Video : It’s all about the CASE!

If you don’t know what CASE means it’s simply ‘Copy and Share Everything’.  You guys totally inspire me and to be able to make a card inspired by something that you created, it’s soooo much fun and hopefully it will inspire you too!  We are all friends here, and there is definitely no need to reinvent the wheel, especially when someone has already perfected it!

So without further ado, this card is inspired by my incredible crafty friend Linda.  This is the woman who said to me, ‘Yes, start a blog’, ‘Yes, submit your cards to the magazine’…  and she’d never even seen one of my cards lol.  Love you Linda!   You can have a closer look at her card at her blog A Happy Scramper.

Linda's Card
Linda’s Card

Her card is so amazing that I couldn’t resist the urge to CASE it, but it all went downhill from there…   Did you ever have one of those days where it all kinda went wrong, I managed to finish the card and you get to see it all.

You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at Youtube.

Lostinpaper - Penny Black Botanical Garden / You're Sweet / It's all about the CASE (video)
Sweet – Detail
Lostinpaper - Penny Black Botanical Garden / You're Sweet / It's all about the CASE (video)

Hope your day is a great one!


Other Supplies:  Polychromos Pencils – White / Black / Warm Grey II –  V / Olive Green Yellowish / Light Yellow Glaze / Cream / Naples Yellow / Dark Naples Ochre / Burnt Ochre.  Prismacolor Pencils – Muted Turquoise / Eggshell / Goldenrod.  Mill Hill – Glass Seed Beads 00557 (Gold).

21 thoughts on “Video : It’s all about the CASE!

  1. Both you and Linda are very inspiring. Fantastic cards. Love Linda’s card and your CASE is beautiful. Great tip with the pencil – hadn’t thought of that.
    As for days where things go bad – I have heaps of those! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. It all turned out lovely! The struggle is real sometimes, but I love the beautifully blended square and pops of yellow.

  3. A lovely, lovely card….actually both cards. Therese, I watch your videos and listen to your voice and honestly think “I can do that”….not too often do I succeed but I do try. Thanks for all your videos.

  4. Nice video and thanks for the distinction between those pencils!!! Love how you kept it real and made a gorgeous piece despite some hiccups!! Inspiring and I learned a bunch. Need to watch more of your awesome vids!! Hope all is well!

  5. Beautiful card and you cant tell you did a little smear, the colours of the flower are wonderful as is that background.. I dont know if you have talked about before but do you prefer one type of pencil to another. You mentioned the two types in the video and I have been trying to decide which to get. Is one easier to blend than the other. I was reading a piece that someone wrote and she reckon there was a lot more breakage with one not being centred than he other. I wondered if you have this issue at all, breaking leads?

    1. Hi Aileen, Yes the Prismas are easier to blend but they definitely do break more easily, to the point of frustration sometimes. They would be my preference at the moment and have such great colours too, but I am heading back to the Polychromos to see how they go. They are less likely to break and are nearly as easy to blend, so I’ll let you know my final answer after a little more practice…. But they are both great and you can buy each ‘by the pencil’ so you could get a few and try them out if you wanted. Hope this is helpful, Hugs Therese

  6. Oh my gosh, that’s me! Oh you’re a sweetie Therese. How nice it is to know I’ve actually inspired you. I know it works the other way all the time that’s for sure. Love your card – that flower is amazing!

  7. Another really gorgeous card, Therese! I love how you colored the bloom and left the leaves/foliage natural…so striking! Love your gold sentiment, too! You never cease to amaze me with your talent!

  8. Ha ha, yes I encouraged you to start a blog and submit your cards – what did you have to lose hey. Must’ve been my sixth sense working overtime cause you haven’t looked back! …and we’re all very glad of that. xx

  9. Lovely card as always, Therese. I love that you kept going and showed us how to cover up little things that aren’t quite right.

  10. Beautiful card Therese, with or without your “faux pas” – I really admire your transparency! Got to say it again – Beautiful card! 🙂

  11. What a fabulous CASE of that lovely card and such a great save on your happy accident. Thanks for the video tute – I always find them so helpful.

  12. What a stunner, Therese … a beautiful CASE! You’re always so calm and collected … even in the face of frustration … a true inspiration, thank you! Hugs, Anita 🙂

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