Inside Out – a Publication!

Today’s card is all about bringing the ‘inside out’  which was the call from the Australian Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft magazine and with these fabulous dies and stamps created by Julie Ebersole this card came together very easily.

Happy Day - Detail

Happy Day 1

Happy Day

It was just a little difficult to photograph, but I’m sure you get the picture.  I’ve been practicing and think that my photography has improved as this was taken quite a while ago now.  But my nephew arrives tomorrow and I’m going to pick his brains (he’s an amazing photographer)!  Hugs and happy day!

Therese signature 2

Other Supplies:  Prismacolor Pencils – White, Pink, Process Red, Crimson Lake, Deo Pink, Magenta.

26 thoughts on “Inside Out – a Publication!

  1. OH how gorgeous … Therese you are a genius! I’d like to pick you brain about using acetate … ever have issues with static cling? Meaning HOW do you ever get it clear of particles from our work surfaces? I’ll look forward to your wisdom! xx

    1. Hi Michele, no real tricks here except to ‘touch’ it as little as possible and I try to keep my work surface fairly clean (when I can lol). I have tried an antistatic pad on it but have had it scratch the acetate so i don’t bother with that anymore. Hope that may help… just a little, Crafty Hugs, Therese x

  2. Beautiful card Therese…I’ve been a subscriber of ACS&P magazine for quite a few years now and love all your cards in them…Congratulations again..!!

  3. I love the card, Therese. I hope you will do a video on this technique sometime as I’m not quite sure how you do that. You are quickly becoming one of my favorite blogshops. Thanks.

  4. Photographing acetate is no easy task. I know first hand (she said with pride) that photos could not do this card justice! It is a real masterpiece! Congrats on your well deserved publication, and thank you!

  5. This card is stunning and so unique, Therese! I have so many ideas rolling around in my head after seeing this card. Thanks for sharing

  6. Therese – how do you do it? Time after time, your designing skills are tremendous and this is just amazing! Congratualtions on a very WELL deserved publication :=)

  7. This is a breathtaking card Therese ! What impact the black die cut has on those gorgeous pink flowers ! I love when you say :”this card came together very easily”, I would like to make my cards as easily with such a result! Thanks for sharing and for inspiring !

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