Are you seeing triple Freckles? It’s a video comparing Copics. Inktense & Prismacolor Pencils.

I have been toying around with this idea for a while and finally had a chance to put together a video comparing one image coloured with Copics, Prismacolor Pencils and Inktense Pencils.  I decided to keep the colours very similar so that it would be easier to compare.  Here’s the result.

Freckles - Copics - Detail
Freckles – Copics – Detail
Freckles - Copics
Freckles – Copics
Freckles - Inktense - Detail
Freckles – Inktense – Detail
Freckles - Inktense
Freckles – Inktense
Freckles - Prismas - Detail
Freckles – Prismas – Detail
Freckles - Prismas
Freckles – Prismas

Other Supplies:  Copic Markers – YG00,03,17. T0,2. R05.  Prisma Pencils – Limepeel, Chartreuse, Spring Green, Olive Green, Warm Grey 20,70%, Black.  Inktense Pencils – Apple, Green, Felt Green, Light Olive, Sherbert Lemon, Neutral Grey, Indian Ink.

28 thoughts on “Are you seeing triple Freckles? It’s a video comparing Copics. Inktense & Prismacolor Pencils.

  1. Thank you so much for this Therese! What a fabulous comparison of these 3 colouring methods. I have the Prismacolor pencils and have toyed with the idea of copics, but am tending towards the inktense pencils instead. I think you’ve helped me decide 🙂

  2. Another awesome video, Therese! It’s really cool to see the comparison of the colour mediums and you couldn’t have picked a cuter guy to help you out! Love your colour binder too. I think I’m gonna have to try something like that…

  3. I watch all of your vids on YouTube and love every single one. You’re interesting to watch and make it look SO easy…when I know it takes a lot of practice. I love your color binder. So smart to have everything organized this way!

  4. Thanks for the comparison. Loved watching your coloring techniques as well. I usually lean towards my Prismacolor Pencils as I am most familiar using them. I just got Copics and Inktense pencils for Christmas and are slowly learning to use them.
    I saw Jennifer McGuire’s video on using Inktense and you both color w/ an empty waterbrush. What is the advantage of that instead of using a regular brush and just rewetting?

    1. Hi Therese,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. I find that when I had the Aquash brush full of water it would become ‘too wet’ so it’s easier to control the water by dipping and brushing off on scrap paper to the side. Because Inktense pencils are so vibrant I mostly just use normal heavy cardstock rather that watercolour paper. I suppose I could just use a normal brush really lol.
      Hope this is helpful.
      Happy Papercrafting!

  5. First off, your colour folder is amazing!… what a fantastic idea. I love this video and the timing was perfect. I was thinking in the weekend about buying the Inktense pencils – not sure if I need another colour medium, but they do look cool!

  6. What a great idea to compare all three… You can see why inktense pencils have that name, they give marker pens a run for their money!!!
    Great colour charts, very organised and always love watching your videos on colouring…. that frog is cute :0)
    Jenny x

  7. Terrific idea of the folder. I started doing something similar but ended up with sheets of colour floating around my craft area – never made it into a folder. Ha!ha! A great video and I love watching you colour. You’re so good at it.

  8. Thanks for the video. I have been thinking of buying a set of Inktense pencils and I liked seeing the side by side comparison. I have a color binder like yours but never thought to include my Stickles colors. Thanks for that idea.
    BTW, you have beautiful fingernails.

  9. Fabulous post! Loved seeing the difference between the different mediums! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Loved you video Therese! I was so happy to see the comparisons. I only have Prismas and had been wondering how they compare to others.
    And, cute card!!!

  11. Great idea comparing the three for those crazy colouring girls out there lol. Amazing how they differ in vibrancy I thought. Love the binder idea – very cool organisation. xL

  12. Thanks so much for this awesome video. I own prismacolours, inktense . . . and Marvy Markers. (not really sure how they’re different to Copics but I’ve resisted the urge to expand my colouring collection any further as I don’t get enough use out of what I already own!) Watching this and a few other videos I’ve seen lately will help me, I think, with blending, so I hope to do some colouring soon!
    PS I have a folder very similar to yours with all my different markers, inks etc. I also have my stamp images stamped out in to different categories in the same folder.

  13. No matter what the medium, your coloring is fantastic, Therese! Freckles has never looked more handsome!

  14. Wow another great video Therese! It’s so interesting to see the comparison of the 3 mediums. I really adore all of them. That frog is so stinkin’ CUTE! 🙂

  15. Therese great coloring and tutorials! The cards you created with Freckles are perfect too. I would love to chat, please email me. I couldn’t find an email address for you here.

  16. Hello! I came across your video whilst researching different techniques to use with my fancy new Prismacolor pencils – I was wondering what you used in the video to achieve that lovely blended effect? Thanks! x

    1. Hi Dian,
      Thank you so much for your comment. I usually use a product called ‘gamsol'(from Inky Antics – shipping from the USA can be difficult because it’s flammable) but it’s the same as ‘Odourless Mineral Spirit’ which you can buy from an art or craft store. Another great product is called ‘Zest It’ which does the same thing. I often just use my Prisma’s to blend themsleves which works really well, see this video HERE. Enjoy your new pencils, they really are my fave medium for colouring!
      Hope this is helpful.

      1. Hi Therese,
        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I will keep an eye out for the odourless mineral spirit 🙂 I watched the video you mentioned as well, very helpful!
        Dian x

  17. Freckles is adorable! I am looking into getting either the inktense or Prismas, but have not yet decided. What are you dipping your brush in for the intense? I have only seen people use water with them.

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