Altenew Academy: Creative Masking Techniques Class Giveaway!

I’m thrilled to announce that my new class is about to start at the Altenew Academy!  This class runs from April 21st -26th 2021 (but is available indefinitely), and it’s time to ‘mask’ those Altenew goodies!

Create stunning looks using an array of masking techniques. In this class, you will learn all the different techniques linked to masking whether it be with your own handmade masks, with masking paper, or with existing product masks. Join me on a masking adventure.

Class Features:

  • 6 in-depth, step by step video tutorials with exclusive projects
  • This is an independent class: sign up for the class and enjoy the lesson at your convenience!
  • Inspiration filled high-quality project photos
  • Enjoy exclusive class contents whenever, wherever, and how many times you’d like!

To find out more see the Intro video HERE.

Sign up HERE to get your early bird discount and save 20% off TODAY! Just use the code: CMAAEB20OFF and join the fun!

Registration has opened and I would like to offer a chance for TWO people to win a place in the class.  All you need to do is leave a comment here and I will announce the winners here on Sunday April 18th!

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……….and just in case you haven’t visited, Altenew Academy has some fantastic classes available and you can check them out HERE.
I just can’t wait to see you in class!

41 thoughts on “Altenew Academy: Creative Masking Techniques Class Giveaway!

  1. Oh this sounds like an awesome class! And I have several Altenew sets with the masks and would love to have a list of ways to use them (along with other masking techniques)

  2. Sounds amazing! I really would love to learn more about masking-I have used the technique only a couple of times. Sounds like there is so much more than I know about!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in your class. Masking is one of the techniques that I am the least comfortable doing. Learning some tips would help!

  4. I”d love to be your student in the masking class…I subscribe to your websites and listen and learn from you all of the time! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn!

  5. Crafting is a never ending journey – always new techniques and ideas to learn and improve existing skills.I never miss your videos – love your style.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful class. I particularly like the hand masking technique, the card with blue stripes and fish.

  7. Thanks, Therese, for the giveaway! Not only do I love Altenew products, but I just love you! Watching you craft is such a joy. I learn so much from you.

  8. Hey Therese, this class sounds amazing! I love seeing your talent as a teacher on show – you’re brilliant! D.xx

  9. Thank you for a chance to win a spot in your class! Masking has always made my brain hurt trying to figure out what goes in front and what to mask when—ugh! I could REALLY use the help! This class sounds wonderful!

  10. I would love to step up my masking game, for sure! I know this class would allow that to happen. You do such a good job with instruction that I am sure everyone who takes this glass will learn so much.

  11. Hey Therese, I am planning to join your class and am wondering if I need the specific flower and masking stencil you use or will any of the flower and masking stencil sets work? I was kind of thinking of getting the exotic tulips set – What are your opinions? Hooray for your new class!

    1. oops forgot to say that both your comments came through (it’s a WordPress thing that commenting looks like it doesn’t go through sometimes)

  12. Hey Therese! I hope this isn’t a duplicate post. I made one just a bit ago and I didn’t see it post. If it is, you can just ignore one of them. I am planning to sign up for your class and am curious if is important to use the same flower and mask set you are using or if we can adapt one of our choice. I am thinking of getting the exotic tulip stamps, masking stencils, and dies too. I also love the goldfish pond bundle and it is in my cart as well. I would be interested in knowing your opinions. Hooray for you and your new class. I know it’s going to be a hit!

    1. Hi Lynn, I’m so very excited that you are joining the class! Basically, you can use any stamp sets and adapt them to your own style and to the class lessons. (You can even use stamps from other companies if you don’t have any Altenew ones). It’s all about the techniques and stretching our supplies and our brains, along with trying some new ideas. Obviously it is easier for some crafters to ‘copy’ the cards made and that is how they learn best without the worry of having to redesign, but I also love seeing how everyone takes these ideas and changes them up with what they have and love. I can’t wait for the class to start, it’s not long now, Crafty hugs, Tx. ps that Exotic Tulips set is brilliant and perfect for many of the class techniques!

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun. Is love to win a spot. I’m always learning new things from you.

  14. I could think of nothing more fun than a class with you! I love masking. Would love to learn your techniques with it. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Different masking techniques….sounds great ! One of my favourite technique, would be great to learn more. Thanks for the chance to win a spot !

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