Video : Colour with ‘U’ – Simple Inktense Watercolouring!

Yay, I finally found some time to ink up this CUTE set from WPlus9…  now, did I say that it was cute, well it is lol!  some simple Inktense colouring today and I filmed as I created so you could watch the process.

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

Lift me Up - Detail
Lift me Up – Detail
Lift me Up
Lift me Up

Be back real soon, thanks so much for the visit.


Other Supplies:  Inktense Pencils – White, Oak, Tan, Sepia Ink, Neutral Grey, Teal Green, Green Aquamarine, Sun Yellow.

16 thoughts on “Video : Colour with ‘U’ – Simple Inktense Watercolouring!

  1. I’ve been cleaning my “art area”…..aka card making station. Your video was a welcome break. I’m going to give a try to your coloring technique even though my color pencils aren’t Inktense. I am always fascinated by your work, today’s fascinating technique to me was the way you created grounding for the giraffe and the yellow high lighting around it. Good ideas for me to remember. Than you

  2. How funny we both got the urge to go the giraffe. Love your ise of inktense, time to give that a go too. Your card is so nice, love how the balloon is disappearing of the card.

  3. Love this cute image with the big balloon! I forget to use my Inktense pencils…Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  4. Great card and video. I also just bought this stamp set, so cute! I’m really liking your voiceovers and every time so pleased to see you colour with inktenses! Take care!

  5. Really enjoyed watching you color, you have a fabulous technique!!! This card is just toooooo darling!!!

  6. Naw – so sweet – love the tiny bit of balloon! Clever. I think by the end of the year I will have caved in and bought some Inktense pencils. They do look like so much fun!

  7. He is absolutely wonderful, Therese, and thanks for listing the pencils you used. I have a giraffe to color and your video will help immensely.

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