Have You Used Contour Ink & a BEAUTIFUL Tulip Focal Point!

Is it wrong to buy supplies and not use them? I managed to get my hands on the Contour Ink from Hero Arts and I just hadn’t had time to try it out, but now….. watch me go!

My picture in my head for this card was to create a watercolour Mondo Tulip focal point.

So I did this by die cutting a 4-Bar Rectangle from some Gina K Masking Magic and placing it over top of some Bristol Smooth cardstock.

Lostinpaper - Ellen Hutson - Mondo Tulips (card) (1)

Then I stamped the image with Contour Ink and I really liked the way that this ink reacted with the watercolour…. it was easy to see when I was colouring and once the watercolours dried it became invisible, it was like magic!


I’d love to know if you’ve tried this ink and what your thoughts are on it! And I hope that you are also inspired to create a floral focal point, and maybe do some watercolouring! Hugs,

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29 thoughts on “Have You Used Contour Ink & a BEAUTIFUL Tulip Focal Point!

  1. Absolutely stunning. I’m in love with the look of that watercolor, so dreamy.

  2. I haven’t used, or heard of it, Therese! But look at the beautiful results! Looks like one of the Adobe filters for water coloring!
    So cool… xx

    1. Yes it is, but I found that the fadeout can stamp a little ‘dark’ for me sometimes, this seems lighter, but I will have to maybe do a comparison…..

  3. I have some (came in the last HA kit I got), but haven’t used it yet. You inspire me to get it out and play!

  4. Beautiful watercoloring! Love your tulips. No, I have not tried the Contour Ink. Looks like it was perfect for your project. I am. Or good at no line watercoloring, but when I attempt it, I generally use the Gina K Designs ink called Skeleton Leaves.

    1. I have tried a variety of inks and they all can work well. One thing I do like about the Contour and the Fadeout ink (from Ink On 3) is that I can be indecisive and use any medium with them lol.

  5. LOL when you said, “Watch me go!” I searched for the video but LOL You were just speaking figuratively.
    I have no idea what that ink does, so me off to find out!

  6. I haven’t heard of Contour Ink but I’m sure it will be all the rage for the no-line colorists. Your tulips are gorgeous, Therese, and shows me just how that ink disappears when colored.

  7. I had not heard of Contour Ink of before,so thank you for the information. I’ve tried Antique Linen distress ink and Ink-On-3 No line ink, so I am anxious to try and compare this Hero Arts ink.
    Now, can you guarantee my watercolor image will turn out as beautiful as yours?? 😉

    1. Of course your watercolouring will amazing June!!! I have used the DI and they worked well, but they do ‘blend out’ with watercolours, sometimes too much for me to see the edges. And I found the Ink-On-3 was a little too dark (but that could have been my stamping)…. I think I may have to do a comparison!

      1. Hey Therese! Very Cool – Hadn’t heard of this product, however, your card is amazing.
        Perhaps I’ll give it a try, Thanks, Denise – Your comments section is not cooperating well –
        I had to come back and try again. It doesn’t permit the commenter to see, or get to the Post Comment link – the comment section is very small but if you extend it you miss the post comment area. So I started at the comment section before post comment link area first and didn’t enlarge the comment box. Just Sayin’:)

  8. Another gorgeous card.

    UM in answer to your question purchasing supplies and not using them isn’t wrong I’m sure 😉 Cause if it is I have been wrong lots and lots of times and don’t even go to the things I have only used once.

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