Having some Graffiti fun!

Back in class again and now I have a Graffiti card for Backgrounds into the Foreground, I just love this technique and think it’s particularly good for those wonderfully challenging masculine designs.

21 - Detail
21 – Detail


Not my best card but this class is all about learning so I’m sharing it all (well most of it) and I know I can improve on this technique and already have some more ideas swimming in my head….   so watch this space lol.


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14 thoughts on “Having some Graffiti fun!

  1. I can’t imagine anything more fabulous than this…but if it’s possible, then I’ll be watching! Awesome card, Therese! And perfect for a ‘guy’!

  2. Love all that layered stamping – something I never do!! I will have to try it. The stamps go together so well I thought it was one stamp!! I’m taking a class starting April 1 and I can’t wait to get some new ideas and start experimenting, your class looks very fun!

  3. Very interesting (I say as I twirl my moustache…:) only joking – no moustache). A very effective technique and one I’ll have to try myself. Ta for the ideas. You’re fab-u-lous!

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