Topical Tuesdays video at AnnaBelle Stamps – Stamping a tartan background!

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s Topical Tuesdays tutorial at AnnaBelle Stamps.  I have made a video sharing how stamp your own tartan background.

 Fact:   I did highland dancing for many years as a child…  and I adore tartan (not that I wear it now)!  Now don’t laugh too loud…..

Me….  a slightly younger version
Sneak Peek!
Sneak Peek!

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18 thoughts on “Topical Tuesdays video at AnnaBelle Stamps – Stamping a tartan background!

  1. Great photo..must be so much fun… your card and tanks for the tutorial!!

  2. Such great posture. Fab card too heading over to the ABS blog to check it all out. Thanks for sharing your pic. Must show my girls how you hold your arms and keep your back so straight.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful photo of you Highland Dancing…it looks like you really enjoyed it!
    Love your tartan pattern, Therese…spot on with your placement of the stamps and your card is fab! Thanks for the video, too…such a nice surprise to have 2 videos from you in one day 🙂

  4. Brilliant photo, Therese! Love your stamped tartan, and the wee sailboat looks perfect nestled in the window 🙂

  5. Oh Therese I LOVE this photo. My grandmother always wanted me to do Irish dancing but we were no where near a club! Do you think you could still do a jig? Am off to check out ANnabelle’s now. Love your card too.

  6. Hee hee. You know I love the photo! My daughter has the same type of pomps for Irish Step Dancing. I love tartan too (and I don’t wear it either), and I LOVE how you stamped it! You are so clever. Thanks for the video…I would have never figured it out. 🙂

  7. Oh look at you all kitted out in your tartan!! Thanks for the tutorial video, love the way you used the border stamps, I’d never have thought the grid lines would be good for making tartan :0)
    Jenny x

  8. I’m wondering how many glasses of wine it would take for you to do that now!!! I love that you shared this picture and even more that you shared how you stamp the tartan……got to play with this great technique!

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