Altenew Workshop in Australia – The Most Amazing Day!

It was like a dream come true.  The first Altenew Workshop in Australia was held in Melbourne last weekend and I was, to say the least, sooooo excited!!  This event was sponsored by Michelle’s Cards and Stamps and it was organised to perfection, right down to the last minute detail, we even had personalised Altenew name tags!

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

I finally met Tasnim and her beautiful family as well as some incredibly talented papercrafters who I have ‘e-known’ for many years as well as made some amazing new friends.

I was talking so much that I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked (so I have also added some from my friends on FB) but here are some to give you an idea of the day.

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)

Altenew Workshop Melbourne Apr 2019 (1)The day was a huge success and there was lots of talk about ‘next time’ so if you did miss out, maybe we can see you at the next one (wink)!

I hit the ground running when I got home and have a couple of days off to catch up now, isn’t it funny how tired you can get from talking all day, but it’s like we speak the same language, and we’ve all been friends for years!

I’ll be back real soon, Crafty hugs,

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29 thoughts on “Altenew Workshop in Australia – The Most Amazing Day!

  1. It was an amazing day and I just loved catching up with you at the workshop and later for coffee/tea. I think the next step has to be a yearly get together for a weekend of cardmaking/gossip/food and wine. Thank you so much for a fabulous worskhop Therese xx Hugs Aileen

  2. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all the pics.

    Yep fabulous day. Um yes excited – I was a little worried I might have been too excited! until I arrived and found everyone was just as excited as me! We do have our own language!

  3. Dear Therese, thanks so much for the update! I sent you all crafty hugs during the weekend of your big Altenew event. And, I’ve been dying to hear how everything went! I kept joking with my hubby that he could send me to Australia to take your class (from California, USA) for my birthday, but that didn’t happen… Anyway, I knew it would be a huge success! And so happy for you that you got to meet Tasnim and her family! After all your beautiful collaborations with Altenew, it must’ve been wonderful to meet her in person! YAY for you Therese! Sending you lots of happy energy to refill yourself after a fun but tiring big event! 💛💫✨💛 Craft Hugs, Shelly

  4. It’s amazing how small the world seems sometimes. Love the pictures!! Isn’t it great being with so many like minded people!! So glad you had a good time.

  5. Oh how I wish I could have been there!! Can just imagine all the fun you had and how wonderful to finally meet friends in person. If I win the Lottery in the meantime I’m definitely coming to the next one!!

  6. I’m so jealous. When I read that this event was happening I actually did consider coming over from New Zealand. Maybe ‘next time’ a few other venues could be added ….. Anyway, glad to hear that you had such a fabulous time, Therese.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these pics of the day – it looks amazing! I’ll definitely move mountains to be there if there is a next time!

  8. Would have been an amazing event to attend, hopefully their will be another, but in Sydney somewhere – hint hint.. hahaha, look forward to your next project

  9. Hi Therese, I was so sad not to have attended the Altenew class. I was due to visit family in Melbourne but a fractured wrist stopped me travelling from the UK. I am so glad the class was a great success and you never know, maybe next year ?? Ha ha.
    Best wishes
    Wendy x

  10. Oh Therese, looks like you guys had a magnificent day!! I must say that I’m so jealous!!! I know I would have loved, LOVED to meet my sweet friend Aileen, from The Flower Challenge and you in person, that would have been a dream come true for me.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of all of those gorgeous and fabulous smiling faces.
    Have a great weekend.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  11. I’m going to start saving NOW … I would SO love to come! Very happy to see your lovely face surrounded by love, Therese! What a day it must have been!
    Next time… xx

  12. Therese, I am so pleased to hear that your “Big Day” in Melbourne was a great success. Of course, what else would I expect from you. lol The photos are fabulous and I love the big smiles on all of those faces. Well done!!! hugs, Glenis (I am in your home State in Maudsland, Qld. this week. Having a great time.)

  13. Soooo very cool for you to be there and to have Altenew in country. Thanks for sharing and Blessings!

  14. How incredibly fun it must have been! Great to see all of the smiling faces in the pics!

  15. What an amazing day! I hope one day we could meet my friend. I’ve love to give you a hug.

  16. Thank you so much Therese for posting the photos. So nice to have the memories of a fabulous day. I was a bit reluctant to book in, thinking my skills were not good enough, but I needn’t have worried as it was such a happy and helpful group and everyone helped the slow ones keep up. The day went so fast. So lovely to have met you after following you for years, and I was lucky enough to get a “Therese original” card.

    1. I had the most fabulous time too! And yes it was lovely to have finally met IRL. I am also glad you enjoyed the day and that it wasn’t too stressful, now we just have to wait for the next one! Crafty Hugs, Therese x

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