Video : You Rock – Sort of a Graphic Cat Design?

Totally took this one out of left field, what started as a graphic design ended up with a cat in it….   go figure.  You can see how this process panned out in my video.

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

You Rock - Detail
You Rock – Detail
You Rock
You Rock

Til next time,


Other Supplies:  Cardstock AC – Smoke

19 thoughts on “Video : You Rock – Sort of a Graphic Cat Design?

  1. I love the slanted Grey washi strip down the side. You must stop doing that!…Showing me new things that look fun to play with!! -naughty girl – my budget is not big enough Therese!! xx

  2. Hahaha @Linda – my budget isn’t big enough either, and yet both of you keep showing me such cool, fun stuff to do that I head straight for the online shops!
    Those cats ARE awesome ~ I love them! Brilliant card Therese, and I also love that slanted washi tape down the side – so creative! 🙂

  3. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing your video, it was really inspirational to me. Love that kitty image. Great manly card! Love it.

  4. Really fun card, Therese! I love how you angled the Washi and all the great colors you chose for the paint streaks…Very cool!

  5. This is brilliant! Love the addition of the cat – he totally makes me giggle! And he’s a pretty good artist too…

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