Thinking of You

I want to know which gene it is that makes men think they are invincible!  Today I had the perfect (card making) day planned….  basically catch up on everything that I am currently behind on.  Anyway that was hijacked by my (awesome) husband.  It started with a walk along the beach, which was a nice treat but now the remainder of the day has become quite stressful… holding the ladder while he paints the high ceilings and walls on our stairway on the oldest ladder known to man, perched on slippery sheets…   it goes on.  Luckily,  he updated his life insurance recently, obviously I am a little nervous, you see I only have one husband and I quite like him really!

Anyway onto my card.  Yippee, I finally made a card to help Less Is More with there current 1000 card challenge where anything goes, what a fab idea!  I have also used the colours from the current Play Date Cafe 100th Challenge, I was not going to miss this one either!  I’ve made this card for one of my husbands workmates who has recently had surgery for cancer, just to let him know that we are thinking of him.

Thinking of You - Detail


Thinking of You














23 thoughts on “Thinking of You

  1. Fantastic Therese!
    Good to see you, as always
    i have one of those men living here 🙂

    Thank you so much for helping us in our challenge for 1000 entries

  2. This is so simple yet so effective!
    Thanks so much for helping in our attempt at 1000 entries to our challenge this week.
    “Less is More”

  3. Hey Therese, don’t mention ladders and men….my hubbie came off his 5years ago when cleaning windows, broke his left heel bone into pieces and still limps badly today…lucky that’s all that broke!
    Love your card, the stamp goes so well with the EF 🙂
    Jenny x

  4. So funny Therese, my husband has been climbing a ladder on and off all week as well, to paint the trim on our house. I feel the same way . . . I can’t help but worry! Your card is lovely, that embossing folder is fantastic!

  5. Husbands are incorrigible. Mine was up redoing our roof 4 months after a double hip replacement…and managed to fall & crack a rib while he was at it, and of course refused to go to the dr. Honestly. I make sure his life insurance is paid up too, because one of these days his guardian angel will be looking the other way! I must say I’m kind of glad to know that mine isn’t the only one!
    This is a wonderful card for a man – and the colours are just right to bring cheerful thoughts. Love the embossing!

  6. Therese, I love the swipes of color on this card! I’ve been wanting to try something similar lately, but hadn’t thought of embossing the cardstock. So clever!

  7. Wonderful card. Love the use of the color in such a simple but effect way. – Good luck figuring out husband’s – I gave up on mine years ago. Gotta love them though.

  8. Totally a man thing! Athough I would be lying if I didn’t admit to doing a few things like that myself!!! 😉

    Gorgeous card. I LOVE those splashes of colour paired with the embossing. A sweet gesture. I hope your friend heals up quickly.

  9. Yikes! This is soooo amazing I am gushing over the coolness of your card and how you used the colors. You blow me away, my friend!

    P.S. Glad your hubby didn’t fall off the ladder. Yowsers!
    P.P.S. I haven’t e-mailed yet because I’m still trying to find the answer (uh oh), but I’ll let you know.

  10. Another stunner Therese!! I love everything about this card, from the colours to the embossing- clever girl!!
    sounds like you had a ball with hubby, they are such funny creatures always making our lives interesting- wouldn’t be without mine either!! 🙂

  11. Always LOVE your cards Terese! I’m intrigued how you put the ink onto the embossing plate, just using the pads or a brush or something? Lovely card. Thanks for joining in our 100th challenge over at The Play Date Cafe!

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