My Light Box

I did it!   I made my very own light box, and the only thing I had to buy were the lamps & the globes!  I thought I would share my creation with you, because I know that  everybody is just as excited as I am about my light box.  I used one of those cardboard file boxes (there are 2 in a flatpack & ‘cheap as chips’), cut my windows to fit A4 white vellum sheets (I didn’t have any 12″ x 12″), reinforced it with pieces of cardboard and taped a white background to the back and base… and voila!    I aready love the photos especially being able to take photos in the evening and not having to chase the sun around the house (which was one of my previous techniques…  and not a very successful one)!


7 thoughts on “My Light Box

  1. What a brilliant idea!! I am so excited to try this as, like you, I have been a sporadically successful sun chaser. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Yeah for you! It looks just like mine (except I only have 1 light at the moment). No more chasing the sun around the house 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your lightbox with us. What type of light bulbs do the lamps have in them, Regular tungsten or are they special daylight bulbs??
    Jenny x

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