Video : Penny Black Surfing Cat?

Today I get out the Tombow Dual Brush pens again and this time I want to ‘stretch’ them…..  there are no browns and I want to colour my Penny Black Kool Kat brown, so I filmed the process so I could share with you how I overcome my dilema.

You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at Youtube.

Lostinpaper - Penny Black Kool Kat / Stretching my Tombow Dual Brush markers to create my own watercolours
Hello – Detail
Lostinpaper - Penny Black Kool Kat / Stretching my Tombow Dual Brush markers to create my own watercolours

Having a fab day here, hope yours is a great one too!


Other Supplies:  Tombow Dual Brush Pens – Bright Palette (055 / 173 / 493 / 665 / 755 / 933).

18 thoughts on “Video : Penny Black Surfing Cat?

  1. Really fun masculine card, Therese! Beautiful watercoloring, and I love the black border on the frame…so cool!

  2. You are really making me fall in love with PB with these latest cat cards. Love this Kool Cat on his board. And what a great design Therese.

  3. Excellent card. Therese this video is remarkable. You showed us how to use limited colors to create color as well as excellent painting techniques. Thank you.

  4. Love this card. Made me smile!
    I use my Tomobows all the time and I just love them. Had them for years and they don´t dry out like other markers do. BUT they are not lightfast I think?!

  5. What a cute card ! That cat really makes me smile 😊 Amazing how with just a few colors you were able to make this card really pop! As always great card , Thanks for sharing .

  6. What a fun card, Therese, and it’s great to see how you changed things up in the middle (for one reason or another). Purple and yellow? I’ve usually used red and green to make brown but your way works great.

    1. Hi Bobby, Red and Green make a great brown too lol. But the red I have in the Bright palette is really quite ‘pink’ and I was going for a lighter brown, so this worded quite well for this card. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me and comment, Hugs Therese

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