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Who has time to make birthday cards this time of year???   Although to be honest I would not like to celebrate my birthday in the holiday season it’s so easily forgotten, luckily for me my birthday is conveniently in June, smack bang middle of the year.  My only complaint is that it’s Winter and because I live in the sub tropics and am a ‘cold frog’ the al fresco dining leaves me cold, see I told you not really a complaint at all, at least nothing wine won’t fix lol.

It’s yet another thing I loved about living in the UK, my birthday was in Summer….   aaaaaaah.  Where was I going with this, oh yes, quick and easy birthday cards for me this time of year for sure, sorry guys.

I can’t wait to see how this card inspires you!


smile - Detail
smile – Detail

All of the deets can  be found here on the Muse blog….     but here’s how it works:

  • Use ANYTHING you want from your stash to create a project inspired by this week’s Muse.
  • In your post, explain how you were inspired and link back to the Muse blog.
  • Provide supportive comments on at least 3 other member’s submissions.
  • Vote for three of your fellow member’s submissions.


Other Supplies:  Copics – 0. YG00,03,11,17,25.

9 thoughts on “Smile at Muse!

  1. Love the card, Therese. I love those cards that you can give to anyone – what are they called – unisex??? My birthday is in July, yet it hasn’t stopped me from having an icecream cake and an outside cocktail party for a couple of my birthdays. I definitely have some hearty friends and family! HAHAHA!

  2. Super FUN, super adorbs!! Lovely coloring, and awesome STYLE!!! Was so much fun I HAD to do a gater of my own to tell your crocodile “later”!!

    So yes, we need ” in awhile!”
    Take care, have a wonderful day!!

  3. Absolutely made me grin 🙂 Wine fixes all! My sister’s birthday is December 12, so I’ve always been taught to make an extra-special effort for anyone whose birthday is close to Christmas. I remember my mom re-wrapping presents that arrived in Christmas paper for her 🙂

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