Layered Patterned Paper Piecing!

Day 5 and time for me to tackle Layered Patterned Paper Piecing with Dimension, reminds me of the old Paper Tole days.  I’m having a blast hanging out with my parents, just fitting a little card making in around the cuppa’s and shopping expeditions lol.  I’m also getting some design advice from my Mum who is uber talented when it comes to any kind of craft (and I mean any), she is incredible!

So Sorry - Detail
So Sorry – Detail
So Sorry
So Sorry

I’m off now to attack Day 6…  wish me luck!


Other Supplies:  Prismacolor Pencils – Limepeel, Olive Green, Goldenrod, Metallic Gold, French Grey 70%, Peach.

17 thoughts on “Layered Patterned Paper Piecing!

  1. Beautiful card, your layers are wonderful. So nice you can share your passion with your mum. My mum is the most talented seamstress I have ever seen and in a different life she would have had a fashion house but get her to join in crafting and she looks at me like she would rather chew nails. Love my mum, she always admires what I do but I can see its just not her but I sure wish we shared this passion.

  2. Lovely card. It is a little like paper tole in a new modern way.
    So nice you can get hints from your mum. My mum is the reason for me starting card making, when she passed I kept her punches and stencils (all her other crafty supplies went to charity). The intention was they would be handy for the kids homework.

  3. I’m pretty sure you won’t need any luck, Therese. If 6 works as well as this one did, it too, will be amazing. This is stunningly beautiful. So nice to share time with your parents. What a treasured time. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Your magnolia is just beautiful, Therese! I love how you colored it, and your CAS design is perfect for a sympathy card! Loving how you added little drops of water, too!
    Enjoy your visit with your parents!

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