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This is a post that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and finally here it is.  I’ve recently had some time off work and haven’t been able to go too far so I have been spending much of my time in my Craft Studio / Room / Space…  anyway, it’s where I spend my time when I’m not at work (just ask my hubby).  I am lucky enough to have a rumpus room just for me and it’s connected to the kitchen, dining area so I try not to leave it too messy because it’s visible.

I’ve been organizing, and so I thought I would take some pics and share them with you, the trouble is that the weather isn’t being very helpful here today so I apologise in advance for a) the grainy photos and b) my photography.

My Craft Room

Colourful Cats

Paper Storage

The shelf under the desk is from Ikea this is where I keep my A4, 12 x 12 cardstock and 8 x 8 paper pads. Oh, and on the top shelf, that’s my ‘handmade’ light box ( HERE is the link to that post), I hope to have a permanent set up one day, I just haven’t worked out where yet….

My fave storage

This is my fave shelf, I bought it at Super Amart Furniture.  (I’m not sure if this is only in Australia) I just love all these little cubes.


I rarely use them but I love to have them and to look at them….  Buttons!


AnnaBelle Goodies!

My Stamps

How I store my stamps.

Drawers for Embellies & Bling

These drawers hold my embellies, bling, pearls, twine, glue dots, chalks and sweets…. but don’t tell my husband lol.

The Essentials

Literally my ‘right hand man desk’ everything that I use ALL the time is just here, my Fiskars Stamp Presses (ahem, yes I have 2), my inks, pencils, corner punches, Copics, Paper Trimmers, pencils.  And on top –  Scissors, tapes, baby wipes etc… This shelf is also from Ikea and my lovely husband has put in on casters so that it is the same height as my desk and it moves, who could ask for more.


Love love love my Copics, I just lift these containers up on to the desk when I’m colouring.  I store them in basic colour families, I find it easier that way.

And finally I wanted to share with you the VERY technical setup that I use when I am videoing tutorials….  there may be just a little room for improvement needed here lol.

Very technical video setup

Thanks for joining me with my journey around my craft room today.



54 thoughts on “My Creative Place!

  1. Awesome space Therese! Love all those little cubby hole spots you have – so good for storage of pc goodies. It is so neat and tidy and organised:) Look how clean your green mat is – mine needs replacing me thinks lol! Love the videoing set up – it’s obviously working for you so that’s the main thing:)

  2. your craft space is awesome. I am jelous. I love that shelf as well. I only got part of a closet to store my staff and craft on my dining table after kids’ bed time

  3. I think you need to come organise my space. I’m not quite so neat. And after seeing your pics I need to use up a lot of paper/fabric/wool/embrodiery thread/ribbon/buttons the list goes on and on…

    Curious about your stamp storage – you must have a lot in those binders. Are they on sheets? Forgot the name of them but I think you know the ones I mean. I have mine in CD and DVD cases and suspect this is creating a space issue. – taken over a whole extra shelf in the last 12 months um.

    Love your filming set up. If it works – you know the saying if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fabulous functioning light and airy room!! Is this the before or after shot!?? Lol Love your video set up!! I was wondering if you had a nifty tripod! Obviously your craft room is your happy place! Keep creating your masterpieces! Xx

  5. Thats one fabulous craft space, Therese! Love your video set up:) And I am curious about the binder of your stamp storage. Can you tell what you use to store the stamps and where you got those binders from? Great room and so well organised 🙂

    1. I’ve already made a quick video on how I’m storing my dies… just got to edit upload etc. and now I think I should also do one for my stamps it seems. So, watch this space lol.
      I bought the binders from Officeworks, places like Kmart, Big W etc seem only to have to 2 ring versions. Hope this is helpful Gayatri. Hugs Therese

      1. Absolutely love your beautiful cards
        How do find your videos on organization? For stamp sets and dies and embossing folders?
        HELP so much stuff but I can’t find items when I need them
        Thanks in advance
        And thank you for sharing your awesome talent!!!!!!!!

      2. Actually I have a nice room with big oak desks and shelves. Good light,

        plantation blinds and nice carpet just not sure how to organize all this STUFF!

        Do you store the stamp set with the coordinating die and embossing folder?
        When I do that I sometimes forget the name of the stamp so can not find the die I need. Suggestions please.

      3. Hi Hope, I have actually made a video room tour which answers a lot of your questions, I just haven’t had a chance to edit it as yet as I am travelling but have plans to do so real soon, so watch this space. But generally speaking I have changed up my crafty space quite a bit since these last photos. I store my stamps in pockets (similar to Jennifer McGuire) and mostly I keep the stamps with the dies in the same pocket unless it’s too squishy then I have one for each. Because of my design team commitments I do keep my stamps in order of company and if I have a few them I divide them into sub groups like ‘sentiments’ flowers etc. The exception is that I keep most of my Christmas stamps together as a theme. I keep embossing folders / stencils etc in their own baskets. Hope this helps, thanks so much for visiting, Crafty hugs, Therese

  6. Wow your craft space is really awesome! So modern and chic! Loved the black and white furniture, it looks great, specially with those three beautiful wall decors in the back! Your shelves are very well organized. I think I liked your right hand desk the best…maybe because it had all those Copic markers and ink pads! But seriously, your arrangement is awesome, love how everything is in close proximity. Finally, your videos look so professional I could have never guessed you worked between two large stools! 😀

  7. I want to come over & play 🙂 One of my DTs is planning a ‘where we create’ hop and can I just say, I want to borrow someone else’s space for it 🙂 Everything looks so practically placed – no sense in having things tucked away so far they’re inconvenient to use. And your video setup? I love it!

  8. I love this post so so much, Therese! I love getting a peek into other people’s craft rooms – especially my online friends! You have an awesome space – so organized. I’ll definitely take some of your ideas into consideration as I try to reorganize my mess! Haha Thanks for sharing!

  9. OH this is FABULOUS!! You are so neat and organized. I love love your craft room! I am getting some great ideas here for when I get mine enlarged 🙂 Thanks for sharing your work space 🙂

  10. You look so organised Therese!!! As I type this the ‘boss’ is putting together some Ikea goodness for my space……. Love your video area… do you use the video function on your camera or do you have a video recorder? Still not sure how you guys do all this tech. stuff!

    1. Love Ikea for storage and organizing, you must be so excited!
      I did try to use the video function on my camera but it was difficult to download, grainy and the sound was awful, this was probably both the camera and user error. Because many people seem to get great results even with their phones!
      I got a good deal on a handycam, I like it because it’s user friendly and really easy to use, even for someone as technically challenged as me.
      Hope this is helpful, Hugs Therese

  11. Hi Therese, Thanks for leaving me a message on my blog, I love your inspiration picture that you have on the muse blog site, and if you happen to look at the 20th entry, you will see your picture there, with my name under it…I put it there by mistake instead of my picture of my card. Is there any way I can change it??? you are such a beautiful artist, and i in no way meant to make people think I did your work. Please let me know how I can change the pic, thanks so much. Cathryn

  12. What a great space to create …. wow, you are sooo organised – I love it when everything have its own place …. very inspirational!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  13. What a light and airy space Therese…and very tidy too!! Great storage ideas and good to see how you video….. that is well beyond my capabilities :0)
    Jenny x

  14. Awesome. I can now picture you crafting away on your space (which is sooooo spacious!) It certainly out does my cupboard in the corner of the dining room. Your video set up made me laugh…I showed it to my hubby and he smiled too! Hey, if it works – that is all that matters!

  15. I have definitely tooo much stuff. I could never fit everything into your wonderful area. At the moment I work on the dining room table and run backwards and forwards between there and the “craft room” which has no room in it for me to craft. I MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I am so jealous, but now have some great ideas.

  16. You certainly have all your ducks in a row here … love seeing how you organize everything. I had never heard of a Fiskars stamp press until I saw a video at Papertrey last month. Just got one and whacked myself on the head for not having it the last 10 years!

  17. Ooooh! I love peeking in other people’s crafty spaces! Yours is so clean and crisp! Those cat pictures on the wall are fabulous – so fun and bright! Your purple light box is awesome – mine is just box coloured I’m afraid but I still use it all the time. 🙂

  18. Hello Theresa! I just watched your video on coloring Freckles. Great job and great tutorial. I was just wondering if you could describe your blending tools for the prismacolors. It looks like a bottle with a sponge in the top and a tortillon? Also, the water brush you used with the inktense. I dont think I have seen one with such a fine tip.

    Looking forward to catching up on your past videos as I just found your you tube channel!


    1. Hi Mitch,
      Thanks for you lovely comment. To answer your questions, when I use Prismacolor Pencils I either blend with a product called ‘Zest It’ (which is a jar with a sponge in it) or ‘Gamsol’ which is what I used in this tutorial (it’s made by a company called Inky Antics). It’s basically an Odourless Solvent and can be found at papercraft or artist supplies stores. I find that either works well and I just reach for whatever is closest. I think that the blending stumps that I use are called totillon’s in the US and I just buy these in packs which have various sizes in them. They are quite inexpensive and from what I hear the ones from ‘Taiwan’ are the best, but being in Australia that is mostly what we get anyway. I’ve had this water brush for years and it’s made by Pentel, I think I bought it when I was living in the UK, so I’m not sure if they are still available. But I have seen packs of brushes with different sized tips, but basically I don’t fill mine with water when I’m using Inktense pencils because they are so rich and don’t need much water, that you could just as easily use a fine tip paintbrush anyway.
      Hope this has been helpful.

  19. Hello Therese, Love your craft space, wish mine looked like yours??? Looking forward to catching up with you in Horsham next week for your Dad’s 70th Sue

  20. Great craft space! I smiled when you said, “don’t tell my husband about the sweets storage” . I have the same thing in my room. I only recently shared this secret hiding space with my daughter-in-law. 🙂

  21. I can’t imagine why I haven’t found this section of your blog, as often as I’m here! Fabulous space, glorious light, very smart stamp storage [which I hope to adopt – if you’ll be so kind to tell me what pages to buy] – but Tom and I both want to know: did you create the cat paintings? Just so fantastic!
    I’m packing my bags, Therese!! Is there a hide-away couch in that room?
    =] Michele

    1. Hi Michele, Your comment certainly made me smile, there is definitely a couch in here and you are most welcome to join me anytime! I have changed my storage around a little since I took these photos and have ‘upgraded’ my video setup too lol. So it’s probably time to also update my photos on my blog, it’s just a matter of finding that spare time right now. Actually I could probably do a ‘tour’ if anyone was interested. The main thing that I have changed though is my stamp storage, even though I still have some folders I was running out of space so now I use plastic sleeves kinda like Jennifer McGuire but they are bigger so I can just use the original packaging mostly which saves heaps of time. The pages I use in the folders are ‘Stamp n’ Stor’ from the US, they are made to go with the EZ mount foam but can also be used with clear stamps, otherwise I used heavy duty clear plastic sleeves from a stationery shop which I inserted the stamp sets in to. Also the ‘stamp’ on the back of my cards is actually very boring really, it’s a computer generated royalty free picture with my deets that I print out on A4 cardstock before I cut it into a card base. A personalized stamp is on my ‘want’ list for this year, can you let me know if you find a good source, Have the bestest day, Hugs Therese. ps. I wish I could say that they were mine but the cat paintings are from Guernsey (near France) when we lived there a few years ago.

    1. Hi Kelly, Thanks so much for your comment, I have recently been pondering a little update of my crafty space and was thinking about making a craft room tour. I do have two furchildren, an 18 yo geriatric Lilac Burmese (Boogie) and a 3 yo, black moggy (Lilith), both of these rule our house, but I wouldn’t be without them. Hope you have a lovely and crafty weekend! Hugs Therese

  22. Thanks for the inspiration….I am in the process of cleaning out and re-organizing my craft room. Also, I just watched your video using Altenew layering stamps….I have struggled with these stamps and now I have direction and am not afraid to use them…..thank you!!

  23. Wow! What an awesome craft room tour! Very organized and simplistic. Would love to see you do a craft room tour video too. I utterly enjoy watching your card making videos with your whimsical personality and accent. Love It! TFS with the crafting world.

  24. Hi Therese. I think I could have talked about this before? anyway I shall then repeat myself: the way you store your copic, where did you get that? I love the idea that you can just store them away in one go, and pull them out in one go. Also you said that you were about to change your craft area, did you do that? and I think it would be a great idea to share with all us, who adore to watch you create and be an ispiration to us. 🙂 All the best, Hanne in DK 🙂

    1. Hi Hanne, yes, I have been changing up my crafty space and wanted to ‘use it’ and make sure that it works well for me before I share it. So far I am liking it but have to move a few things around and see how it goes, then I promise to make a craft room tour (plus just a few extra days in the week would be great too lol.) I store my copics in 2 cubes and in colour families within the cubes, Here is a link to what the cube looks like×6-x-cube-clear/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwwevLBRCGARIsAKnAJve0JzbqjYfEMjP81LQQOQVFtAIEVXukvvqy3zEo7N5ghkfBgMiH7HUaAj9VEALw_wcB Hope this is helpful, thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment, Crafty hugs Therese

  25. I’ve been here before but came to refresh my memory, your crafting space is fabulous and I really love it. It has also given me a few ideas for my own space. All of my storage has doors and I realise the error of my ways (it was a husband thing, he didn’t want to see all my bits and pieces whenever he passed by), I might have to make some changes – gradually of course.

    1. Hi Barbara, I have made some changes since this post and have only just filmed a ‘tour’, so hope to get a chance to edit that and upload in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out very soon, Hugs my friend x

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