How to Make an EASY Chuckie Tool + Video & GIVEAWAY (Au)!

Have you got a ‘Chuckie’ tool yet? And, No…. it has nothing to do with ‘horror’ movies lol.

This fabulous little gadget is a tool (also known as a Stamp Glider) which helps to get beautiful even stamping when using a stamp positioner, such as the MISTI.
I struggled to find one in Australia that suited me, as typically the postage from the US stores became more expensive than the tool itself lol. So I decided to make my own.

Handmade Chuckie Tool for MISTI - Therese Calvird - Lostinpaper (tip video) 4

I added some beautiful design paper from Altenew & Pinkfresh Studio, but you could even make yours a ‘shaker’!

Handmade Chuckie Tool for MISTI - Therese Calvird - Lostinpaper (tip video) 4

The Felt Sliders I found were the perfect size and they already had a foam layer in them. But you could easily die cut and create your own using fun foam and adhering the layers together.

I wanted a tool with some weight, was large enough for my hand and something that I could add a design to.

That is why I chose to use a glass lid from a candle jar after seeing some great ideas such as this video on Youtube HERE and Nancy’s video HERE. As you can see, there are many possibilities and you can personalise your own tool to suit your needs!

You can see how I made this Chuckie Tool here or watch it in HD at YouTube.

GIVEAWAY – Open To Australian Residents Only (sorry to everyone else, you know I still love you).
I have made an extra ‘Chuckie Tool’ to Giveaway (it will be floral but may look different to the one pictured above). To WIN, all you need to do is leave a comment below letting me know if you are from Australia. I will draw the Winner early April!

I hope this has been helpful, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. AND if you do make your own Chuckie, it’d be great if could share on Social Media, I’d love to see what you create.
Crafty hugs,

Therese signature 2

I have listed the products that I used in the supplies (although they may no longer be available) but it is worth a wander in your crafty shops or cheap supply shops and online to find the ‘candle lid’ to suit you.

FUN FACT – Did you know that it became know as the ‘Chuckie Tool’ because this is what Gina K calls her stamp gliding tool because it was her friend Chuck who made it for her!

Other Supplies: Spotlight – Candle / Bunnings – Felt Sliders / Araldite

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120 thoughts on “How to Make an EASY Chuckie Tool + Video & GIVEAWAY (Au)!

  1. Oh well that looked like a lot of fun, and it is very pretty. I didn’t know what a chuckle tool was. I usually just use a cloth to get some pressure.

  2. I used a baby food jar and also a small jar that had fruit in it. They curve up to fit my hand perfectly. Just added the felt slider to the lids.

  3. love your version of the chuckie tool! so pretty, im in Sydney so can i go in the giveaway please?

  4. I am from Melbourne Australia and I would love a chuckie tool to help with my stamping! Thanks for the tutorial 😍

  5. Hi Therese, loved your video your chuckle tool is so pretty! I live on the Gold Coast I’d love to win one. Have a great holiday 🙂

  6. Awesome tool. Absolutely wonderful job you have done, very pretty. I’m in Oakdale, Sydney

  7. Hello I am in Australia. We are usually excluded from giveaways because of shipping. I am so happy to be included in any giveaway. Thanks thanks thanks

  8. How clever. I am impressed with those lovely heavy duty felt sliders. I totally agree about shipping. I wanted to buy wome watercolour dots on a small piece of card, regular card size the dots were US$4 but postage was US$26.95, quite ludicrous. I’m in NSW so I’d love a chance to win a Chuckie and avoid gluing my hands to it if I had to make it myself.

  9. What a fabulous idea for arthritic hands. I’m going to give this a go. Thanks Terese.

  10. I am travelling the Victoria high country with little or no internet so will have to watch the video later. Would love a Chuckie tool, though! I have often wondered about making one with the lid of a maccona coffee jar! Yours looks great! Thanks for this opportunity!

  11. What a brilliant idea, a home made Chucky tool, I would be happy as to win this. If not I will try making cause I was looking at someone using it on their stamp positioner and remembered I wanted one. Chucky, my first thought was, what is Therese doing making a horror story tool??? Yep that’s me. You are so clever.

  12. Love your version of the “chucky” tool 😍I’m from Sydney and would love to enter your competition to win one ❤️

  13. What a great idea Therese. Practical AND pretty. I’m in Sydney and would love to be in the drawer please. Also, What stamp set are the cute kangaroos you used in your demo of the tool from please?

  14. What a great idea to use the lid from a candle jar and I love the idea of using the patterned paper to decorate it. I am in a lot of pain with my hand so I really need to make a chucky tool.

  15. Sorry, posted my comment but forgot to say that I am from the Central Coast, NSW. Thanks again for the great idea.

  16. Hi Therese, I love your beautiful cards and this ‘Chucky’ tool is very clever and pretty. I am in Perth, Australia and would love one of your creations. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your holiday and keep creating!

  17. What a beautiful tool. Love the idea of the added weight of it to help with stamping. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to win. I am in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

  18. Hello, I’m from Perth. Want a clever little tool. The floral image is delightful too. I hope I have a chance to win. 😁

  19. Love your version of the Chuckie tool Therese. That paper pad is gorgeous. I’m in the beautiful South West of Western Australia so please enter me in the giveaway….Enjoy your holiday.

  20. Hi Therese…love your chuckie tool….would be great for my often sore hands…love your videos as well…Lynne from South West, Western Australia

  21. What a clever idea. I have thought about these tools as I get sore wrists but didn’t really want to buy one. I like the idea of making it from what we have. So if I don’t win this one (I’m in Brisbane) I might use a Moccona coffee lid.

  22. Love it, functional and pretty. I use a chalk board duster, but I think a heavier tool would be better. From Perth.

  23. Amazing that we can be so resourceful using what we have to create our own chucky tool. I would love to go in the draw to win one of your lovely creations, if I don’t win I’ll definitely be trying to make my own. I’m in Sydney. Enjoy your holiday.

  24. Fabulous job, Therese! I sat here thinking about all of the candle lids that I threw away! haha Great tips, my friend. Oh, I know. The postage for international is horrible. I avoid giveaways from companies in Europe and Canada. Yikes! 😲😲 Good luck, ladies!

  25. Watching / following from NSW. Absolutely love your version, how fun to be able to personalise it to suit your favourite colours, etc. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win!

  26. Thanks for the chance to win. I live in QLD. I am currently using a white board eraser. Does the job but not as pretty.

  27. Wow, you’re a clever one! I just love your version of the chuckie tool…. The patterned paper is a brilliant idea…. thanks so much for sharing, I live in Sydney.. 🙂

  28. That looks fabulous, while I am in NZ, my Mum & sister (who is visiting soon) are in QLD so if I was lucky could receive it for me 😀

  29. You make it look so easy to make 🙂 I thought I could make my own version using a dishwashing brush – it took me aaaages to remove the bristles. After all that, It’s too rough to use 🙄. Anyways, enjoy your holidays 😀. I’m in Adelaide and thank you for the opportunity to be included in the giveaway!

    1. What an interesting idea to make it from a dishwashing brush Maria! I did think about using a ‘whiteboard eraser’ but wanted the weight of the glass. Apparently the Moccona coffee jar lids work well but I don’t drink coffee…. lol. Good Luck!

  30. You clever girl! That looks fabulous. I’m in Perth WA and had been looking to see if they were available locally so was wondering what I could use to make my own. I thought I might have to get hubby to use a circular piece of wood and attach a round door handle for the top and a piece of felt from my stash for the bottom.

    1. Many people have been using handles and they seem to work very well, but I was wanting something a little heavier and bigger (to help with the arthritis in my hands).

  31. I think it is great. I live in Wollongong and would love a giveaway,as we are not eligible for any overseas ones. Fingers crossed.

  32. Love your videos! I would like to enter your competition to win one 😄 I live in Canberra ACT

  33. Is there anything you can’t do? I’m in ore of your card making skills, but also now of your chuckie tool making skills 😊. Thanks for sharing how to make this, so if I’m not lucky enough to win I can give it a go. BTW I’m at a Redland Bay 👋

  34. What a great idea Theresa!
    You’ve done a great job with these. I’ve been trying to think what I could use to make one as well.
    I’m in Tasmania, love your videos!

  35. Therese, your Chuckie Tool is so pretty! I would love to win the other one that you made :o) Fingers crossed, i live in Queensland. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing break too!

  36. Hello Therese, Love this chuckle tool. Can see it sitting happily on my desk. 😃 I am from Melbourne but currently on a road trip of the eastern coast and home by Easter. Safe travel on your holiday too.

  37. Love your Chuckie tool it is so pretty. I would love to win one. I’m in Perth WA. And my birthday is in April 😊

  38. Fantastic! If I’m not super lucky to win the giveaway I’ll definitely be trying this. Thanks for the amazing idea!

  39. Your chuckie is so pretty!! I have only seen them made with a wooden door knob or chair ball. I would love to win it 🥰🥰🥰

  40. Hi Therese, that‘s a lovely design, I am in NSW so I would love to win one of your handmade chuckie tool. Hope you have a wonderful break. TY.

  41. Hi Therese
    Your tool is so pretty and absolutely useful. Great for these old arthritic hands. Have been meaning to get one but like you find postage from overseas is over the top. I am in Perth.

  42. Hi, I am a first time viewer from Canberra. You made it look so easy to make one of the chuckie tool, but I don’t have the candle lid, nor the patience to wait 14 hours!!! Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you.

  43. I have never in my life heard of a stamp glider – or a chuckie tool for that matter lol! Looks like such a pretty addition to any craft room!

  44. Far far to many miles away from you which is a shame for your giveaway but thank you so much for the video idea, a Yankee Candle lid should do just the job, off to beg one off my daughter. X

  45. The chuckie tool looks amazing. Im in Maryborough Queensland and as soon as my craft room is replaced after being flooded twice and everything having to be thrown out I will be trying this out. Thank you for the inspiration and easy directions

    1. Hi Sandra, I am so sad for you, the floods hit here too and we were feeling very lucky that we live on a hill. I have just done a BIG cull of my craft room over the past 2 days and would love to send you some ‘stuff’. It may be slightly loved and not in it’s original packaging…. please email me at and let me know what kinda things you like and I just I may have something that suits. Don’t be shy, because I would love to share! Big crafty hugs, Tx

  46. Maybe we should call this one the Therese Tool! 😉 l have also heard other YouTubers call it the Debby Tool after another inventor. Thank you for the great tutorial on a “local” version, Therese. There is no shortage of candle jar lids in our home – just need to source the furniture pads.

    1. Hi Barb, I found the furniture pads (very cheap) at Bunnings, there were plenty to choose from. You could also die cut and layer fun foam and felt…. I’ve seen that done successfully too!

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