Celebrating 100 at CASE this Sketch!

So so happy to be asked to join in the fun at CASE this Sketch, can you believe this is the 100th Sketch and they are having a party!

This team was an amazing turning point for me creatively, I just couldn’t ‘get’ sketches, for me it was always about the colour and now it’s about both!  Although in saying that, I think I had too many ideas for Chrissy’s fabulous sketch and consequently I struggled with this one, you know how it goes…   should’ve just stuck it in the first place I put it, not move it around for an hour first and then stick it in the original spot lol.

Sunshine - Detail
Sunshine – Detail

Congrats to you guys, this is one of my all time fave challenges and I know the next 100 sketches will be just as awesome!


Other Supplies:  Prismacolor Pencils – Carmine Red, White, Poppy Red, LemonYellow, Sunburst Yellow, Warm Grey 70%.  SBB Cardstock – Grapefruit.

17 thoughts on “Celebrating 100 at CASE this Sketch!

  1. This is something a bit different for you Therese. You are so good at so many styles though! Love that angled black card stock…so striking! Wonderful card!
    I know what you mean about moving things around. I’m guilty!

  2. Fun take on the sketch, Therese! I love how you offset the chevrons–such a cool design! So happy to see you guesting for CTS100! 🙂

  3. Fantastic take on the sketch!! So interesting to read that you struggled with sketches to start with. Your so good I would never have thought you would struggle with anything!!! Such a funky, modern card. Love those hot air balloons, they are so sweet.

  4. LOVE the way you popped the border elements up on diamensional Therese! I watch ALL your YT videos, you have great style! Thanks for the inspiration! Hazel x

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