Video : Colour with ‘U’ – Penny Black Copic Hedgehog!

Today I have a very clean and simple design to share.  I used one of the cute Penny Black hedgehogs to sit on top of a sentiment that was discarded from a previous card….   and I didn’t want to put it aside because you already know that I would never use it, so while I’m motivated I’m using it!

You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at Youtube.

Lostinpaper - Penny Black - Furry Hugs - Awesome (card video) 1

Lostinpaper - Penny Black - Furry Hugs - Awesome (card video) 1

Hope you enjoyed my video today, I’ll be back again real soon.  Hugs,

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Other Supplies:  Copics –  0 / Y06 / T0,2 / RV00,10 / R11 / BG000,11 / E25,29,33,40,43,44,50,59,97.

22 thoughts on “Video : Colour with ‘U’ – Penny Black Copic Hedgehog!

  1. Very cute card Therese. I loved your garden/bird video too – I have often heard the birds in your videos and wondered whether you had an aviary, but you have something better than that . Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your color blending looks just fine to me, Therese! It makes a wonderful backdrop to that ‘awesome’ sentiment and adorable hedgehog. Thanks for sharing your aviary symphony, too. With the exception of the mourning doves, I love to wake up to birds’ songs in the morning. Those backyard birds’ songs help to define what ‘home’ sounds like. : )

  3. Very pretty card love the muted colours. I’ve often heard birds in the background and thought you might have had a budgie. Lovely seeing all those gum trees and seeing the birds flying free. Where do you live, I see palm trees also. We moved to the Southern Highlands from the Hawkesbury and have noticed that there are much fewer birds here something to do with the altitude I was told by a local ornothologist.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your birds! So very different from mine here in the USA! Yours sound like the jungle! hahaha! So cool! the card was great too! Teddi

  5. Hello Therese: I love this adorable card, I love the Penny Black Hedgehogs, they are the cutest, always happy, always smiling, always doing something fun and sweet.
    Love your sponging, to me it looks truly beautifully blended.
    Now, every time I watch your videos, which is like every time you post one, I also wonder where those beautiful birds songs came from but I love them.
    There is something about singing birds that makes you feel like things are really ok.
    My sweet maternal grandma used to tell us kids that the birds were singing in the mornings because they were thanking God for a new day and at night because they were thanking God for it.
    Every morning, my hubby and I hear the birds singing at around 5:45 this time of the year, no matter the weather, they sing to the new day.
    Thank you for including this beautiful video of what I think is your back yard and the beautiful melody of all of this amazing birds.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  6. Theresa, I am a huge birder.. I So enjoyed that . And your awesome card .. you put out the best videos.. You are so genuine ,sweet and I can feel your kindness through your videos ..I look forward to them every time I open my email … keep up the great work . Australia’s one of the places I would love to go birding ..I probably never want to leave ,you have the most beautiful species in all the world…

    1. Hi Anne, you would love Australia for the birds, it’s amazing, especially up here in the sub-tropics because there are soooo many. My basic theory goes like this though, the prettier the bird, the screechier the call lol. for example, parrots! Thanks so much for your lovely kind words, you have made my day, Big Hugs, Therese x

  7. I love you card! I tend to shy away from the PB critters as I never know how to use them, but you ALWAYS know how to use them! I often hear the birds in the background of your videos. You certainly have a lot where you live! Our new place is filled with so many birds as well. I love watching them come to our bird feeder. We even have bower bird in our yard!

  8. I could never get tired of watching you color. I have been adding the oxide inks to my arsenal of supplies/tools and I do love them….I have 9 of the 12 pads and reinkers now….almost there. LOL I, too, don’t like the harsh lines that are sometimes difficult to get rid of when using the regular distressed inks. I found the Strathmore Mixed Media Vellum Surface 140# works best for me. I use it just like watercolor paper, but the surface is smoother for blending and if you stamp on your projects you will get a crisper stamped image/sentiment.

    Thanks for your video….loved the birds, too.

  9. Love your card! I need to practice my ink blending as well, but I think part of the fun of card making is experimenting and learning new techniques. I’ve wondered where the birds came from – thanks for sharing that. Very different sounds than the robins, sparrows and crows in my neck of the woods!

  10. Therese – your card is so darling – I love to watch & listen to your videos (also love Penny Black stamps). I had also wondered about the bird sounds…thanks so much for including them – they are certainly talkative! Do you mind telling us what kind of birds they are – you mentioned parrots, but I’m sure there were others – such a variety of calls. Thanks for a very enjoyable video, as always!

    1. Hi Cheri, from memory that day it was mostly Rainbow Lorikeets and Currawongs making all the noise. But we also have King Parrots, Galahs, Cockatoos, Noisy Miners, Magpies, Magpie Larks just to name a few. Thanks so much for visitng and for your lovely comments, Hugs, Therese

      1. I have been reading your responses to all the bird questions……you must have gotten tired of writing out the list of birds, but thank you – your birds are SO exotic!! I live near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland – we have typical neighborhood birds (robins, bluejays, etc), & osprey by the water. Occasionally we have American Eagles – they don’t stay long & it’s exciting to see them. However, while they are around, we have to keep our small pets inside – so I’m usually relieved when they leave! I moved here from a mountain-town in Colorado, but I see more eagles here than I did there!

        I continue to enjoy all your videos & am working on a b’day card for my niece, inspired by your PB ‘Tall Cake’ video. Such a darling card – I had to run out & get the stamp, of course! I love the little hedgehogs, too!

  11. A beautiful card. Great to use bits from your desk. I’m sure we all have bits put aside to use one day and never do! good for you to use it. Great pics from your backyard. Hubby has an aviary with 100+ budgies, sad but I don’t hear them all that often now cause I am so use to them.

  12. Hi Therese, thank you so much for your videos…they are so inspiring and it is lovely to listen to an Australian voice…you make me laugh sometimes and that is always good too…I always thought you must have had an avery of beautiful birds outside as we can often hear them on your videos and they are wonderful but I see now they are all flying about free outside…so lovely. Thank you again for sharing with us all.

  13. Beautiful card Therese…and after watching your video I have realised why my distress inks are always dark on paper and never turn out light…I need patience….lots of it..ha ha… 🙂

  14. I so love the PB hedgies, they are just so adorable and you really brought this one out in style.

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