Just a little ambitious…

Alright, so I’ve been wanting to share in some challenges and haven’t had a chance until now.  So of course I combined three fab ideas and here is the result. Probably not my most ‘smartest’ idea to colour in the 10 minute dash...  I took the whole 10 minutes, and had to stop colouring because I ran out of time lol.  I was planning to round the corners…   or not, anyway I didn’t have the time to make the decision in the end.  I’m also sharing this card over at Runway Inspired Challenges and at Simon Says Stamp where we were asked to ‘have a heart’.   Hope you are having a fun day…  ps don’t look too closely at my colouring.

Special to me - Detail
Special to me – Detail
Special to me
Special to me


Other Supplies:  Light Peach, Peach, Ginger root, Sand, Blush Pink, Pink, Process Red, Warm Grey 20%, French Grey 50%, 70%, Sepia, Light Cerulean Blue, True Blue, Peacock Blue, Cream, Beige, Light Umber, White.  Recycled cardstock.

19 thoughts on “Just a little ambitious…

  1. Colouring? In the 10 minute dash? And it looks like that?
    I’m not going to look too closely because I’ll turn green with envy! What a super-sweet image 🙂

  2. You did a really great job in such a short time…so ambitious of you! As always, your coloring is just beautiful!!!

  3. Ha! I love it! I love that you thought it was so crazy that you chose to colour (I totally understand), but I think it turned out so beautiful – you don’t need the rounded corners! *wink*

    Thanks so much for joining the Craft Dash, and I really hope we see you again!

  4. Ha! Well done for colouring in 10 mins and completing the card. I couldn’t do this challenge as I am THE slowest card maker ever! I think I average about 4 hours per card!

  5. What a sweet card- great job on achieving a cute one layer beauty within in 10 minutes!

    Thank you for joining us in the 10 Minute Craft Dash, Therese! I hope you can play with us again soon!

  6. You should be proud to colour an image that well in quick time!! Love the retro image…just like an illustration from a childs story book :0) Cute card.
    Jenny x

  7. I just cant imagine how you die all that colouring in less than ten min! Lovely card.
    Thanks so much for playing along with us at 10 min craft dash.

  8. This is such a sweet card! And I am so happy you challenged yourself to color in only 10 minutes…I just recently made a card for the Craft Dash- it was my first time, and it was CRAZY! Thanks for joining us on the Runway!

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