Runway meets AnnaBelle!

This week AnnaBelle Stamps has the most fabulous colour challenge I couldn’t resist but make another card, hope you get a chance to play along! 

This is the first chance I’ve had to join the Runway Inspired Challenge, but WOW take a look at the photo, they had me at Hello!  This card kinda put itself together which is quite rare for me, I am not known for my ‘speedy’ card creations.  This Backgrounds by Design set was just calling out my name and I LOVE the result.  I hope you have just as much fun making your card!

Happy Birthday - Detail
Happy Birthday

Other Supplies: Foam Dots. 

26 thoughts on “Runway meets AnnaBelle!

  1. Wow. Your card had me at Hello! This is one of those cards that I look at, and think “why didn’t I think of that?”. So simple, so clean, so clever!

  2. Nice one Therese. Just the right amount of everything – and gotta love those silver sprinkles! This would look excellent in a range of colours really – but the black/white combo is just so classy!

  3. Love that background stamp you’ve used! I’ve been eyeing it off for a while now… may have to get it sooner rather than later!

    Love how you’ve embellished it too, excellent idea!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that after months of browsing blogs and collecting card ideas this card of yours was the first that finally motivated me enough to leave the computer and sit down and copy it (well, tried to copy, since I didn’t have the stamp…). I just love how simple and elegant and cool it is!

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