Unboxing and First Impressions of the New MISTI – And some Holiday pics + Video!

Did you miss me? I’ve been holidaying, camping on the beach and I have a few pics to share with you at the end of my video. But first, did you see the new version of the MISTI? Today I have an unboxing and share my first thoughts with you.

You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at YouTube.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the MISTI… what do you think of the improvements? will you be buying one?

I am happy to be home and look forward to getting back to my usual posts and videos, hope you are all well and finding some creative time, it’s good for our brains you know lol. Crafty hugs,

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31 thoughts on “Unboxing and First Impressions of the New MISTI – And some Holiday pics + Video!

  1. You were lucky to get those great wildlife pics! I’ve never had an emu come and say G’day.

  2. Your trip looks amazing! I’m so glad you had the chance to get away while you could. We had one smaller camping trip last month, and it felt great to be out of the house. The new MISTI looks like it has some great updates! I bought another one of the older versions very cheaply when the new one came out. I rationalized that I can keep my large clear mounting stamp in one of them so I can use it with rubber stamps without changing anything. There’s always a good “reason” for another MISTI!

    1. hahaha yes, always a good reasone for ‘another’ MISTI and this would have to be one of the biggest game changers in the stamping industry in a looong time and I don’t know why I resisted so long. Lucky for me I have an amazing friend out there who helped me to see the light. Now I have 3 and can’t wait for the new improved Mini lol. Big hugs to you Kara and wishing you the most glorious of weeks, Crafty hugs Tx

  3. I think the Misti is a great tool, though I really feel it is overpriced. Being in manufacturing for many years, It really does not cost that make to make this tool, yet the price is outrageous!

    I have an original Misti, and didn’t pay that much for it when it came out, but the price keeps going up an up. I purchased a mini Misti from the orig seller and there was a warp in the back, sent it back, they said it wasn’t a big deal and sent it back to me. Still does not work to this day because of that. So, not sure that customers would be happy if they got a defective one and couldn’t get it replaced.

    I think there are other alternatives out there that would work just as well without the big price tag, though as I said, it’s a cool tool to own. But the manufacturer/owner/seller of the Misti is really taking advantage of those who do card making.

    1. Hi Samantha, thank you for sharing your thoughts and I can see how you would be disappointed with your Mini MISTI, cause I love mine! And yes, the price point was high for me, so much so, that I didn’t buy the tool for ages and in fact the most amazing thing happened one day, it just turned up in my mail as a gift from one of my online crafty friends, to say that I was gobsmacked was an understatement. It truly is a great community that we have here and the support and generosity from everyone is heartwarming. Hope you have the most fantastic week, Crafty hugs, Tx

      1. That was nice! Wow if someone sent me one of those, I would be thrilled as well. It is a good tool to have, but as I said, a bit pricy and one can find other alternatives. But I appreciate when you put new items on your site and review them. It really helps!

  4. I don’t have any thoughts on the new Misti. I love my Stampin Up Stamparatus so much. It has two plates so you can have lots of stamps going at once. I will never give it up!

    Your pictures are amazing! I’m a animal lover and Australia has the coolest critters on earth! It’s my dream to visit there someday. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    1. I must check out the Stamparatus, it’s sounds very clever to be able to have more than one plate, Stampin Up has some awesome tools! If you ever get over this way it would be aweswome to catch up for a cuppa, just let me know when to put the kettle on, Hugs Tx

  5. I have the misti that was the original and love it.
    I think if I were to buy another misti I would buy the mini.
    Never seem to have enough room on my desk. lol

    Thanks for sharing the pictures from your amazing holiday.
    I live in Canada so Australia is so far away from here – don’t think that trip is in my future even though I would love to go there.

    1. Thank you for your visit from Canada Marian! I would definitely recommend the Mini MISTI, it’s a charm, and I am hopeful that it will be released in the new version soon…. cause maybe I ‘need’ that one too lol.

  6. Great photos Therese. Love my old Misti, and I have the Stamparatus with 4 plates now so certainly don’t need any more. Your old one does look very faded – but then it’s had a lot of use.

    1. hahaha yes, it has seen a LOT of use and is well loved but still works like a charm. I’m looking forward to trying the new one out! Hope you are well, Crafty hugs, Tx

  7. The new Misti looks amazing! I don’t own one – maybe one day! I use the Tim Holtz stamp press. Do you reach for the original size or the mini more? Your holiday looks amazing. I’m glad you managed to get away. Emus have so much personality!

    1. I haven’t tried the Tim Holtz version but hear that it is good too! If you already have this then I would recommend the ‘mini’ MISTI as the smaller size is handy, but the larger is more versatile (larger stamps/ backgrounds/ techniques etc). Definitely would get the new version for sure! Hope you are all well, big hugs, Tx

  8. I have three stamping platforms, Misti, Tim Holtz platform & a generic platform, although the generic platform was cheaper by a lot it’s a nightmare, if you ever though the Misti was hard to open try this one. I ended up with so many tiny cute that I put many take tags on it , oh & brought lots of plasters lol. I do like the other two platforms a lot & alternate between them constantly, again as I want several stamps ready at once. The improvements in the Misti do look excellent, I think the door lip will go down very well with lots of crafters. Unfortunately unless my bank manager sends me a refund then I will not be buying it as much as I want another to.make my work more productive, although I will admit I was uber lucky to win my Misti in a blog hop Sweet Petunia did last year. Stay safe, healthy and happy creating, hugs x

    1. What a lucky win! I have heard similar stories from others, that they bought the ‘cheaper’ version of the MISTI and once they tried the ‘real’ one couldn’t believe the difference. I have heard good things about the TH platform and the one that SU make too, I would be interested to try these out because they do seem to work differently. And yes, having more than one has made it easier to keep stamps in place and ready to go, especially if I become indecisive lol. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Andrea, hope you have a fabulous and crafty week! Tx

  9. Yep, missed you, Therese … though it looks as though you had a wonderful get-away-from-it-all holiday … your pictures of the awesome scenery and wildlife are amazing … they took me back a few years! The new Misti does look yummy … with great thought having been put into the improvements. As I already have the original and mini, a new one probably won’t be on my list for a while … though if a grey/white one was available it’d be hard to resist!! Hugs, Anita 🙂

    1. hahaha I know what you mean, the black and white version is quite smart looking and I would definitely have ‘gone for that’ if it had the improved features lol. We did have a lovely holiday and now have to hunker down until the borders reopen which they say won’t be til Christmas at the earliest (lucky we love to camp near by at our local beach too). Hope you have a fabulous week Anita x

  10. I love the new MISTI and all of its new features! I agree that I won’t get rid of my original MISTI and that I hope Ilina makes a new and improved Mini MISTI as love my mini MISTI equally as much as my original one! I believe that the MISTI is the best stamping tool that I own. It was a game changer for me! Love the vide of your vacation! Those friendly emus were very impressive looking!

  11. Enjoying your holiday snaps! I will live vicariously through others who are able to travel so much more than I normally would! We are still in stage 4 and after reading this mornings paper I am not opptimistic we will be in stage 3 in 2 weeks time. I know other parts of the world have been doing this for so much longer and I feel for them. Thankfully I have a well stocked craft room – although that hasn’t stopped me buying a few things online, now the couriers and Aussie post have to do their job!

    I won’t be buying a new misti. I have a generic one (craftonline) and then bought the stampin up one when it came out along with extra plates and grided platform. With the extra plates I have 8 surfaces to attach stamps so I will never run out of surfaces! I love that it is open on 2 sides for adding sentiments to a card or if I wanted to, to a 12″ piece of card. To do repeat stamping you move the plate not the paper (I’ve only done that once!) but I love that I can do that. The magnets have a place on the under side for storage. I’m sure there are comparison videos out there if you wanted to take a look.

    1. I’ve heard good things about the SU tool and would love to see it in action… I must watch one of the comparison videos you are talking about. Stay safe x

  12. I definitely need a new stamping platform. I have the original MISTI and use it all the time but the grid lines have worn off the lid although I guess I should be using the ones on the paper. I’m like you with several projects going at the same time and would like to be able to leaves stamps in until I’m finished.
    Love your vacation photos. Oh to see an emu up close and personal. The only time I’ve seen crabs like that was in Dominica 26 years ago.

    1. Hi Bobby, My original MISTI was the version that had the lines already on the lid (not the sticker) and they have not worn off at all which is great. I use the lines all of the time, but I also use a grid transparency often which would be just as good, do you have one of these? I bought mine from SSS but My Sweet Petunia has a free download that you can print yourself onto transparency, so that may work really well for your ‘lost’ lines. I didn’t realise how much I would use 2 MISTI’s at a time until I got the Mini… but now with 3 I am set to go lol. Dominica sounds nice…. Crafty hugs Therese x

  13. I have a stamping platform and have been thinking of getting a mini Misti, but haven’t made the plunge yet. There is always something or another I want to buy!

    1. I hear that the stamping platform is a great tool but I’ve never tried it. I am hoping that the Mini will come out soon with the new ‘features’ and I think that would be a great time to get one, though they certainly work the same, it’s just that little easier. Thanks so much for stopping by Heidi!

  14. Hi Therese! Greetings from Canada! Thanks for the unboxing video. I have the original MISTI, I bought it from Iliana when she was still making them in her home. The MISTI was a game-changer for me. I had starting cardmaking about a year before I got it, and never seemed able to get a good stamped impression. So frustrating! When I came upon the MISTI, I had to give it a try. To be honest I don’t think I would still be stamping today if I hadn’t discovered it. I have had the occasional issue with the lid shifting on me, but if I close it carefully, I usually manage to avoid that issue. I hope to invest in the new and improved MISTI some day, as I love the changes I see!

    And as for you… I love your cards, your style, your videos, your colouring, and your giggles! I learn so much from you. Thanks for being awesome and sharing your talent with us. Thanks for sharing your holiday pics too! Take care, stay safe and be well!

    1. Youa are the sweetest Linda, thank you so very much! When I started card making I was too ‘scared’ to stamp on the front of a card…. just in case I mucked it up lol. And it did take me an age to get the MISTI, it seemed so very expensive and look at me now, I bought the new one when I still had a perfectly working old version without even thinking about the cost (oops). I agree, it’s a fabulous tool and an absolute game changer!

  15. Hi lovely lady. WOOO HOOOOO you made it!!! Finally got your holiday! Loved the photos and the video – you’re really good at photography and videography and it was so lovely of you to share the beautiful scenery with us. Haven’t spoken to you for a while or checked up to see if you’re all okay up there.

    Thanks for sharing the unboxing of the new Misti. Couldn’t afford one but got a stamping platform when it was on special and it’s not the Misti but it still works – must admit the new and improved Mini Misti will be a temptation when it comes out. Lovely to hear your voice and see you on video again. Haven’t been watching many inspiration videos lately and I’ve just scrolled down – wow you have done a lot and I’m so far behind, so I’m going to have to binge you – yuk, that sounds creepy, hehehehehe. However all the photos of the cards you created are beautiful so I’m sure I’ll learn so much more from you. The black and grey diagonal striped card “grabbed” me – the other was beautiful but am going back now to watch you create those cards. Thanks for sharing as always.
    Bev from Sydney.

    1. Hi Bev, we had the most lovely holiday and felt very lucky that we could get away when so many others can’t. Though now we are home we cannot go anywhere until the borders change so am hunkering down until that day (which I do hope comes sooner rather than later). Hope you are staying safe and finding some crafty time. Hugs Tx

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