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Shall I tell you the Best thing about the ‘blogging world’, it’s the people that you meet!   All these amazingly creative people who are willing to share, inspire & encourage.    Not to mention that they share my obsession, maybe you could call it an addiction, therefore they understandJocelyn recently posted a few questions that we could answer to ‘get to know ‘ one another.  Like me, Jocelyn is fairly new to blogging world & her cards are awesome!    So I thought it would be fun to reply…   you know how much I love to ramble when I’m working night duty…

1. How long have you been papercrafting?  6 years ago I decided that I would ‘give cardmaking a go’,  I was struggling to find that ‘right’ card to suit the occasion & was spending fruitless hours and wasting money on cards I was not happy with. 

2. How would you describe your style?  My default style is definitely CAS, but I continue to drool over all those pretty, layered and vintage styles…  mmmmm  If I lose my mojo I just head straight back to CAS everytime.

3. Music or no music while you craft? What kind?  Definitely music  and it’s always mood dependant.  Softer relaxing stuff first thing in the morning then it can be anything usually funky, world, chillout, alternative, dance…  no thrash metal though.

4.Do you clean your papercrafting spot every time you are done or is it an ongoing disaster (or something in between)?  I am one of those boring people who cleans each time (mostly each time… sometimes I get daring and might leave it overnight… but only if I’m coming straight back in the morning… ).  You’d be pleased to know that  I do make a’ mega mess’ while I’m creating but have found that if I start on something new & everything is still lying around I am easily distracted and struggle to concentrate on the new design.

5. If you were lost in a deserted craft store and could only have 3 paper lines, what would they be?  This question is unfair and I was thinking of boycotting it on the premise that I could not possibly choose just 3  (I noticed that you put a 4th in yourself  lol)…    But if I had to choose, October Afternoon, My Minds Eye (especially Stella & Rose) and Basic Grey!

6. What’s your favourite brand of ink?  Love that VersaMagic Chalk Ink (but I use Memento for my Copics all the time)

7. Do you sketch out your cards ahead of time or do you craft as you go?  Mostly I  craft as I go, but I have been known to knock out a sketch (usually when I’m at work on my break and thinking about making cards…).

8. What would be your dream job in the papercrafting world?  This is way to hard to consider in my post night duty brain state.  But the main thing I love is creating the cards and trying new techniques… would that be working for a magazine or maybe teaching perhaps?

Thanks for taking the time to visit me here at my blog, I really love all your wonderful comments and encouragement.  It also allows me to find new blogs to surf and see all your creations. 

Now back to business… this isn’t getting the cards made!   

4 thoughts on “On a personal note…

  1. oh this is fun. I had to laugh at our differences. My ds and dh are usually playing video games while I am crafting, so I don’t have that nice peaceful calm, rather a bunch of blowing up and end of the world disaster music….. which goes along with my desk theme, lol. Looks like a tornado hit it most of the time and I just happily craft in my mess.

  2. Hi and thanks for dropping by my blog and I am really delight that you love my blinkie bloom…I just wonder card-making / scrapbooking are just interesting hobby to see many different effects of coloring and cute layout and embellishment on top of the projects. I would LOVE to have this as a dream job, but making money..no way man…

  3. Awwww…thanks for mentioning me on your blog! I agree that “meeting” friends in the blogging world has been the best part. I’m so glad to have found you, my friend! (hugs). I *loved* reading your post and laughed about your clean craft room and your music. Yep, I hear you on the papers. 🙂

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