Video : Doughnut’s are delicious at Scrapbook Boutique!

Here again with another card for Scrapbook Boutique.  Today there are so many doughnut’s in sight I’m starting to feel quite hungry.  I filmed as I created so you can watch the process.

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

Delicious - Detail
Delicious – Detail

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13 thoughts on “Video : Doughnut’s are delicious at Scrapbook Boutique!

  1. YUM. Making me hungry for donuts 🙂 Doesn’t help I got a fit bit for Mother’s Day and food like this is off the menu for now until I get to my goal 🙂 Anyway enough of my waffle. Fab card perfectly stamped as always and seriously they look real. I want one with pink icing please.

  2. I love everything about this card, and I even don’t like donuts at all (to sweet for me!) but these colors make me drool!

  3. Love this ‘sweet’ card, Therese! Your videos are always great to watch, and it’s nice to see your process. Those doughnuts are just fun. Great card.

  4. This is so delicious!! Love all the different decorating stamps that come with the set. I love donuts with pink icing and jam donuts. Unfortunately they only have donut shops in Auckland and Wellington but Dave is going to Auckland at the end of June so he will be coming back on the plane with many Dunkin Donut boxes…..yum!

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