Video : Scribble Flowers at Scrapbook Boutique!

Love love love this fabulous die from My Favorite Things and I had so much fun creating this card for Scrapbook Boutique, I had bits of paper everywhere!

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

Enjoy - Detail
Enjoy – Detail

You can find all these goodies at Scrapbook Boutique!  Have a great day, Hugs


Other Supplies:  Tweezers / Large Straight Scissors.

20 thoughts on “Video : Scribble Flowers at Scrapbook Boutique!

  1. Love the colours you used for this card. This scribble die, unbelievable. Now you have me wanting this one. Its never ending isnt it. Such a beautiful card.

  2. I just went to order and they are sold out, bugger. Was looking at the flowers again and thinking they remind me of yummy chocolates. Truffles with a finishing swirl of chocolate in a different colour. Mmmm maybe I need to eat something.

  3. WOW THAT IS A VERY COOL CARD !!! YOU AMAZE ME !! I love my craft .. And I totally enjoy getting your emails .. Thanks for sharing Anne

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  4. I am sooooo happy I found your channel! Your tutorials are so good. You make it easy to follow, without a lot of extra unnecessary “yaking”. Don’t get me wrong, talking story as we call it here in Hawaii is wonderful, but not in the middle of a tutorial. I am trying to learn more techniques and you make it easy to follow. Loved the ” Basics” card making tutorials you did! Lovely colors, simple clean style! I will pass the word, you “Rock” hehehe! Mahalo, Star

  5. You are so innovative! I really love this neutral color palette and the clever way you played with this die set! Beautiful card, Therese!

  6. I’ve never seen Pumice Stone used before, its such a lovely colour, must get my hands on some of that!! Beautiful card, love those scribble dies and the muted tones all together look amazing. Love the dot effects too, so clever!!

  7. i.can.even! this card is way beyond elegant and gorgeous. a whole new level. just stunning.

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