Swing N Slide Interactive Card 2 Ways – Video at Ellen Hutson!

This week we are getting interactive at Ellen Hutson’s and it’s all about the Swing N Slide…….  and I have a video that shares 2 different ways that you can  swing a Scooter!!!  Yes, you heard me right!

I actually made 3 cards today because I had an ‘extra’ image that I didn’t want to put back in the packet or into the bin,

Ellen Hutson - Good Times Swing Cards - Therese Calvird (card video) 7

you can see this as well as the video sharing the 2 interactive cards that I made at the Ellen Hutson Blog.  I hope you were inspired to get ‘interactive’!

Til next time, have the most fabulous day, Crafty hugs


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16 thoughts on “Swing N Slide Interactive Card 2 Ways – Video at Ellen Hutson!

  1. Oh my gosh!! These cards are adorable, BOTH OF THEM!!!
    The scooter is just as sweet as can be swinging from those colorful balloons.
    I love the Cloud Stencil, I’m going to go take a look at it at the HH store.
    Beautiful cards Therese, thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my!
    Can’t wait to finish work to watch this video. Don’t you hate it when your paid job interferes with your happy place.
    The new release looks pretty amazing.

  3. Darling cards, Therese. Sorry I’ve been away for so long. Things have been ‘interesting’ around here the last few months, but hopefully it will get more normal soon. These are absolutely adorable. Love that little scooter. Your cloud background is fabulous, but it’s that gingham that I’m crazy for! I hope to head over and watch videos if DH doesn’t need me for the next few minutes. Sending hugs. xo Bev

  4. Your swinging scooters are so fun! I love how you share two methods for creating the swing – I’ll have to try it! Your balloons look fantastic, btw!

  5. Haha love the swining scooter! What cool cards… OK I need to go look at EH now…lol hugs XoX

  6. So very fun! I look at these and I’m immediately smiling and happy. Love them!

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