Cardmaking Back to Basics – My Top Ten Tools (video)

Here are my Top 10 Tools for Cardmaking….    and I know, that you know I have many more than these, but I thought I would highlight my ‘go to’ tools, the ones that I really couldn’t do without.

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

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17 thoughts on “Cardmaking Back to Basics – My Top Ten Tools (video)

  1. thanks for the video…
    do you think the fiskars trimmer is better then the Stampin Up one?
    i have the SU one and my blades wear out so fast…..
    need to go and find the teflon bone folder here in the Netherlands…..

    1. I’ve not tried the Stampin Up trimmer, but if it’s a similar blade it’s probably the same. The ‘titanium’ blade is definitely heaps better (on the Fiskars Surecut – not sure if this will fit the SU) but I do turn it round and start cutting with the other side before I throw it out. The rotary blades lasted at least 5 times longer….. which was great but I still decided to ‘go for’ a self sharpening blade and the best thing about my Fiskars ‘Procision’ is that I never have to change my blade, I did consider buying other brands but the expense didn’t make sense in the end (considering I’d been making cards for many years without a $400 trimmer) I decided I could survive. So value for money, I love it! Most of my cuts are done on the ‘big’ trimmer and the Surecut 9″ is a great ‘quick’ cut trimmer, so this means less blades and the guide wire is awesome! What was your question again? Oh, teflon bone folders are like hen’s teeth in Australia, I had to source mine from the US (which hurts) but worth it. Thanks again for your lovely comments and support!

  2. A great top 10 for sure! ‘Twill be interesting to see how the weather pans out over the next 24 hours. Be good if schools closed tomorrow ha ha. Veeery wishful thinking on my part ha ha.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your Top 10 Tools list, Therese! I’d have to echo most of these, and they are all handy to my work desk. I did order some $130 trimmer, but it turned out to be unwieldy so I sent it back. Sticking to my Fiskars and like you, have decided I can do just fine with it! I don’t have the pencil, but saved an Adson pick-up forceps from an old suture kit – think ‘tweezers’ with a finer tip, and it works really well for me. I use non-spring scissors as I learned how to hold them correctly from the surgeons I worked with…But I might have to try some like yours. Now if only had the perfect craft room with the perfect storage, lol! Thanks again for sharing; it’s always good to see what other crafters use! : )

    1. A pair of Adson’s would be perfect Bev! All our instruments are disposable now, the quality is nowhere near as good. I gotta say it did take me a little while to get used to my ‘craft tweezers’ because they are self clamping so I would press on them thinking I was going to hold on to something and it would release grrr, but once I worked it out they are even better because they do the holding for me. (I know, I know, a slow learner lol) Have a great weekend, we are bracing for a cyclone here, mostly just wind, rain and flooding where I am, but my brother’s in it…

  4. I’m with you all the way, Therese! What a great video to help beginners and nonbeginners alike. I looked at your links and don’t see the large angled scissors that you use. Is that an Australian only company or could you share the manufacturer? I have done a Google search, but can’t find those. Thank you! Hugs, Darnell (if you could email me, too or instead, that would be great since I will go on to the next thing and forget I asked you. Ancient brain cells, you know! Thank you! darnell dot knauss at gmail dot com)

    1. Hi Darnell,
      I’ve had the large pair of scissors for nearly 10 years and bought them when I was living in the UK. I’m pretty sure they were released by ‘Docrafts’ and were called ‘Xcut’ but were made by Tonic, who also seem to be making the ones that Tim Holtz released (which I now can’t find). So I’m not sure if they are making the large spring version still, but they really are wonderful. I have (ahem) large working girl’s hands and find it much easier not having to navigate my fingers into the holes of the scissors lol.
      I found these online but not sure where you could buy them
      These fiskars scissors look quite similar
      and here is the smaller one that I use (just a different colour)

      Hope this is helpful,

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