FUN Holiday Pics, FREE Summit Reminder & Bonus Video!

I am back from my camping trip feeling refreshed and ready to craft! Though, I haven’t had a chance to create as yet…. you know how it goes, work and visitors lol. Though, I did manage to edit and share a BONUS video of a card that I created for a recent Altenew release just in case you missed it (scroll down to for the link). But first…. where have I been…..

Katherine Gorge
Litchfield National Park – Magnetic Termite Mounds
Florence Falls
Wangi Falls
Darwin Wharf
I see you…..
Kakadu National Park
Yellow Water – Lilies
Goodnight sweetheart!

And just in case you missed my most recent video you can see it here or Watch it in HD at YouTube.

And Last but not least….

I wanted to remind you that the Registration is open for the FREE Card Maker Success Summit! I am one of the speakers and I will be taking Die Cutting to the Next Level! This summit was created to help you develop a game plan for your holiday card making projects. And will  kick off on July 14th with 4 days of action-packed presentations.

You can Click on MY LINK HERE to learn more! I would recommend getting in for the early bird price for the All-Action-Pass which gives you ongoing access to the videos with a LOT of extras, it’s well worth it!

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ps also keep a little eye out for an email if you are subscribed (you can do that HERE) I’m planning a YouTube LIVE real soon!

39 thoughts on “FUN Holiday Pics, FREE Summit Reminder & Bonus Video!

  1. Beautiful photos Therese! We really do live in the most spectacular country! ♥️ 🇦🇺

  2. Therese thank you so much for sharing with us your relaxing and so lovely pictures of your getaway.

  3. Love the Photos you shared, glad you had a great time, nice back to reality, and by the way love the card🤗

  4. Therese
    Glad you had an awesome break and what lovely photos.
    So excited for this Christmas card extravaganza.
    Can’t wait for your masking class.

  5. Wonderful photos Therese, and thank you so much for sharing. It’s especially cool for those of us far away that may never have a chance to see these remarkable places. I’m looking forward to seeing your new creative projects!

  6. Oh thank you so much for sharing the pics! It looks like a lot of fun was had & beautiful sights seen! Yes even the reptiles keeping watch are beautiful. Haven’t had a chance to watch the pretty butterfly card video yet, but look forward to it 🙂
    I already signed up for the card making summit (from one of your earlier emails). I went ahead and purchased the all access pass because I knew I wouldn’t be able to see many live – hopefully I can catch some lives tho.
    Wait – did u say magnetic termite mounds? I’m going to have to Google that! Not too excited about termites but that’s certainly intriguing!

    1. so happy you are joining the Summit, the pass makes sense to me because I work full time and a lot of the classes are happening ‘during the night’ in Australia (not to mention all the freebies)! And yes, our holiday was fabulous, and termites aren’t my fave either lol.

  7. Such a pretty card. Great holiday photos. What an amazing country you live in, always enjoy seeing the photos, especially the wildlife! Thanks you. 😀

  8. Thank you for sharing your amazing photographs with us. They’re just incredible. Just incredible to have such a wealth of nature on your doorstep. I wouldn’t want to be getting too close to those crocodiles though; I imagine they could gobble up the bird in one mouthful.
    Have already watched your video and I love that card.

    1. I couldn’t believe how close the birds were getting to the crocs, but apparently there is sooo many fish in that part of the river and the crocs prefer them….. I still wouldn’t take the chance lol.

  9. Oh Therese, the places you do go! I’ll not be seeing anything so wonderful next week – but at least the Cranes won’t have to worry about those alligators [crocodiles?] where we’ll be! For that matter, either will I!!!
    Gorgeous photos – thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Wow what great pics. Looks like a place us Canadians should put on our bucket list to see.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love your holiday photos! My husband and I want to visit the Darwin area, so Litchfield NP and Kakadu will definitely be on our “to see” list. I can see your dog traveling that long distance up north with you, but the cats?? Please tell me they stayed home! LOL!
    BTW– I like your card design….the gray background really makes the butterfly pop. BEAUTIFUL card and holiday pics. I am jealous of both. 🙂

    1. haha the cats definitely didn’t go with us, they had a lovely lady staying at home with them and our dog stayed with my brother who helped up with some much needed training (he used to be a puppy trainer… so convenient lol). We wouldn’t have been able to go into any of the National Parks with a dog, so that becomes very limiting. Crossed fingers we can take him next time.

  12. What a lovely vacation when you can enjoy the beauty of nature like you have in Australia, Therese. I watched the video earlier on my Firesstick which means I don’t always comment on them right away. The butterfly is a wonderful take on Monarchs.

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