am mobile between Sri Lanka and NZ i am looking at mobile solutions. Lol it is difficult but I will get through it well. Blessings

  25. This video is older as it is now 2020, and we are in the midst of the Covid19 challenge, but I enjoyed seeing the craft tour and the video on what you packed for your 4×4 trip! I super duper like your extra draw for your and glue products!!! HA! The blouse your word in your fun pack for your trip is lovely! I really am a fan of the long flowy blouse! It is also super fun to see your beautiful face!!! Cheers and hugs!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, it seems an age ago now. Maybe I will get a chance to do an update this year…. problem is that it’s already June, it’s flying by lol.

  26. Dear Therese
    I really love when you laugh. It is so bubbly you. Love your craft room and i got some ideas. I am mobile between Sri Lanka and New Zealand and when i go to craft some stuff is not there and i dont want to waste again to buy it as i know i have it. I am one day dreaming of having a room like yours. Blessings to you and your family

  27. Hi Therese, love your craft room and all your card creations. I notice you have an Epsom printer, does it print out the digi coloured images well.
    Thanks for all your inspiration
    Rene from OZ x

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