Birthday Wishes (video)!

Back with a video today using some matching dies and stamps, aren’t these just the best!  I tend to buy dies that I think I can use for a dual purpose, now don’t get me wrong I would love to own a die for every stamp that I have, wouldn’t that be cool, but it’s just not practical, but I do love that these flower dies could be used independently , wouldn’t they look great cut out in patterned papers…  in fact I think I might just do some now lol.

I was inspired to make this card by this amazing creation from Alice Wertz, all I can say is WOW!

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

Birthday Wishes - Detail
Birthday Wishes – Detail
Birthday Wishes
Birthday Wishes

Would you believe that I actually made this video a couple of months ago and forgot to share it….  doh!  Obviously I was sick and this year has been a very busy one, but come on, how could I do that lol.


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13 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes (video)!

  1. sweet colors and simply design 🙂 I came to ur blog a few minutes earlier to see if I had missed something but u hadn’t posted anything then and now u fulfilled my wish with another post and yet another amazing card 🙂

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