With Sympathy

I was inspired by Kathy’s Lily Pad Palette Challenge as I wanted something a little brighter than usually used on a sympathy card.  I’ve got to say that these aren’t my favourite cards to make, but are given for a wonderful purpose.  It’s so nice to think that someone is thinking of you when your whole world can feel like it is tumbling down.

With Sympathy - Detail
With Sympathy

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18 thoughts on “With Sympathy

  1. Beautiful Therese …. this colour palette works beautifully here! I have trouble creating these card, but I love that you have captured the serenity and calm.

  2. Lovely sympathy card Therese – so soothing and hopeful and the colors are great! I love that stamp and the sentiment fits perfectly. Just right for this type of card that I seem to need way too often these days.

  3. You’re so right…. hard to make but warming to send 🙂
    Your stamping is so perfect Therese, the slight overlap of the images looks great and the twine is thee nicest finishing touch 🙂
    Jenny x

  4. Okay, I officially crown you Queen of the Delicate Leaf Clusters stamps! 🙂 I agree that they’re never fun to make but this is a gorgeous sympathy card and I love the touch of twine.

  5. This is a beautiful sympathy card Therese. I wouldn’t have thought to use these colors for a sympathy card, but you’ve made them work perfectly!

  6. Sympathy cards are hard to make – but I totally love the brightness of colour….not too bright, but enough to bring someone some love in their time of grief. Lovely card Therese.

  7. I really do think that these are the kinds of cards that are the most treasured by the recipients…I always try to keep them on hand since making them when they’re needed is so difficult. I love the untraditional colour scheme you’ve used here!

  8. Oh wow, this is really stunning! I love how the simple design allows your lovely stamping to shine. Wonderful use of the challenge colors too, I’m so glad you linked up this beauty at Lily Pad Cards!

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