Video : Altenew Cover Die Debacle!

I could blame night duty or distraction or just my brain, but it didn’t work too well today…   but I think I managed a save the cards, what do you think?

You can see the video process here or Watch it at Youtube.

Altenew - Layered Medallions Cover Die B - Spring Daisy - Painted Greetings - Lostinpaper (card video) 1 copy

Altenew - Layered Medallions Cover Die B - Spring Daisy - Painted Greetings - Lostinpaper (card video) 1 copy

I used Altenew’s new Layered Medallions Cover Die B and some of their fab cardstocks (I am seriously going to have to get ALL the colours) as well as the Spring Daisy set to bring these creations together.

Altenew - Layered Medallions Cover Die B - Spring Daisy - Painted Greetings - Lostinpaper (card video) 1 copy

Altenew - Layered Medallions Cover Die B - Spring Daisy - Painted Greetings - Lostinpaper (card video) 1 copy

All the products I used are linked below, you can also you can find more info at the Altenew Blog.  Hope you day is going better than mine lol.

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Other Supplies:

21 thoughts on “Video : Altenew Cover Die Debacle!

  1. Oh my goodness, Therese! You must have infinite patience. I’m afraid mine would have gone straight into the round file. But I’m so glad yours didn’t – it’s beautiful! I’ll just be using the other method…

  2. Goodness!!! Therese, you are persistent my dear, WOW!! what a labor of love and patience!!!!!
    First of all…..putting all of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of dots of glue, sheeesh!! wonder how long did it take you to finish that part only to have the darn little pieces not cooperating.
    Once, twice, three time’s the charm…..maybe? Bravo!! you finally did it!!! Both cards are beautiful, your patience and perseverance were rewarded, ata girl!!!!!
    Thank you for this super fun (I was really laughing out loud while watching and listening to you struggle) video, always a delight.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  3. I love this so much, love the purple with the black it looks so stunning. I think the negative die cut looks amazing with the Altenew’s new Layered Medallions Cover Die B. Really inspiring too. Hugs x

  4. Gorgeous cards, Therese! I love how you added bits of black glass glitter to the inside of the flowers…such a lovely touch after all that WORK!

  5. What I like best is your persistence…way too often I envision something then spend what seems like hours doing it. These cards are exceptional!!! Thank you for your excellent video.

  6. Two beautiful cards Therese, cant believe how you perservered. They are stunning and I can remember doing diecuting and making life harder for myself then realising after working so hard to save a card that it could have been done a different way with so much ease. Great die cuts with the multi layers.

  7. Two great cards. You are far more patient and persistent than me! I would have given up – ok lets face it we know I wouldn’t have attempted to place all those tiny bits! Can’t wait to see the orange and pink version though 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay warm and dry.

  8. Great cards Therese! They are both very lovely. I truly admire your perseverance, but it was ultimately worth it. I loved listening to your description of events. The cover plates are so pretty. Definitely on my wish list.

  9. Debacle…??Well your cards look soooo beautiful with such an intricate design…I have to see your video to know what you mean..!! 🙂

  10. What a great video, Therese … couldn’t help giggling at your commentary when you were being so tenacious with matt medium and those fabulous die cuts! Your persistence was certainly worth it, both cards are so striking and bold! Now how about the pink and orange versions …??? Hugs, Anita 🙂

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