Video : Altenew Majestic Bloom – What could possibly go wrong?

I adore this flower from Altenew but have you ever had one of those days or should I say, one of those cards?  It felt like I was fighting the whole time lol, but I was determined to finish and hopefully I ended up with something just a little presentable. You can watch my video here to see what I mean….

You can see my video here or Watch it in HD at Youtube.

Lostinpaper - Altenew - Majestic Bloom - Painted Greetings card (video) 1 copy

Lostinpaper - Altenew - Majestic Bloom - Painted Greetings card (video) 1 copy

Head on over to the Altenew blog to find out more deets on this card.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Hugs,

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Other Supplies:  Polychromos Pencils – Cadmium Orange / Rose Carmine / Madder / Magenta / Light Green / Earth Green Yellowish / Warm Grey V / Black.

24 thoughts on “Video : Altenew Majestic Bloom – What could possibly go wrong?

  1. Therese, Another awesome card. I have been watching your videos for a couple of years now. You are my favorite stamper. I learn so much from you. I love how you work with ink and pencils together. Thanks for enriching my stamping.

  2. Yes I know what you mean Therese, I’m having one of those days today. So I understand completely! Beautiful card and impeccable colouring, wow I’m in awe of your colouring..stunning talent you have. Those polychromos look fab too! Hugs xx

  3. I have yet to ink up mine! Thanks for the inspiration. It’s hard to relate to your inner struggle about finishing this card because it is stunning!

  4. I’m glad you persevered because this is a stunning card. I love to watch videos where people recover from their mistakes. It makes the rest of us feel better when we know that even the best make mistakes. Melanie x

  5. Presentable? Presentable? Honestly Therese, I would give anything to be able to colour as beautifully as this. Love watching your colouring techniques and your thought process as well. Forget the presentable – your card is quite magestic.

  6. Like everyone, I, too, struggle. So glad to hear that even with your talent–you struggle. Your card turned out to be lovely.

  7. Thank your for the tips you shared on this card. I have this set and sometimes I have the same problems you were having today, nice to know you have days where you struggle also. I also hate to waist something I started so sometimes I will cut it out and layer it.

  8. Absolutely, beautiful! You’re coloring is amazing and I would have never guessed things weren’t going as planned. 😉 (I have many of those days, as well.) Thanks for sharing!

  9. I think your struggling was worth it; you have a stunning card that I thoroughly love. I would have never thought on my own to use the solid color stamping ink and then add depth, definition and detail with the colored pencils. This is so inspiring, I have had occasion in the past where I just wasn’t happy with my finished piece but did not know what I could do besides just starting over. Of course I couldn’t throw them away and waste the money on the materials that I had used to produce it so I kept them. When I need a card I always pass these cards up because I do not want to anyone a sub-standard card, so I never use them and as I am looking think ‘you should just throw them away, you’ll never use them’. After seeing this video I am glad that I didn’t throw them away, I am going to go back to them now and bring them up to standard using this technique. Thank you.

  10. Goodness, Therese, if this is an example of a bad stamping day, I’d like a few please!! Truly, this is such a beautiful card … the colour is so deliciously deep and saturated … quelle persévérance!! Hugs, Anita 🙂

  11. Oh yes, ‘one of those days’ I know how that feels… But I think in this case you are to hard on yourself, the card is stunning!!! Love how you added pencil to the flowers and I admire how you kept going, my boohoo’s end up in the trash most of the time!

  12. I think you did a fabulous job salvaging your card. The end result is beautiful. And, my guess is whomever you send it to won’t notice that you struggled a bit. Thanks for showing us the struggle as well. I know it makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one who has those days when nothing turns out the way I pictured in my head.

  13. You’re so funny Therese….but I have to say I’m glad to hear you have bad card days too! I’d be thrilled to receive this one it’s a beauty.

  14. Hello Therese: I just found this video on U Tube and I must say my dear, you are to hard on yourself. This card is stunningly beautiful, I love the fact you decided to keep going and showed us how to fix mistakes on the go.
    I’ve never tried stamping the solid image and the outline and then, add color with pencils, the depth of color you achieved is amazing.
    I’ve seen you work with Priscmacolors before (I have a set of 24) and now with Polychromos and I can say I love them both. I’ve been entertaining the idea of purchasing also a small set but I’ve heard some negative comments about how they leave streaks if you press to hard.
    But anyway, your card is gorgeous my dear, thank you for sharing it, “mistakes” and all.
    Maria Rodriguez.

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