A Friend for Life!

Another Texture Effect today and it’s embossing with glitter, such a fun technique and a great way to enjoy a glittery day, because if you are anything like me then there will be glitter glitter everywhere!

Friend for Life - Detail
Friend for Life – Detail
Friend for Life
Friend for Life


Sorry about the less than optimal photography but it’s the dullest day in history here (pouring rain…  perfect card making weather really) and I want to share this before the gallery closes in the OCC. Thanks for stopping by.


Other Supplies:  Copcs B02. Cardstock – SBB – Powder.

9 thoughts on “A Friend for Life!

  1. Your butterflies are so dreamy, Therese! I love that you used various shades of glitter, and your sentiment is so pretty! Such a lovely card for a dear friend!

  2. How beautiful, Therese 🙂 The pik glittery butterflies are gorgeous, and i ADORE those PB sentiments. Did you apply some subtle white shading to the base card?

  3. Your glittery card is fabulous! I’m sure you have been sparkly now for days. Hope the rain hasn’t driven you insane. Everything is so soggy here, but we have had sun today.

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