Video : Cardmaking Back to Basics – Card Design

Today I have a video touching the tip of the iceberg of ‘Card Design’ and in particular using the ‘Rule of Thirds’.  You know when you sometimes look at a card and the ‘balance’ or ‘layout’ just doesn’t feel quite right, that’s when I go back to this rule and it can really help me, so I thought I would share.

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

This is how we do it - Detail
This is how we do it – Detail
This is how we do it
This is how we do it

Pastels aren’t my normal ‘go to’ colours but I think they look really pretty here.  You can see me colour this little fella in this video HERE.

ETA:  Just wanted to say that this fabulous vellum idea is not mine, I found it in our wonderful blogland somewhere…   I think it was on Youtube, but alas cannot find it again to link the wonderful person who shared it with me.  If I find it I promise to link it here.  But to whomever you are, a big thanks!

I’ll be back real soon,


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19 thoughts on “Video : Cardmaking Back to Basics – Card Design

  1. Oh, Therese, you are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your vellum tip and the rule of thirds. This will definitely be a technique that I will put into good use. I love this darling card. Thanks for the great video.

  2. Good Morning Therese, Just wondering if you could steer me towards an online store to purchase my craft items. Everyone I look at seems to be getting very low on stock I don’t know if it is the aussie dollar or what. I live in Coffs Harbour N S W. and cant find a good site. I am really enjoying these back to basics that you are doing I have been making cards for years but still learning from everything you post. Regards Hope Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 21:31:11 +0000 To:

    1. Hi Hope, Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. What a fabulous part of the world you live in, we often head down your way to visit some good friends that live in Sawtell. Probably my fave online store (and I am a little bias) is Scrapbook Boutique I know that they are hopefully going to be stocking WPlus9 and some new MFTs goodies soon too. I also have bought from Craftonline, they have good base products but not a lot of the stamp companies that I gravitate to. It is difficult to get the ‘newer’ stamps in Australia and I don’t know of anyone who carries full ranges from companies, so it does pay to shop around. Most stores have free postage (if you spend over a certain amount) and if you only want one item then you can always negotiate the postage, it’s worth an ask. You could also ask the online shops that you normally buy from when they will be restocking the items that you want so that you can plan your buy better and beat the postage. The exchange rate is really hurting at the moment I agree… shame my wish list is always so big lol. Hugs Therese

  3. Love this card so very cute!
    I learned so much today Therese…I make cards for such a long time..and I always struggle to add things to my card..this vellum tip will help me so much..made one straight away..
    Therese I think this is such a wonderful hobby we have..where people are always so willing to share and tricks and much more…
    Thank you so very much..look forward to the next lesson..
    Groetjes Holly.

  4. More than just pleasing to my eyes, Therese! What an eye-opening lesson this is – I am off to create my very own vellum guide – does this rule guide you for placement of the dots also? Thank you…
    =] Michele

  5. Thanks Therese. I am so glad he made it onto a card.
    Love the template you made – will have to make one of those it is such a great tip. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think to do that?” moments.

  6. What a cute party owl, Therese … love the little speech bubble! Had a smile at your vellum guide … I made an acetate one I use in exactly the same way … it’s one of my most useful tools! Anita 🙂

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