Video : Watercolour Wishing – Colour with ‘U’

Today I felt like colouring with my Inktense pencils, Mr Mojo has been long gone and I’ve cleaned and tidied as much as I want of my room, so I finally sat down to colour.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to colour this Purple Onion Designs image and she really is soo sweet.  I kept the card real clean & simple, added some sparkle and called it done.  I decided to film as I created so you could watch the process.

You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at Youtube.

get well soon - Detail
get well soon – Detail
get well soon
get well soon

Hope you had fun today, I’ll be back again real soon, Hugs,


Other Supplies:  Inktense Pencils – Carmine Pink / Ink Black / Indian Ink / Charcoal Grey / Mid Vermilion / Sienna Gold / Cadmium Yellow / Iron Blue / Green Aquamarine / Teal Green / Felt Green / Spring Green / Light Olive / Mustard.  Distress Inks – Old Paper / Bundled Sage / Fossilized Amber.

29 thoughts on “Video : Watercolour Wishing – Colour with ‘U’

  1. Love all your videos…this is the cutest stamp set. I ordered it through your site. On the watercolor pencils, can a smaller set be purchased? The set through SSS is a bit pricey at $200; but I wouldn’t mind having some of the colors to play with as a starter set so to speak. I will probably end up with all the colors eventually. Thank you so much for your videos and inspiration. You are my favorite blogger of all and you have some competition..Jennifer McGuire and Nicole and a few others that I love…but there’s something about your skill level when it comes to coloring that is truly exceptional…. I sit here and watch your videos and wish I had just a tenth of your artistic ability. So thank you for sharing your talent and know how much you are appreciated.

    1. Hi Audrey, I absolutely love using my Derwent Inktense pencils, but do have to say that when I first put pencil to paper that I was never going to be able to use them. I was so wrong and actually find them very easy to use now, and it didn’t take me too long at all to enjoy them. If you want to try these you can actually buy them ‘by the pencil’, there is a card of ‘6’ or the smallest tin is ’12’ pencils. The good thing is that you can mix the colours like any watercolour, but once they are dry they are permanent. So that means that you can add other mediums over top, distress inks, pencils, markers… anything! I was very lucky to get my set of pencils for a very good price and to be honest I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy another one, there is so much pigment and you need such a small amount of colour that I don’t even think I have sharpened a pencil yet lol. Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment, I hope you have the most wonderful and crafty day! Hugs, Therese

  2. LOVE IT!!! So very sweet and cute..
    Always love to see you color….it feels like such pencils need to come and live with me some time too….I have 24 Bruynzeel watercolor pencils..but they are quite soft in color…
    Good to hear your room is all done now…and MR Mojo is certainly back to stay..I never noticed he was gone anyway…
    Groetjes Holly.

  3. Beautiful Therese – has an ethereal glow to it. Bet your room is looking fab and hope the mojo is here to stay now. xx

  4. Therese, your card is so lovely and sweet! Your coloring is just beautiful. I love this adorable image.

  5. Beautiful card and such a cute image. Your colouring is always great and you make lovely cards . Love your videos and can’t imagine you will ever run out of Mojo. You are a very talented artist who makes everything look easy, although I know it’s not!

  6. If any of us were to receive this card, Therese, we wouldn’t complain one bit about feeling under the weather! OH how I love it … thanks Ms. Mojo!

  7. OM GOSH!!! So sweet! I have to try my hand at water color! I love how you color & shade. Thanks for sharing! This was my “Happy” for the day!

  8. Therese, I consider you one of the most talented and original paper crafters about, and your colouring skills are second to none! Love to see your process and the finished card is gorgeous!

  9. I love this “Wishing” stamp too. It is one of my favourite stamp! I love your colour scheme for this card, it is so “organic”… well to me anyway! Thank you for sharing another beautiful card you made with us!

  10. This is one of my very favorite Purple Onion stamps and your card is wonderful! I appreciate seeing each step of your coloring…I haven’t had the success I desire with my Inktense Pencils, yet, and this made me want to pull them out again! When you applied the wet-on-wet background, did you dry the image completely so color would not leach out into the background? It seemed to work “so slick”! 🙂 Thank you for the video, Therese!

    1. Hiya, I agree, this is one fantastic stamp from POD. It did take me a little practice to really feel comfortable with my Inktense pencils but once we bonded all was good (well… mostly. lol). The actual image was not overly wet because I don’t usually add much water with the Inktense pencils but I definitely did wait for it to dry before I added the Distress Ink watercolour background. I was also careful not to touch the image with the background colour but it is good to know that the Inktense colours would not have reacted anyway as they were dry. Hope this is helpful, thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment, Hugs Therese

  11. I am sitting here staring at this gorgeous card and watching you color it is a wonder to behold! Thank you so much for this special treat, I am so honored to receive it, and it sits proudly displayed in my craft area!

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