10 of My FAVORITE to Organize & Join ME for Even MORE!

Need help? In our ever-evolving crafty spaces what works best one day may change the next, so sometimes it is worth looking into new ways to store OR just tweaking what you already have….

Check out my 10 FAVE storage/organizational ideas right HERE, or if you missed the full TOUR you can see it HERE.

Are you ready for the Paper Crafters Get Organized Summit?  It’s only a week away and I’ve been thinking about how much easier my crafty life is when things are organized!

One of the best things I have done in recent years is ‘consolidate’ my crafty supplies. Now, don’t get me wrong I still have a LOT, probably too much, but it was getting ridiculous. I think I had every stamp I ever bought since I started in 2005. And that wasn’t healthy. So, the conscious decision to sort it all out made such a difference to how I felt about my supplies and the new creative inspiration I had from them. And in particular, I recreated My Colour Story!

My presentation, walks you through My Colour Story, how I keep track my products such as inks, pencils, markers and how I use the book to save time. This book is something that I use in nearly EVERY crafting session, and it’s a resource that helps me choose colours as well as keep track with what I have all in one place… so I NEVER accidently buy the same product twice (hands up if you are guilty too)!

How will you be affected by the Summit, will it change the way you look at what you buy or how you use your products?

Join me at my class on Sunday (the FREE access lasts for 24 hours from 9am each day).  I will also be going LIVE in the Facebook group that afternoon Sunday 23rd at 3.30pm EST, (Monday 24th 5.30am AEST Brisbane time) so I would love you to join me there😉!

And just in case you missed this, I have a quick video sharing some details about the Summit.  You can find it right HERE.

The Ultimate Organization Bundle is still available at a reduced price and it’s awesome value (so many fabulous EXTRAS included). Then you can enjoy the presentations immediately, you get Lifetime access and so much more!  
I love going back and being inspired by the previous Summit’s presentations, it’s great for the brain refresh.

AND don’t forget that you can use my affiliate link to join!

I hope to see you at the Summit! Crafty Hugs,

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2 thoughts on “10 of My FAVORITE to Organize & Join ME for Even MORE!

  1. This is great and I look forward to maybe some new ideas for storage, however I hope it bears in mind that not many have a whole craft room set aside purely for crafts. Most people have a tiny space in maybe a bedroom.

    1. Yes, a lot of the ideas are concepts and tips that can be adapted to suit any type of crafty set up. I’ve been amazed what I have learnt already. I hope you have fun!

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