Video : Molotow masking Take 2

I think I need a Take 3, though I’m having fun with the Molotow pen I still have a ways to go….   when you watch the video you will see what I mean….

You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at Youtube.

hello - Detail
hello – Detail


I realized after that I actually used the same cardstock as last time….  doh!

So, til next time, Hugs


Other Supplies :  Inktense Pencils – Baked Earth, Saddle Brown, Oak, Dark Chocolate, Neutral Grey, Cadmium Orange, Carmine Pink, Apple Green, Hooker’s Green.  Prismacolor Pencils – Light Peach, Peach, Black, Pink, Blush Pink, Salmon Pink, Spanish Orange, Chocolate, Espresso, Dark Brown, Chartreuse, Apple Green, Warm Grey 70%.

17 thoughts on “Video : Molotow masking Take 2

  1. I was holding my breath while you were removing the mask…but, alas…Your card is fabulous! Love the extra large enamel dot you chose for this card, too!

  2. Great card. Lovely bright background. I was holding my breath as you cut her veil – I was scared you would cut straight through her neck!
    I agree try colouring after removing the mask and perhaps a different card stock too! If nothing else you will only need to colour the image once! Looking forward to more experiments with the masking pen. I did notice the Misti too 🙂

  3. I so appreciate your honest approach to the tutorials…it is encouraging to see the “saves” and problem solving the challenges you encounter! I learn so much from you! Thanks!!!

  4. LOVE it!!! the card and the tutorial…because you show how the process we think of doing things and then they work out different then we expected…
    Sadly I do have masking fluid..but haven’t tried it can’t help you or give you an advice..but I do think first masking and doing the background…and then the coloring can’t go wrong in my idea…but you never know…
    Do you know that often with things like the end the card always turns out better then we thought..
    LOVE how the sentiment almost touches her letter/pen..looks so great..

  5. I had exactly the same thing happen on watercolor paper. You did a magnificent job of saving your image. It’s just beautiful.

  6. Once again a great video and I love the fact that its so truthful its nice for us mere mortals to know that even our idols cards don’t always go as planned although the end result is stunning !


  7. Thanks for sharing this card and the new technique – I wouldn’t know what to do if that happened to me, but now I may be more prepared to take it slow and careful! Love the final result – and your persistence:)

  8. Great video, Therese! I don’t know if I have the courage to try this type of masking. You’ve done wonderfully with it, including your great save. Such a cute image too, and I love the ‘surgery’ you’ve done on her to make her exactly what you wanted. Beautiful smooshing in gorgeous colors. Love this!

  9. Gorgeous card Therese. Yes I have trouble with Molotow pens on textured card and I usually do the colouring after the mask is removed….. couldn’t bring myself to paint the blue fluid over my coloured image and try it the other way.

  10. That background is smashing!! I saw you struggeling with the masking fluid, I always use strong and smooth paper with it, I think it is cold press watercolor paper but I have no clue what that means… really…

  11. I’m not familiar with the Molotow pen but your card turned out beautifully! Maybe next time try masking an uncolored image and color it after smooshing. Either way, I’m sure it will turn out fine!

  12. Well done. A labour of love – but you got there in the end. You do so well to save your cards. I’m the opposite. I often ditch them and start again! Love your fabulous smooched background.

  13. Love how the gold splatters spread the distress ink so beautifully, Therese … gorgeous effect! I have a Molotow pen on it’s way to me and am looking forward to giving it a go … after seeing your brilliant save on this sweet image I’ll go carefully! Hugs, Anita 🙂

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