Altenew Workshop in Melbourne!!!

Did you see the news?  I am going to be in Melbourne, Saturday April 6th with Altenew for a Workshop!

You can find the details HERE and I would love to see you all there… imagine if we could ALL be there, how totally fabulous!

Can you tell?  I’m just a little excited…..  YaY!!!

21 thoughts on “Altenew Workshop in Melbourne!!!

  1. Hi Therese, I was so excited when I saw the news. I have been stalking/following you for years and I love your work. However, I haven’t managed to master the Altenew stamps so I feel this would be beyond my skills. I will look forward to hearing all about it. Good luck and have fun.

  2. Oh wow! I wish! I’m actually back in Oz to visit family but will be in Sydney picking up my son from school!

  3. I’m sure it will be a great event. Maybe Altenew could consider pricing it in Australian dollars next time as Aussie dollar is awful at present and US dollar appears to be strengthening.

  4. I wish I had a lear jet and could attend. I would if I could in a heartbeat!! Told a friend who lives in Melbourne, but it’s her birthday, and she’s definitely going to celebrate. I know you’re going to have a wonderful time, and dang!, I wish I could come!!!!

  5. I am considering! It would be fabulous to have a hands on workshop with you (and to meet you in person after so long on line!). Need to find a cover for the netball team that day 🙂

  6. What an opportunity! You are a wonderful teacher, and it would be so much fun! I would hop on that jet with Bev in a heart beat – she’s only a couple of hours from me.

  7. What a joy that would have been, Therese … in the absence of a Star Trek transporter it won’t be possible this time around … but who knows in future! Enjoy every moment … I know that everyone who comes to learn from you will do! Hugs, Anita 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh that would be a dream come true Therese!! But sadly can’t afford the flight atm 😢 sure it will be amazing and will look forward to hearing all about it!! xxx

  9. Sounds wonderful & fun! I’m also in the US & have wanted to visit Australia for years! I look forward to hearing about it…..have a great time!

  10. I’ve just returned from a holiday and caught up with this email – I was so excited, but sadly it is now sold out! It would have been wonderful to take a class with you Therese, and to meet you in person, but there will be other opportunities:)

    1. Oh that it so sad it would have been wonderful to finally meet you, it feels like we are already old friends… maybe next time, or maybe come hover at the door lol.

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