Embossing Paste & Die Stencils (video)!

Back with another card in my Addicted to Die Cutting series.  Today it’s time to create a stencil with a die cut, so so easy to do.  Another great way to extend your products and have ‘pastey’ fun at the same time!

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

Hello - Detail
Hello – Detail

It’s a busy week this week, I’ll be back with some Stacey Yacula Charming Winter inspiration tomorrow!  So I hope to see you then, Hugs


Other Supplies:  SBB Cardstock – Banana. Yellow Sequins

14 thoughts on “Embossing Paste & Die Stencils (video)!

  1. A great way to get more bang for your buck. Love the design of your card and that bold script sentiment – beautiful Therese.

  2. Once again an informative and interesting video tutorial. By the way, what video editing software do you use and what type of recording device? I’m trying to get myself started but having trouble syncing everything together. Ta! 🙂

    1. Hi Janelle,
      How wonderful, I can’t wait to see what you create! I have a Sony HD Handycam attached to a monopod over my desk (so I can see as I film). I use Windows 7 so it’s the free ‘Windows Live Movie Maker’ for me, it’s easy but obviously can be restricting. Some of the editing programs look amazing, but are expensive… maybe one day lol.
      Hope this is helpful, maybe you could pop round one day and take a peek yourself!

  3. Hi Therese,
    I just love watching your videos and love your work. I am just a hobby card maker and I get lots of inspiration from you. I notice that you use blue tape to hold your work down without it tearing the card stock etc., (sometimes when I use washi tape it takes some of the card away with it). I would like to know what it is and where you purchase it from please. I live in Melbourne.

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment. My tape came from Bunnings (any hardware / paint store should have it), it’s made by 3M and called ‘Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces’. I have only ever torn my paper once using this (yet to be seen in an upcoming video lol) and I actually reuse it over again unless I get ink on it, so it’s very economical. To make it ‘less’ sticky I may tape it on and off my arm or clothing when it’s new, but not always.
      Hope this is helpful,

  4. Another great and informative video you make everything looks so easy. A stunning card as a result and love the two panels. Gorgeous texture and beautiful colours.


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