Video : Colour with ‘U’ – Blender Pen v’s Markers!

Colouring flowers is possibly one of my favourite things to do and who wouldn’t love these funky beauties, I just know that I’ve have to do something retro with the rest of the set in the near future…   it’s just crying for it lol.

Anyway, today I thought I would try using my Dove blender pen with my water based markers (old as the hills and happy to see daylight I assure you) and it was easy, but not…   you’ll see what I mean in the video.

You can see my video here or Watch it at Youtube.

Wonderful - Detail
Wonderful – Detail

My husband likes this card, I think it’s because there is no ‘white’, he can’t understand why I always leave soooo much white, haha.  See you again real soon,


Other Supplies:  Water based Markers – Whisper (Sugarloaf)  I’ve had them for so many years and rarely use them.

20 thoughts on “Video : Colour with ‘U’ – Blender Pen v’s Markers!

  1. Just so lovely… who knew that a water based ink would work so well with the blending medium? … love this set from Waffle Flower, Therese… and always love what you do with it …
    =] M

  2. I love these funky flowers and the way you’ve colored them, Therese. I also love listening to you. You remind me of my ex sister-in-law who is from Australia.

  3. Gorgeous colours together. Cool blending too. Have you got the new Zig WC pens on your wishlist? Always something new huh haha. They do look great though and I am loving WC so much these days. Might ask Hubby for them for our anniversary coming up :)) We’ll see…

  4. Teriffic video, Therese! Thanks for teaching us all. Love those WC pens…you’ve made them look so easy to use. Beautiful card too. Your DH cracked me up. Mine thinks even my ugly cards are perfect; you can tell he has no sense of design, lol! Have a great week.

  5. Another awesome video and very informative. I love how you always make things so easy to use. Lol! Your card is gorgeous! Those blooms are beautiful and I totally want this set now! Lol! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Great video. Fab colouring. The pens you used look a little like my Marvy Le Plume I’ve had for a few years must get them out again now water colouring is back in fashion!

    1. I like Cracked Pistachio better than Peacock Feathers… I know, I know, it’s a big call, but the green is ‘more minty’ and therefore definitely a must lol.

  7. Love the coloring, the blending, the splattering, that soft background and the little string! Well that is the whole card isn’t it?!!

  8. Therese, I can see why your husband like this card. It really is pretty, the colours have blended beautifully and the sky colour is just perfect.

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