A Nice Bright ‘Surprise’ & a Travel Video from the Gibb River Road!

A quick post today as I haven’t had much ‘crafty’ time recently, there is a little factor of dust and dirt (scroll down to see the video) so I thought I would share this card that I made a while ago and forgot to show you.

For my card I used Gerda Steiner Party Animals stamp set.  And for some reason I couldn’t stop colouring this ostrich pink… maybe that is the ‘surprise’.

Lostinpaper - Gerda Steiner Designs - Party Animals - Moody Unicorns (card) 1The sentiment is from the Moody Unicorns stamp set and I thought it worked perfectly with the little scene.

Lostinpaper - Gerda Steiner Designs - Party Animals - Moody Unicorns (card) 1

I do have a short video today sharing some snippets from our drive across The Gibb River Road. 
You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at Youtube.

I am on my way home now so hope that things will be back to ‘normal’ soon.  I do miss you guys, Big Crafty Hugs,

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Other Supplies: Quickie Glue Pen

40 thoughts on “A Nice Bright ‘Surprise’ & a Travel Video from the Gibb River Road!

  1. Happy to hear you are on your way home. Thank you so much for sharing this travel video. Gorgeous land that I probably won’t have a chance to visit. Those gorges are amazing with the sounds of water & splashing. So enjoyed seeing a part of your journey.

  2. First of all, I love your cards. Your tastes run so in sync with mine, I could copy every one of your designs! Today’s is no different. But I really wrote you to thank you for your travel videos. Oh my have I lived vicariously through you these many weeks! Thank you for sharing even your off time. And since I live in the U.S., I may never get to your beautiful country. I’m so grateful for having seen it through your eyes! 🤗

  3. WOW! I have SO much enjoyed seeing snippets from Australia!! What a beautiful and fascinating country — the various landscapes, the wildlife (I cannot believe someone walked that close to a crock!! YIKES! Does he also swim with great whites????), the trees!!! I have enjoyed seeing every moment of the trip you’ve shared. Watching Who Do You Think You Are? from Australia (one of my favorite shows of all time!) has given me a bit of a sense of the history of the land too. I’m ready to hop on a plane and experience it for myself one day!!!! Hoping you had a great time and arrive home safely. Thank you very much, Therese! Oh, and cute card!!!!

  4. What a great adventure! I so enjoyed following along. We missed you too but thoroughly appreciated anything you crafted in the dirt and dust…Hugs!!

  5. Amazing territory and gorgeous video – thanks so much for sharing. Such a sweet card – well done crafting in not so perfect conditions 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this adventure. I love travelling through Australia and watching all the places you’ve visited brought back such fond memories for me. My husband and I also travelled together the vastness and uniqueness that is Australia. I just watercolours and photographed. I’m so in awe that you took your studio with you and created so many wonderful cards. So very happy for the two of you that you had this time together and such a wonderful adventure.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed your video of your trek over the Gibbs Road and all the other pictures you have shared with your blog readers. Loved seeing the Boab tree, the goanna, and the finches. The gorges were beautiful and enjoyed seeing the mountains in the background. So cool that you brought your crafting with you. If you are like most card makers you would have gone into withdrawal not being able to craft if you had decided to to save space and left your crafting supplies at home.

  8. Safe trip home! The red dust does get into everything. I have enjoyed your travel pics. I wouldn’t have walked that close to a croc.
    The pink ostrich reminds me of one who use to be on TV here! 🙂

  9. This is such a great card.
    And fun video too!
    I would love some tips on how you photograph your cards – they always look amazing

  10. Random thoughts…do you SWIM with the crocs?…are there rivers withOUT crocs?…how did you know you could safely ford the flooded road? (MY heart was pounding!)…I loved the double-breasted little birds!…LOVED every video, picture and story of this trip through your incredible…beautiful Land! TFS♥

    1. Hi Clelie, before they open the waterholes in the winter the rangers check for salt water crocodiles but there can be no guarantee. I have however swam with fresh water crocodiles which do leave you alone it you leave them alone. there are rivers without crocs and the further inland, the less likely they will be there. As for the flooded road, you never know for sure, but you can walk across first to make sure (but some of the rivers have crocs, so not the best thing in some cases), but sometimes we just go for it, other times we watch other cars first if it’s a tricky one. It does pay to check the river first though. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Hugs Therese

  11. Amazing video. I love that part of the country. P.S. Your card is sparkly goodness too. 😚

  12. Cute ostrich, Therese … so fun (and pretty) in pink!! Brilliant video … awesome sights … the sparkling water in those gorges must’ve been such a welcome pause from all the dust and dirt … hope there were no crocs! Thanks soooo much for sharing your Around Australia Adventure with us … it’s been a joy … safe and happy travels on the home leg! Hugs, Anita 🙂

  13. Hello Therese: I’ve enjoyed every minute of your fabulous and fun vacation, thank you for sharing the wonderful videos of your Journey through the Australian wilderness, loved all the animals you encountered along the roads and near the water, I was astonished when I saw that person walking so close to that crocodile, goodness!!
    I’m so glad you are on your way back home, have a safe trip and thank you again for taking the time to share your vacation with us.
    The Ostrich card is adorable, love the pastel colors on it, so very sweet.

    Big Hugs.

    1. Hi Maria, that ‘person’ walking so close the the fresh water crocodile is my husband, and I was way too close for my comfort too lol. But these are not the infamous salt water crocodiles that dangerous, but I wouldn’t like to test it. Hugs Therese

  14. Great card Therese love those yummy looking cakes with the bit of glitter on each, looks wonderful. What a brilliant video, love the spots you are going to. Looks like the weather is behaving pretty well out there, dust and all.

    1. Hi Laura, I changed the layout of my posts a while ago to make it easier for people to find the posts that they are looking for. I know that it takes an extra click to actually open the post but it saves a whole lot of scrolling when looking for something in particular. I have seen other blogs do a similar but different thing where the posts are presented as boxes across the page, would this be easier? Although it would still require a second click. it is definitely something to think on and I really value your feedback, thank you Therese

  15. Oh Therese, thank you for your excellent video! My husband and I enjoyed the scenery and NO, I wouldn’t walks by that croc for all the tea in china. I love your card too!

  16. Thank you for sharing your travel videos, very different terrains then Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. I’m a big fan of your cards and have learned so much from you, thank you for sharing. Safe travels home.

  17. Such a cute card – loved the pink – so you!! Thoroughly enjoyed your travel video. I wouldn’t even go close enough to a croc to take a photo, but loved those gorges – so stark, but beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us.

  18. Your card is absolutely adorable ! I love it and I’m going to re-do it (well, let’s say I will try !!! LOL !) immediately !

    Thank you for this new fantastic video of your adventure ! Your country is really incredible and so huge (I live in Switzerland…. there is a little difference – LOL !!!!). The little Finches are so cute, much more adorable than the big crocodiles. The poor animals, they are not responsible of being so frightening, but they are ! I surely would never walk so close to them, NEVER !!!! I cannot wait to see the next videos !!!!!

  19. Love the pink ostrich!! And, your video was so interesting. Love the boab trees, the gorges, the birds – the crocs are beautiful from a distance. But, I would not walk near one for any amount of money! Have a safe trip home.

  20. Your video reminded me of a song my grandson and I sang when he was small….something about never smile at a crocodile…:) Thanks for sharing your most wonderful journey with us. It was fascinating and must have required much preparation because of some of the wilderness areas where you traveled. I never heard of a pink ostrich, but why not, when it was so cute! 🙂

  21. I have so enjoyed your sharing of your beautiful country with all of us. It is fabulous. Any snakes while on your trip? Love that you crafted while traveling too so we did not miss all your wonderful cards. Thanks again!

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