Don’t Miss Out! Get Your FREE Access to the Card Maker Success DEMO DAY + a GIVEAWAY & LIVE!

Did you enjoy the last Card Maker Success Summit as much as I did? Exciting news, leading up to the next Summit is this fabulous Demo Day and you can join for FREE! And, I have a Huge GIVEAWAY (scroll down for the details)!

Registration is officially OPEN for the Card Maker Success Summit Demo Day!

It is one day, June 4th (my birthday BTW), and it’s going to be 6 action-packed live demonstrations from 6 different card making brands. Click the link below to learn more and get your FREE Ticket.

I also have some exciting NEWS! I am presenting at the next Card Makers Success Summit in July and it’s going to be amazing, check out who is with me here!

Did you know that you can sign up for the next VIP Waitlist right HERE because I definitely want you there with me!

And this is what you have been waiting for……


I have recently dived into a massive big cleanse of my crafty space and now I have got some of that again…. space, I was feeling overwhelmed I think. I was also thinking it was time to update my Craft Room Tour, I’ve realised that quite a bit has changed since my last one…. would you like to see an updated Craft Room Tour? Especially now while my room is clean lol.

So, this is where my GIVEAWAY comes into play. I have a LOT of stamps, dies etc that I want to gift forward. I have made them up into boxes and would love them to go to new happy homes. I have mixed up different brands, genres etc. And if you don’t mind having crafty supplies which are previously used and not in their original packaging and you live in Australia simply comment on this post telling me you would like to be included in the Australian Giveaway.

BUT, I don’t want to miss anyone so I also have a GIVEAWAY open to everyone which is TWO $25 Gift Certificates (GC) to WIN to the store of your choice*. To be included simply comment on this post with the letters GC. And if you want to tell me what helps you bring back your mojo that would be fun too (totally optional)

And I’m BACK!

I also have a LIVE coming up next week, I am adding another Background Techniques video to my new Mini Series at YouTube. This time we are focusing on Stencils! And, just in case you missed the first one, you can see it HERE.

You can catch my LIVE here Thursday 26th May 8am AEST (Brisbane time) so that will be Wednesday afternoon in the US, UK and EU. Remember that you can catch me up on the replay if you can’t make it to the LIVE.

Also, don’t forget to let me know about the Craft Room Tour if you are interested….

Thank you once again for all of your ongoing support. I feel very lucky to have you guys by my side. I hope to see you at my LIVE! Crafty Hugs,

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*the Gift Certificate will be to a store of your choice as is reasonably possible.

68 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out! Get Your FREE Access to the Card Maker Success DEMO DAY + a GIVEAWAY & LIVE!

    1. Thanks for the opportunity for the GC giveway! I am in the USA and love finding new (to me) crafters.

  1. Yes Therese, I would like to be included in this giveaway. GC, I live in the US. I need help with my mojo too so I will be watching for ideas. TFS

  2. I’d love to be entered for a GC (I’m in the U.S.)! I’m glad you’re feeling healthier and more creative!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity for the GC giveway! I’m love to see a Craft Tour room…I know my mojo helps when my place is semi-organized. 🙂

  4. GC….Thank you for the giveaway! I get my crafty mojo back by watching crafting videos.

    1. GC , would love to see a updated craft room tour. I remember the last one when you had a fit of the giggles and your Mum filmed for you. 😀

  5. GC- I get my mojo back by casing cards I see online. I get to make something without having to think too hard and once I’m working with the materials again then my creativity usually starts up 😀

  6. GC! Watching your YouTube videos while purging my craft room helps get my mojo going again!

  7. I have missed seeing your work. it really inspires me. Welcome back, looking forward to your new videos.

  8. You just have to know I’ll be there, my friend!! I have more mojo for cooking at the moment – I may have to bring the spice into my craft studio, or perhaps the colors of lemongrass, chilis, and coconut cream! What do you reckon?

  9. I would love to see an updated tour of your craft room! I am in the US and find inspiration through other crafters. Typically watching YouTube or searching Pinterest helps jar my mojo and at the very least always teaches me new styles and techniques.

  10. GC I wish I could do the gift bag surprise but I understand about shipping. Thank you for including us over in the States.

  11. GC,…….go into my studio determined to clean up. As I stack and organize to put things away, something in my hand sparks a new idea. Three hours later the mess is even bigger and I have made something!

  12. GC – hope you are feeling much better. Cleaning up my space does give me some mojo and also just looking through my stamps/dies for ones I’ve not used lately. Even watching videos like yours helps a bunch!

  13. It is not so much needing mojo for creating. I need some mojo for cleaning up my craft room and every time I start I end up making a card instead, GC

  14. I hope you will feel great very soon, including your mojo! I would love a chance for your GC giveaway, but I kind of wised we moved to Australia instead of America. My brother has his birthday on June 4 as well, it’s a good day to celebrate! To find inspiration I go online; YouTube and Pinterest. Sometimes I go through my stuff. I wish everyone good luck in your awesome giveaway!

  15. I’d love to be included in the Australian giveaway and the GC too please.
    Cannot wait to see your new craft room tour! Hanging out for that one big time.
    Weather here in Newcastle, NSW pretty miserable here today so I am also off in search of lost mojo in my craft space today. I also look on Pinterest for it and some of my fave crafters YouTube channels to view older videos with techniques that I always promised to try but just never got around to it.

  16. GC — inspiration from YouTube videos always pick me up when my brain can’t think of anything when it’s crafting time.

  17. GC, finding stamp sets and dies in my stash that I have not used in a while gets the Mojo back Your blog post is always so fun to read. Welcome back!

  18. I am also on a vacation…we are traveling across America to visit some family and then on to two other events on our way home. I would love to see your craft room… I’m always jealous because I don’t have a designated space in my house. It’s usually my dining room table!!! Glad you had a safe journey and not to worry, your mojo will be back in no time. Looking forward to the Summit…

  19. I watch all your videos and love your techniques and would love chance to win some of the supplies I have watched you use 🙂

  20. Hi Therese! How very generous of you! I’d love to be included in your Australian giveaway please! I can’t wait for your upcoming videos, which, by the way, help me find my mojo! Rainy days, like today, also help. Just need to go out in the rain to vote soon, then it’s crafting all the way! 🥰

  21. GC (I’m in the US) It’s my birthday on June 4th, too!!! Happy early birthday to you!

  22. Glad you’re back! Sorry to hear about your health and mojo, hope both are restored in no time.
    I would love to be included in the Australian Giveaway for the non-Australians.

  23. Thanks for the email (which I responded to) and the links to the CMSS! So excited to join in the DEMO DAY as well as the Summit 🥰 So glad you’re back and we have new videos to watch! YAY!!! GC TFS

  24. Glad to have you back. I’m on a trip myself from Washington state to Texas to see our 4 month old grandson. Just purchased a new electric die cutting machine and sure could use some inspiration 😁. Love to have the opportunity to be included in your giveaway and GC. Looking forward to more of your videos.

  25. Our Australian outbaack is a wonderful place with so much to see and do. I would love to have the opportunity to have the chance to enter the Australian Giveaway please. It is great to see you home safe and sound.

  26. Please include me in your GC giveaway. I’m in the US. Now I’m going to watch your video. Always looking for inspiration.

  27. I would love to enter the free giveaway and happy to pay postage if I win. Also would love to see a video of the craft area, already live seeing what others are doing in case I can use an idea or three xx hugs Aileen

  28. GC … Thank you for the opportunity to enter your give-away. Love watching your videos as I find your ideas quite unique compared to others. Would love a craft room tour.

  29. GC So glad you had fun on your vacay and so glad your back. Now where is your mojo? Inquiring minds want to know and find it for you. Would love a craft room tour, I always get ideas from them.

  30. Hi Therese,

    I am SOOOO glad to hear from you, always looking for your inspiration!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this GC. Take care!

    María Alba
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  31. CG in the US. 😃 Glad to see you back! I loved your background video, thanks for the ideas. When I’m lacking in mojo I watch videos by my favorite card makers, including you, but, Laura Bassen always cheers me up, makes me laugh and gets my ideas flowing. Good luck! ❤️

  32. Hi Therese, I would like to be included in the Australian giveaway please. I’m happy to pay postage if I’m a winner. I find having a clean-up of my paper and re-sorting my craft supplies helps me get my mojo back. Pinterest is also great too for getting new ideas.

  33. Hi Therese, Glad your back and sorry you were ill. Hope you are better. Thanks for the chance to win a gift certificate. Sheron

  34. GC. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I love your videos. Sometimes checking out videos helps get me inspired!

  35. GC! Glad you are feeling better. And I get my mojo back when I see someone demo a technique I’ve never done before and really want to try. Can’t wait for you to present in July.

  36. Please include me in your GC giveaway. I always love finding inspiration from new sources. I really enjoyed the background video. Looking forward to more fun times.

  37. GC
    Thanks for a wild chance to win 🙂 I can feel your missing mojo pain! I am frequently inspired by watching a cardmaking video, but I get anxiety attacks if they are more than 20 minutes— it’s that nervous “I have so much to do and I’m wasting time watching a cool video” feeling. If there is lots of time spent on looking at all the patterns in the patterned paper pack or waiting for everyone to “be here,” I have to tune out. So I look at the time the video will run before I start.

  38. GC & welcome back! I too have been in a crafty slump for a while. I cleaned my craft room, weeded out stamps & other crafty goodies that I hadn’t used in a while, and reorganized things thinking that would help get my mojo back. Nope — nothing. Finally I decided to sew five 96″ drapery panels that have been on my to-do list for a while & in the midst of my new project, ta-da, the crafty vibe is back. Now I have to keep telling myself that I have to finish the drapes before I can do anything crafty. Ack!

  39. GS and I’d love to be included in the Australian giveaway as well, I’m in the northern rivers area of NSW. Glad to see you back and I’d love another tour of your crafty space, might inspire me to get mine tidied up 🙂

  40. I’d love to be considered for the Australian Giveaway.
    Your mojo is just giving you time to catch up with yourself. It needed a rest too, you do so many amazing things. Be kind to you and your mojo.
    Take care

  41. GC!! Yes, loss of mojo can be a problem – particularly when I finally get a little window of time to myself, and then find I muck around trying to get started! But usually a quick check of your videos gets me enthused again and away I go!
    Thanks so much!

  42. Welcome back! I sometimes think I spend more time reorganising my craft stuff than I do crafting:) But a clean desk is great for your mojo! You’re so kind to giveaway you preloved goodies – please consider me for Australian giveaway. Hugs x Jenny

  43. Thanks for a chance to win the GCs! Sorry to hear that you have been sick!
    I love craft room tours and would love to see new things you have done to your craft room. I have made a few to mine in the last four months and love to see how others set up their spaces.

  44. Happy birthday fellow gemini! I would love to see a craft room tour. My mojo is on a long holiday at the moment, I get postcards but thats it. I would love to be included in the giveaway I’m in NSW. I think you will feel very virtuous when you have a reorg/tidy up/clear out. I am psyching myself up for a reorg myself, maybe seeing your organised craft room will inspire me? Here’s hoping.

  45. Welcome back Therese! Sign me up for the amazing Australian giveaway please. I would love to see your updated craft room, as I am always up for any tips and tricks to keep my craft room organised and tidy! Cannot wait for the next live, you have been missed. Take care.
    T x

  46. Welcome back! Hooray for an awesome holiday AND a clean craft room! Thanks for the opportunity for a GC for us USA folks!

  47. Good evening Therese
    Thanks for the email and super excited that you’re going to make an update craft space tour video.
    Having been in hospital for a month I have a ton of catch up videos and blog posts. Recovering at my daughters home now. I’d love to put my hand up for a mystery as well.
    So glad your back and a happy mojo too.

  48. GC. Would love to see a tour of your slimmed down space. Also the binder you created of your sentiments. Thanks for offering the GC, it’s very generous of you.

  49. Sign me up for the Australian giveaway please. Never just one thing that gets my mojo back, but the one common experience when I get inspired is making a huge mess!

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