Loving silhouettes – video for Scrapbook Boutique!

Back again with another video for Scrapbook Boutique.  Today it’s a one layer card with lots of blending using those fabulous distress inks from Tim Holtz.

A quick share before the card excitement.  I’ve just had some excitement myself, this (carpet python) just went through my back yard.  I’m not a real fan of snakes even if they are non venomous like this one….  I just don’t like that it is now is the wood pile near my chicken coop….  hope my hubby gets home soon, this is definitely a ‘boy’ thing lol.  Have a great weekend.

DSC_0773 - Copy

(ps I’ve got the cats inside with me)


Sorry! - Detail
Sorry! – Detail

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20 thoughts on “Loving silhouettes – video for Scrapbook Boutique!

  1. Oh I’m with you! Hope he isn’t too long. Beat this one is after your chooks.
    My hubby use to have a carpet python in his office before it got too big. My kids thought it was great – they don’t have any fear of them and were rather fond of “Jimmy”. We have lots of pics of him – taken from a safe distance by Mum!
    Hope the rest of your weekend isn’t full of this type of excitement.

  2. Wow…he is a VERY long snake to be wandering around in your backyard! I freak out when we have blue tongue lizards in ours! I am really not a fan of snakes…but I am a great fan of your card! I love silhouette stamping and yours looks fab!

  3. This card is just lovely, Therese. I adore the silhouette stamp, but the blended background just makes the image. I’m with you – I see snakes and me run bigtime! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh that thing is huge!!! Of all the things we don’t have in Bermuda, snakes are something I’m not upset about! LOL! Hope he leaves your chickens alone.
    As for your card – what a stunner! Your blended background is amazing and that image is so sweet!

  5. I’d have nightmares for the rest of my life, I swear!!!! Snakes really just make my skin crawl….Your card, however is stunning. Thank you so much for making and sharing that video. Love this!!

  6. That is one big snake! Removing it is *definitely* a boy thing! You have made another beautiful card. Love the blending with the Distress Inks!

  7. Yikes!!! That is one big snake!!! Hope it has been safely “diverted” 🙂

    Amazing card, Therese – the inking is beautifully done. I LOVE the WOS pens too 🙂

  8. OH GOOD LORD. That is definitely a boy job. I am the one who takes care of rodents/dead things around here, but snakes….yeah, I think I’d draw the line about there. *shudder*
    Totally gorgeous inking on the card – I can hardly think about it for the snake! lol

  9. LOL, so much for women’s Lib, but I would scream and run and make hubby handle the snake too 🙂 Love your card Therese… that background looks amazing.

  10. I’m glad your cats were inside – I think the snake would win!!

    Your shaded scene is truly stunning. At first, I wondered why my attempts never look like that – but then I saw all of the inks that you used and realized that could be the reason!! You get such incredible depth with your colors!

  11. Therese, your card is so beautiful! Gorgeous colours! Your snake is beautiful, too! Although I do love carpet snakes (we get them in our yard, too), I think I’d be moving them on if they were near my chickens… 😉 I hope he moved on peacefully for you.

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